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									                Broxtowe Borough Council

     Cash Collection Services for Pay and Display

                     Invitation to Tender

                       Ref: CPCC2010

Responding Contractors Name: _______________________________

Return Date: Noon 15th January 2009

                                       Broxtowe Borough Council
                                                 Council Offices
                                                  Foster Avenue
                                                       NG9 1AB
                                              Tel 0115 9177777
                                              Fax 0115 9173131
Tenders are invited for the provision of „Cash Collection services for Pay and Display
Machines‟ to Broxtowe Borough Council (Council). The Council is looking to award the
contract to one Contractor, who can meet the requirements of the Council.

The Council are looking for an experienced cash collection service provider who is able
to meet the Councils cash collection requirements for the Pay & Display Machines
based in its public car parks.

The key elements of the contract are :-

      Collection of cash from pay and display machines.
      Counting of cash from pay and display machines.
      Delivery of cash to the Council‟s nominated location.

The contract will commence April/May 2010 and will be for a period of two years, with
an option of an extension for one further year.

The Council is currently going through the legal process of changing many of it‟s free
public car parks to pay and display car parks. The purchase and commissioning of
relevant pay and display machines and associated software are subject to a separate
tendering process.

The current financial climate within the Public Sector means that Contractors who can
demonstrate a comprehensive and robust service delivery, along with competitive
pricing will be most likely to perform well in this tender process.

The tender document includes a pre-qualification questionnaire and the invitation to
tender. Both parts are to be completed. The top 5 only Contractors in the pre-
qualification process will have their invitation to tender submission assessed (assuming
there are five suitable submissions). See A10 for further details.


Information in relation to this tender may be made available on demand in accordance
with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Contractors should state if any of the information supplied by them is confidential or
commercially sensitive or should not be disclosed in response to a request for
information under the Act. Contractors should state why they consider the information
to be confidential or commercially sensitive.

This will not guarantee that the information will not be disclosed but will be examined in
the light of the exemptions provided in the Act.

1.1   Tenders are invited for the provision of a „Cash Collection services for Pay and
      Display Machines‟.

1.2   Tenders must be submitted in accordance with the following instructions. Any
      not complying may be rejected.


      Tenders must be submitted on the Form of Tender, which must be duly
      completed and accompanied by:

2.1   Sections G, H, I, J, K and L duly completed in all respects.

2.2   The Contractor‟s written response to any Supporting Information required by the
      Council will be taken into account in the evaluation of competing tenders and
      which, if approved, will be binding but will not detract from the Specification or
      Conditions of Contract.

2.3   Two paper copies of the tender documentation should be returned within your
      tender return envelope. A CD with the tender documentation on should also be

2.4   Please complete and return Section N as soon as possible.


      The Form of Tender must be signed:

3.1   where the Contractor is an individual, by that individual;

3.2   where the Contractor is a partnership, by two duly authorised partners;

3.3   where the Contractor is a limited company, by a director duly authorised for such


      Any Form of Tender submitted by a Contractor in respect of which the

4.1   Fixes and adjusts prices and rates shown in its Form of Tender by or in
      accordance with any agreement or arrangements with any other person or by
      reference to any other Form of Tender or communicates to any person other
      than the Officer mentioned in this tender the amount or approximate amount of
      the prices and rates shown in its Form of Tender except where such disclosure
      is made in confidence, in order to obtain quotations necessary for the
      preparation of the Form of Tender or for the purposes of financing or insurance;

4.2   enters into any agreement with any other person that such other person shall
      refrain from submitting a Form of Tender or shall limit or restrict the prices to be
      shown by any other Contractor in its Form of Tender; or

4.3   offers or agrees to pay or does pay or give any sum of money, inducement or
      valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having or
      causing or having caused to be done in relation to any other Contractor or any
      other person‟s proposed Form of Tender any act or omission; or

4.4   in connection with the award of the Contract commits an offence under the
      Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889-1916 or gives any fee or reward the receipt
      of which is an offence under Sub-Section (2) of Section 117 of the Local
      Government Act 1972;

4.5   has directly or indirectly canvassed any member or official of the Council
      concerning the acceptance of any Form of Tender or who has directly or
      indirectly obtained or attempted to obtain information from any such member of
      official concerning any other Contractor or Form of Tender submitted by any
      other Contractor;

             Shall be rejected by the Council provided always that such non-
             acceptance or rejection shall be without prejudice to any other civil
             remedies available to the Council or any criminal liability which such
             conduct by a Contractor may attract.


      The Council may in its absolute discretion refrain from considering any Form of
      Tender if:

5.1   it is not in accordance with the Form and Conditions of Tender;

5.2   the Tenderer makes or attempts to make any variation or alteration to the terms
      of the Form of Tender, the Conditions or the Specification except where a
      variation or alteration is invited or permitted in accordance with the terms of all or
      any of the Form of Tender, the Conditions and the Specification;


5.3   the Tenderer does not provide all the information required by the Council.

      The Contractor is responsible for obtaining all information necessary for the
      preparation of its Form of Tender and all costs expenses and liabilities incurred
      by the Contractor in connection with the preparation and submission of the Form
      of Tender shall be borne by the Contractor.


7.1   Two hard (paper) copies of the Tender (along with a CD with the tender
      documentation on) must be duly completed and submitted (in one package) with
      the requested documents duly completed to:

             Craig Simmons
             Democratic Services Officer
             Broxtowe Borough Council
             Council Offices
             Off Wilkinson Avenue
             NG9 1AB

      by no later than 12 Noon on 15th January 2010

      The envelope or package should bear the following words in the top left hand

                                 “Cash Collection”

      When returning the tender please ensure that:

            the envelope does not bear any name or mark indicating the identity of
             the sender (this includes for example, franked mail, Post Office labels
             detailing the sender, courier service labels or a signature across the seal
             of the envelope)

            the envelope is not accompanied by other documentation which identifies
             the contractor

            all documentation is properly completed and enclosed with your tender
             the time by which the tender must be returned is noted

          If returning tenders personally please allow time to cope with traffic,
           accidents, parking problems, lift unavailability, busy reception areas or
           any other delays.

            if returning tenders by post, that the chosen method will guarantee
             delivery before the specified deadline
      Tenders returned other than in the normal course of post will only be accepted
      during normal office hours i.e. Monday – Thursday 8.30a.m. – 5.00p.m. and
      Friday 8.30a.m. – 4.30p.m. (excluding bank holidays)

      No tender will be considered which is late - for whatever reason.

      We do not open any tenders until after the deadline has expired, therefore there
      is no penalty for returning a tender early.

7.2   All Contractors shall keep their respective Forms of Tender valid and open for
      acceptance by the Council until the expiry of 90 days from the last date for the
      receipt of tenders.


      The Contractor will be deemed for all purposes connected with the Form of
      Tender and the Contract to have carried out all researches, investigations and
      enquiries which can reasonably be carried out and to have satisfied itself as to
      the nature, extent, and character of the requirements of the Contract (in the
      context of and as it is described in the Specification), the extent of the materials
      and equipment which may be required and any other matter which may affect its
      Form of Tender. The Contractor shall have no claim whatsoever against the
      Council in respect of such matters and in particular (but without limitation) neither
      the Council shall make any payments to the Contractor save as expressly
      provided for in the Contract and (save to the extent set out in the Contract) no
      compensation or remuneration shall otherwise be payable by any Council to the
      Contractor in respect of the scope of the Contract being different from that
      envisaged by the Contractor or otherwise. Information given in respect of
      current orders is given as a guide and the Council makes no warranty and
      accepts no liability as to the actual value or volume of orders to be placed with
      the Supplier.


9.1   At any time prior to 14 days before the date for receipt of Tenders the Contractor
      may by written communication to the Council request any information or raise
      any query in connection with the Form of Tender, the Conditions, Specification or
      the Pricing Schedule and any such correspondence should be addressed to:

      The Contact Officer for this procurement is:

      Derek Musto
      Parking Manager
      Broxtowe Borough Council
      NG9 1AB

      0115 9173620

9.2        In the event that the Contractor has difficulty in complying with any specific
           provision thereof or wishes to propose any amendment thereto it should provide
           all information and evidence in writing concerning such difficulty or amendment
           as the Council may require. The Council may at its discretion consider the
           difficulty or amendment and may issue general guidance or waive or amend the
           relevant provision but in any case without prejudice to all or any other provisions
           of the Form of Tender, the Conditions or the Specification or any rights or
           powers of the Council hereunder.


10.1       Checking and Acceptance of Tenders

           An initial examination will be made to establish the completeness of submitted
           tenders. The Council reserves the right to disqualify any tender submission
           which is incomplete.

           Contractors should satisfy themselves of the accuracy of all fees, rates and
           prices quoted, since Contractors will be required to hold these or withdraw their
           Tender in the event of errors being identified after the submission of Tenders.

           If a Tenderer fails to provide fully for the requirements of the Specification in the
           Tender it must either:

                  (i)    absorb the costs of meeting the full requirements of the
                  Specification within its tendered price; or

                  (ii)     withdraw its Tender.

           Where in the best interest of the Broxtowe Borough Council variant bids may be

           The evaluation of the submitted tender is split in two parts;

10.2       Contractor Selection – Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – Section G

           The scoring for supplier selection is as follows:

Question                                                                             Weighted
Section                                                                                 %
  G1                     Required Information                  Pass / Fail             N/A
      G2             Details about Contractor                  Pass / Fail              N/A
      G3                       Finance                         Pass / Fail              N/A
      G4                      Insurance                        Info Only                N/A
                                                 Score each question out of
   G5                    Equalities                                                    5%
                                                 Score each question out of
   G6                  Environment                                                     5%
                                                 Score each question out of
   G7                 Health & Safety                                               10%
                                                 Score each question out of
   G8                   Resources                                                   10%
                                                  E9.1 and E9.2 are Pass /
   G9        Requirement specific Questions      Fail and others score out of       55%
  G10            Experience / References                Score out of 5              15%

        Contractors will be contacted for clarification of information submitted, if
        The first stage of the pre-qualification shall be a desktop evaluation which will be
        based on the submission of essential information as required by Part G.

        Failure to pass Section G will mean the contractor‟s bid will not be considered
        further. (Sections H and I will not be evaluated).

        The top 5 only will have their tender submission assessed and then only if their
        submission is deemed suitable.

        The Council reserves the right to invite more than the top 5 if the scoring is close
        (within 2%) or tied.

10.3    Award Evaluation – Sections H and I

        The tender evaluation process will be 40% quality based upon the response to
        the questions and 60% price (Cost of the Contractors bid to the Council).

        The Council will accept the Tender that it considers to be the most economically

        Total Cost                       60% (Section I)
        Quality                          40% (Section H – each question scored out of 5

        No tender will be considered if it is unable to meet the minimum requirements as
        detailed in – Parts B, C, D, E, F.

        The Council reserves the right not to award the Contract to the lowest or any
        Contractor, reserving also the right to accept the same in whole or in part.

10.4    Bids shall remain open for acceptance for a minimum of 90 days.
10.5   Tenderers will be notified as soon as possible of any decision made by the
       Council during the tender process, including award. When the Council has
       evaluated the bids, it will notify all tenderers about the intended award.

10.6   Acceptance of the tender by the Council shall be in writing and shall be
       communicated to the tenderer. Upon such acceptance the Contract shall
       thereby be constituted and become binding on both parties and, notwithstanding
       that, the Contractor shall upon request of the Council execute a formal contract
       in the form contained in the Contract Documents.

10.7   Tenderers must not undertake work without first having received a letter of intent
       or written notification that they have been awarded the contract and are required
       to start work. Contract documents will be prepared and issued for execution as
       soon as possible thereafter.

10.8   The Council reserves the right in exceptional circumstances and after the
       opening of tenders to enter into discussion with any tenderer.


11.1   The Form of Tender, the Conditions of Contract and the Specification and all
       other documentation or information issued by the Council relating to the Tender
       shall be treated by the Contractor as private and confidential for use only in
       connection with the Tender and any resulting contract and shall not be disclosed
       in whole or in part to any third party without the prior written consent of the

11.2   The documents which constitute the Contract and all copies thereof are and shall
       remain the property of the Council (whether or not the Council shall have
       charged a fee for the supply of such documents) and must not be copied or
       reproduced in whole or in part and must be returned to the Council upon


       In submitting a Tender the Contractor warrants and represents that:

12.1   it has not done any of the acts or matters referred to in Condition B4 above and
       has complied in all respects with these Conditions of Tender;

12.2   all information, representations and other matters of fact communicated (whether
       in writing or otherwise) to the Council by the Contractor or its employees in
       connection with or arising out of the Form of Tender are true, complete and
       accurate in all respects;

12.3   it had made its own investigations and research, and has satisfied itself in
       respect of all matters relating to the Tender, the Specification and the Conditions
       of Contract and that it has not submitted the Tender and will not have entered
       into the Contract in reliance upon any information, representations or
       assumptions (whether made orally, in writing or otherwise) which may have been
       made by the Council;

12.4   it has full power and authority to enter into the Contract and will if requested
       produce evidence of such to the Council;

12.5   it is of sound financial standing and the Contractor and its partners, officers and
       employees are not aware of any circumstances (other than such circumstances
       as may be disclosed in the accounts or other financial statements of the
       Tenderer) which may adversely affect such financial standing in the future;


       Words defined in the Conditions of Contract shall have the same meaning in the
       Form of Tender, the Conditions of Tender and the Specification.

14.1   If the Council considers that a cover price (i.e. a bid that is not intended to be
       considered seriously) has been submitted, the Council may reject the tender and
       may decide not to invite the tenderer to tender for future work.

14.2   Where the Council regards an amendment to the original tender documents as
       significant, an extension of the closing date may, at the discretion, of the Council
       be given to all tenderers.

14.3   Tenders shall not be qualified or accompanied by statements that might be
       construed as rendering the tender equivocal. Only unqualified tenders will be
       considered. The Council‟s decision as to whether or not a tender is in an
       acceptable form will be final.

14.4   Where a tenderer wishes to submit a variant bid this must be in addition to the
       original tender submission and may or may not be considered by the evaluating
       officer. Any variant bid must be free of qualifications and state all cost
       implications.    Any deviations from the specification and all risks and
       contingencies must be identified.

14.5   Tenderers must obtain for themselves all information necessary for the
       preparation of their tender and satisfy themselves that the quality and standards
       specified by themselves or the Council are appropriate. Information supplied to
       tenderers by the Council‟s staff or contained in the Council‟s publications is
       supplied only for general guidance in the preparation of the tender. Tenderers
       must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any such information and no
       responsibility is accepted by the Council for any loss or damage of whatever kind
       and howsoever caused arising from the use by tenderers of such information.

14.6   Tenders and supporting documents shall be in English and any contract
       subsequently entered into and its formation, interpretation and performance shall
       be subject to and in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

1.1.   This Specification sets out the Services to be provided to the Council by the
       Services involve the collection and counting of cash from the Council‟s Pay and
       Display parking ticket machines and the collection of associated documents relating
       to these machines.
1.2.   Services involve the secure transport and banking of income collected.
1.3.   The requirements of the Council in relation to the Services are subject to continuous
       review. As a result, the Council may require major or minor changes in the level of
       Services required, and/or in the way the Services are to be provided. The
       Contractor must be flexible in the provision of the Services.
1.4.   The Contractor is to continually work to improve the delivery of the Services, and to
       co-operate with the Council to develop and implement mechanisms for increasing
       the efficiency, value for money and quality of the Services.

2.1.   The main objectives of the Services are to ensure:
             That income belonging to the Council is collected using the most efficient
              and secure method available to maximise safety and cost effectiveness
              and to deter vandalism and theft.
             That a full audit trail is kept of all income collected, from collection to
             That all income collected is stored securely prior to banking, and promptly
              transported safely and securely for banking.
             That the reports and associated documents for the income collected are
              correctly completed and promptly forwarded to the Council.

3.1    The service involves the collection of cash and associated documents and
       transporting them from the Council‟s Pay and Display parking machines in
       accordance with the following:
             Specification set out at Section B
             The Operational Procedures set out at Section C.
             The Security Procedures set out at Section D.
             The collection schedule set out as Section E
             The Town Centre Car Parks Map as set out in the Appendices.
             Any other instructions issued by the Council from time to time.
3.2    The number of Pay and Display machines and the organisation of the collection
       routes will be kept under continuous review by the Council and the Contractor will
       take the risk of the adjustment of sites and variations of collection routes subject to
       the provisions of the Conditions of Contract.
3.3    The Contractor‟s performance of the collection service is to be controlled and
       monitored by the Council on a day-to-day basis. The Contractor must be flexible in
       meeting the requirements of the Council.

4.1.   The Contractor must count, reconcile and bank all cash collected in relation to the
       service within 24 hours of collection.
4.2.   The Contractor must demonstrate to the Council‟s satisfaction that it uses secure
       and reliable cash counting procedures, and that the cash counting services are
       carried out at an appropriately secure location.
4.3.   The Contractor must deposit all cash collected in relation to Services within 24
       hours of collection. If that period includes a non-banking day, the deposit will be on
       the next banking day.
4.4.   The Contractor‟s staff involved in the collection of cash in the course of Services
       may not also be involved in the counting and reconciliation of cash in relation the
4.5.   All monies are to be counted and bagged at the Contractor‟s premises and
       delivered to the appropriate bullion centre as required by the Council‟s bank.
       (Securities Cash Management, 120 Dartmouth, Middleway, Birmingham, B7 4AS)
4.6.   The Contractor should hold sealed containers at their premises and deliver in the
       morning of the next working day following the collection, to the following bank (to be
       confirmed after the contract as been awarded to the successful contractor)
4.7.   At any time during the term of the Agreement the Council may specify new banks
       for some or all of the deliveries and the Contractor must be flexible in meeting the
       Council‟s requirements.
4.8.   The Council will ensure that the Contractor has the relevant security clearance to
       deposit monies at the Council‟s required banks on behalf of the Council and will
       provide the Contractor with the necessary account details.

       Daily Services collection report
5.1.   In the case of a discrepancy between control tickets and the amount collected, or in
       the case of any breakdown, vandalism or other external factor affecting a particular
       Pay and Display machine, the Contractor must note the location, and where
       possible the machine number, of the affected machine and report the same to an
       agreed Council representative immediately; a telephone contact will be provided.
       Where a Pay and Display machine has not been operational since the last
       collection, the Contractor will not be required to collect from it but must advise the
       Council accordingly. A fault report must be logged and communicated to the
       Council as soon as possible after the collection.
       Daily banking report
5.2.   While performing the banking components of the Service, the Contractor‟s staff
       must deliver audit control tickets from the machines and breakdown of monies
       counted per machine to the Parking Services Team at the Council Offices by noon
       on the day of banking.

6.1.   The Contractor‟s performance of the Services will be assessed according to the Key
       Performance Indicators set out in Section F to this specification. The Key
       Performance Indicators may be reviewed during the life of the contract, either by the
       Council or pursuant to clause 8.4 below.
6.2.   The Contractor will be expected to be compliant with all of the Key Performance
       Indicators at all times. If the Contractor fails to achieve any of the Key Performance
       Indicators it must provide to the Council a reasonable explanation as to why the Key
       Performance Indicator was not achieved.
6.3.   Repeated failure to achieve Key Performance Indicators, or failure to achieve Key
       Performance Indicators without providing a reasonable explanation, will constitute a
       default under this Specification.
6.4.   If the Contractor is of the opinion that a Key Performance Indicator is not
       reasonable, it must provide a report to the Council setting out the reasons why it
       cannot achieve the Key Performance Indicator and proposing a revised Key
       Performance Indicator. If the Council considers that the Contractor‟s report and
       proposal are reasonable it may agree a revised Key Performance Indicator with the

7.1.   Communication of any issues relating to the Services will be through the Council‟s
       Parking Manager or designated representative and the Contractor‟s Account
       Managers or their authorised representatives as appointed under the Conditions of
7.2.   The Contractor‟s Account Manager will work together with the Council‟s Parking
       Manager or representative to resolve any issues affecting the performance of the
       Services in a timely and efficient manner.
7.3.   The Council‟s Parking Manager(s) and/or representative will meet with the
       Contractor‟s Account Manager as necessary at a venue agreed between the
       parties, to hold Progress Meetings and discuss any issues relating to the
       Contractor‟s performance of the Services.

8.     GENERAL
       Itemised invoicing
8.1.   The Contractor will provide the Council with an invoice for the Service, itemised by
       activity, clearly setting out the proportion of the amount due that relates to the
       proportion of the Services performed on behalf of each activity. The Council is
       working towards electronic invoicing and the Contractor must be prepared in future,
       to work in this way.
8.2.   The Contractor will provide all sealable containers to be used in carrying out the
       Services. The cost of these containers will be included in the contract price.
       Service Standards
8.3.   All Contractor staff employed to perform the Services are representing the Council
       to the public and as such they must behave to the highest standard at all times. In
       particular, communication (written and oral) with members of the public must be
       kept to a minimum and Contractor staff shall only deal with enquiries or complaints
       by providing the contact details for the Council.
8.4.   The Contractor shall undertake the Services promptly and accurately. The
       Contractor shall ensure that all work performed shall be to a high professional
       standard and that appropriate management controls and mechanisms are in place
       to ensure consistent quality of service.
8.5.   The Contractor shall co-operate fully with the investigation of any complaint by the
       Council, and members of the Contractor‟s staff shall, within a reasonable time,
       provide statements, records and photographs, attend meetings and interviews, and
       act as witnesses, as may be applicable.
8.6.   The Contractor must demonstrate to the Council‟s satisfaction that it has a training
       programme in place to ensure that all staff carrying out the Service are fully trained,
       skilled and competent to carry out their allotted tasks.
8.7.   The Contractor must comply with the Private Security Industry Act 2001 by ensuring
       all contracted security staff that are working on this contract are fully licensed and
       authorised by SIA (Security Industry Authority).
8.8.   Preferably the Contractor will be approved or working towards approval by one or
       more of the following:
       SIA (Security Industry Authority)
       NSI (National Security Inspectorate)
       IPSA (International Professional Security Association)
       BSIA (British Security Industry Association)
8.9.   The Contractor and its employees should adhere to all requirements set out in
       BS7872:2002 “Cash in Transit Services” and BS7858 “Security Vetting of personnel
       employed in a security environment” or equivalent auditable standards.
8.10. The Contractor will be expected to react promptly to requests for advice or
      assistance from the Council.
8.11. The Contractor must provide a named out of hours contact point and, in the case of
      an emergency or an urgent requirement for assistance, respond within 2 hours of
      receiving a request.
8.12 The Contractor and their staff must be aware of the environmental impacts of this
     service and work with the Council to minimise these impacts in concordance with
     the Council‟s Sustainability policy.
1.1.   These are working instructions for the Contractor‟s employees to follow when
       collecting from Pay and Display machines for Broxtowe Borough Council.
1.2.   These working instructions must be read, understood and followed in conjunction
       with the following:
             The Specification in Section B
             The Security Procedures set out in Section D.
             Town Centre Car Parks Map in the Appendices.
             Any specific instructions from the Council.

2.1.   The Council will provide the following collection equipment which shall remain the
       property of the Council at all times:
             Empty Pay and Display machine cash boxes.
             Pay and Display machine keys.

3.1.   The Council has provided a map of each Town Centre Car Parks (Appendices) and
       requires the Contractor to propose a collection route to be agreed when the
       contract is awarded.

3.2.   The Contractor must make consideration to the environmental impact of the service
       and the proposed route must endeavour to minimise any impact.

4.1    The collection will be performed by an experienced cash collection operative.
4.2.   The Contractor‟s employee(s) will be expected to be fully trained to remove and
       replace cash boxes on Pay and Display machines to the standard required by the
4.3.   At each Pay and Display machine the Contractor‟s employee(s) carrying out the
       collection will open the Pay and Display machine vault door, remove the collection
       box from the machine and replace it with an empty box.
4.4    This will generate an audit control ticket strip which will be retained by the
       Contractor‟s employee(s), passed to the counting centre staff and used as an
       indication of income stored within the sealed box. This ticket strip must be returned
       to the council with the accompanying cash breakdown.
4.5    The cash box must be carefully handled at all times. It must be carefully lowered,
       not dropped, onto the pavement by the Contractor‟s employee(s) to prevent any
       damage. The Contractor‟s employee(s) must place the removed collection box in
       the rear of the collection vehicle. Any damage or malfunction of a machine arising
       from contractor neglect or negligence will be the responsibility of the Contractor and
       the Council may levy charges arising from such damage.
4.6    Once the new cash box has been placed in the machine the vault door must be
       carefully closed and secured. The Contractor‟s employee(s) must ensure that the
       machine has been properly reset to „working‟ mode. In the event that a machine
       fails to re-activate the Council‟s designated representative should be contacted

5.1.   If the Contractor fails to make a collection from a particular Pay and Display
       machine due to an omission the Contractor must collect from that machine on the
       next working day even if it is not on the prescribed route. The Council must be
       informed as soon as possible for crime and security reasons.

6.1.   The Council may advise the Contractor that a particular Pay and Display machine
       requires emergency collection. This may be because the machine is full, damaged
       or has been prepared for criminal activity. The Contractor must empty such a Pay
       and Display machine and collect the relevant accompanying control tickets within
       24 hours of being notified by the Council.

7.1.   In the case of a discrepancy between control tickets and the amount banked the
       Council will investigate the relevant machine and other maintenance records. If the
       Council is able to eliminate any mechanical or external factors (such as vandalism
       and theft) that may have led to the discrepancy it will submit a letter of claim for an
       investigation to be carried out by the Contractor.
7.2.   The Contractor must complete the investigation of the discrepancy and advise the
       Council of its explanation in writing within 3 working days.

8.     KEYS
8.1.   The Contractor must have a key storage and tracking system in place to the
       satisfaction of the Council. This system must be adequate to ensure the following:
             That the keys are only available to the Contractor staff performing collection
              services and only for the purposes of performing those services on the day
              they are made available.
             That individual keys can be accounted for at all times.
8.2.   If a key breaks off in a Pay and Display machine, the Contractor‟s employee(s)
       must immediately telephone the Council for instructions on whether to carry on with
       the round or to remain at the machine. The Council will arrange for an engineer to
       remove the broken key.
8.3.   If the Contractor‟s employee(s) discovers that they have lost a key they must
       telephone the Council. The Contractor‟s employee(s) must identify which key is lost
       and notify the Council of the identity of the key. If necessary, the Council will
       arrange for an engineer to change the lock.
8.4.   The Contractor will be responsible for all costs associated with lost or damaged
       keys, including but not limited to the cost of replacement keys and their
       corresponding locks.
1.     GENERAL
       The Contractor must ensure that the Services are undertaken under strict security.
       This includes:
1.1    carrying out the Services from secure premises;
1.2    secure handling and transfer of monies whilst in the Contractor‟s care using
       appropriate consignment procedures; and
1.3    appropriate recruitment, vetting and training of staff.
       The Council and the Contractor will agree on security and consignment procedures
       to be followed. The Contractor will provide advice on security issues as requested
       by the Council.

2.1.   All staff of the Contractor carrying out the collection and transportation of cash
       pursuant to the Services must:
2.2    adhere to all uniform and identification requirements set out in BS7872:2002 “Cash
       in Transit Services” and BS7858 “Security Vetting of personnel employed in a
       security environment” or equivalent auditable standards.
2.3    wear identifiable uniforms of the Contractor.
2.4    wear appropriate safety equipment in accordance with all relevant laws.
2.5    carry detailed identification provided by the Contractor, to be produced to any
       Council representative on request.

3.1.   The Contractor will use recognised security vehicles fit for the purpose of carrying
       out the Services which will have been purchased and maintained in accordance
       with the requirements set out in BS7872:2002 (or equivalent) “Cash in Transit
3.2.   The vehicle will be serviced according to the manufacturer‟s recommendations and
       will be maintained to a high standard to reduce the risk of a breakdown which may
       cause disruption to the Services. In the event of a breakdown the Contractor must
       have a designated replacement vehicle to fulfil the requirements of the Council.
                  Post Code   Machine    Ticket
Location                                          Monday   Wednesday   Friday
                              Quantity   M/C No
Devonshire                                N/K      Yes        No        No
                  NG9 1BS        1
Foster                                    N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 1AB        2
City Road                                 N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 2LQ        1
City Road                                 N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 2LQ        1
Regent Street     NG9 2EA        1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
Derby Street                              N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 2LG        1
Derby Street                              N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 2LG        2
Albion Street     NG9 1PA        1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
Multi-Storey,                             N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 1FZ        8
Styring Street
Middle Street     NG9 2LT        1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Sun Inn           NG16 3AR       2        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Oxford Street     NG16 3GF       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

King Street       NG16 3DA       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Albert Street     NG16 3AY       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Victoria Street   NG16 3AY       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Scargill Walk     NG16 3AY       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

James Street      NG16 2LP       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Victoria Street   NG16 2NH       1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Victoria Street   NG9 7AP        2        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Eatons Road       NG9 7EA        1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
Cliffe Hill                               N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes
                  NG9 7HD        2
Halls Road        NG9 7FN        1        N/K      Yes        Yes       Yes

Ref    Requirement                             Key Performance Indicator Standard

G1.1   All monies counted, reconciled with
       audit reports within 24 hours of        No more than 2 exceptions per month.

G1.2   All monies banked within 24 hours of
                                               No more than 1 exception per month.

G1.3   Daily report submitted following each
                                               No more than 2 exceptions per month.

G1.4   Discrepancies between collected and
       banked amounts accounted for within 2
                                                No more than 2 exceptions per month.
       working days of notification by Broxtowe
       Borough Council.

G1.5   Emergency collections made within 24
                                               No more than 2 exceptions per month.
       hours of notification by Council.

G1.6   All Pay and Display machine faults
       notified and adequately described to    No more than 2 exceptions per month.
       Council on fault forms.

G1.7   Collection schedules followed.          No more than 2 exceptions per month.

G1.8   All reports to be submitted to the
       designated Council representative.
Introduction/Guidance to Completing Parts G, H and I
1.    Please note that the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (Section G) is the first part of
      the tendering process. If contractors do not pass this part of the tender process,
      their bid submitted as Sections H and I will not be considered.

2.    Contractors should, however, note, the answers given in this Pre-Qualification
      Questionnaire will form part of the contractor‟s bid. The Council reserves the
      right to disqualify any contractor or to terminate any Contract awarded if any false
      material misrepresentation is made in this Pre-Qualification Questionnaire or at
      any time in the process hereafter.

3.    Failure to complete the Sections G, H or I in full or to provide any of the documents
      requested may result in your submission being rejected. We may require you to
      provide additional documents to support your application, after its submission.

4.    Important: Do not send originals of any documents because we cannot return
      them. Instead you should send us photocopies. The inclusion of marketing
      literature irrelevant to the questions is not required.

5.    Remember to enclose all supporting documents requested and mark each
      with the name of your organisation and the number of the question to which it
      relates. It is unlikely that incomplete submissions will be considered.

6.    Broxtowe Borough Council reserves the right to contact organisations‟ referees and
      may wish to visit reference sites - these referees should be alerted in advance so
      as not to cause delay.

7.    Where insufficient space has been provided in this document, the contractor may
      append additional pages. Contractors providing too much, too little or
      unstructured answers are not likely to receive higher marks in the evaluation
      process and may disadvantage their submission.

8.    Contractors shall prepare their responses and tenders and enter into any
      discussions or investigations or take any professional advice entirely at their own risk,
      cost and expense.

9.    Contractors should be aware that canvassing will lead to disqualification.

10.   Any information and/or documents submitted in response to Sections G, H and I
      must relate to the contractor only.

11.   The submission may be completed on the original documentation or a separate
      bound document, as long as the structure and original text is the same.

12.   A typed submission is preferred but no points will be deducted if you do not have
      access to the required software and are unable to type your response.
             Broxtowe Borough Council

Cash Collection Services for Pay and Display Machines

                     Section G

      Pre-Qualification Questionnaire Response
Note – you may adjust the size of the boxes to fit your response on all questions.


G1.1   Trading Name and Address:

       Please note that this must be the name and address of the organisation that
       will be the contracting party with Broxtowe Borough Council should this tender
       be accepted.
       Website Address:

G1.2   Details Of The Person for Correspondence Relating to this Application:

       Telephone Number:
       Fax Number:

G2.1   Is the contractor:

       (a)   A sole trader?                                                     Yes / No

       (b)   A partnership?                                                     Yes / No

       (c)   A limited company?                                                 Yes / No

       (d)   A public limited company?                                          Yes / No

       (e)   A local authority DSO?                                             Yes / No

       (f)   A charity?                                                         Yes / No
             Trading as a company?                                              Yes / No
             Number of trustees if not a company?

       (g)   Other – please specify                                             Yes / No

G2.2   Date of formation or registration:

G2.3   Registration number (if any) and registered address:

G2.4   If the Contractor has existed in its current form for less than 3 years, please
       give details of the Contractor‟s previous form.

G2.5   If the Contractor was registered outside of the UK, please attach equivalent
       registration documentation.

G2.6   Please indicate if the Contractor or any Director, Partner, Associate or
       Company Secretary is related to any member of staff or has a business
       relationship with any member of staff or elected member of Broxtowe Borough

       Please give details if appropriate.
G2.7   Please indicate if the Contractor or any Director, Partner, Associate or
       Company Secretary has been:

       1) convicted of a criminal offence relating to the conduct of his business or

       2) Has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of his business or

       Please give details if appropriate.

G2.8    Is the contractor a subsidiary of another company? (As defined by
                                                                            Yes / No
        Section 736 (1) of the Companies Act 1985)

G2.9    If „yes‟ give the following details in respect of the Ultimate Holding Parent
        Registered Office Address:

        Registration Number:

G2.10   For the Contractor and where applicable, please confirm whether
        the Parent Company or Group would guarantee the performance         Yes / No
        of the subsidiary specifically in relation to this project.


G3.1    Please provide details of the audited/published figures for the three previous
        financial years for:


        Contractor‟s Company          £

        Contractor‟s     Company £
        Profit / Loss AFTER Tax

        Contractors          Current £

        Contractors Current           £

        Profit & Loss Account in £
        Balance Sheet

G3.2    Has your organisation met the terms of its banking facilities and
        loan agreements (if any) during the past year?                      Yes / No
        If no please give details.

The Council reserves the right to request the actual audited accounts from the
Contractor at any time during the procurement process.

G4.1      Please attach copies of insurance certificates and schedules that you have in
          place for the satisfaction of the Councils requirements. (Do not send policy

Broxtowe Borough Council operates a Race Equality Scheme which has been
developed in accordance with the „Code of Practice on the Duty to Promote Race
Equality‟ published by the Commission for Racial Equality in December 2001. The
Scheme sets out how Broxtowe Borough Council plans to meet its statutory duties
under section 71(1) of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, the duties being to:
     a) Eliminate unlawful racial discrimination;
     b) Promote equality of opportunity; and
     c) Promote good race relations between persons of different racial groups.
In addition Broxtowe Borough Council has policies on equal opportunities and on
unlawful discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

G5.1      Is it your policy as an employer to comply with your statutory
          obligations under current legislation relating to equal
          opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices in respect of            Yes / No
          colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, sex?

G5.2      Accordingly, does your firm ensure that it does not practice
          discrimination either directly or indirectly on the grounds of
          colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin in relation to      Yes / No
          decisions to recruit, select, remuneration, train, transfer and
          promote employees?

G5.3      Please detail what equality and anti-discriminatory training is given to employees


G6.1      Detail below any areas that you consider relevant to the protection
          of the environment in relation to the service for which this tender is
                                                                                   Yes / No
          the subject. (e.g. fuel efficient vehicles, conservation of energy

G7.1   Please provide an up-to-date copy (which should be not more than two years
       old) of your Health and Safety Policy/ signed and dated by either your
       Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director, Company Secretary.

G7.2   Identify the person in your company who is responsible for co-ordinating safety
       matters, who can be contacted if necessary:
       Phone contact number:

G7.3   What health and safety training is given to employees and how is their
       competence to safely perform work tasks assessed?


G8.1   Enter the number of full-time equivalent persons employed that will be
       available to work on the Council‟s requirements or this contract.




G8.2   Do you obtain CRB checks for all staff involved in the
                                                                          Yes / No
       „processing‟ of cash?

G8.3   If yes to H8.2, what level of CRB check is obtained.

G8.4   Do you anticipate using sub-contractors, and if so, for what proportion and
       elements of the contract?

G8.5   What systems are in place to manage and control sub-contracted work?
G9.1    Is the Contractor a member of the Security Industry Authority?
                                                                             Yes / No
        If YES please attach documentation.
G9.2    Do the staff to be used on this contract have a full Security
        Industry Authority license?                                          Yes / No

G9.3    Please list and attach any accreditations you have or professional/trade
        associations you belong to.

G9.4    Do you vet your employees under the „Security Vetting‟
        standard of BS7858 or equivalent standard?
                                                                             Yes / No
        If YES please attach documentation.

G9.5    Are your staff equipped with easily identifiable uniforms and
        identity cards and do they meet the BS7872:2002 or equivalent
        standard?                                                            Yes / No
        If YES please attach documentation.

G9.6    What are your arrangements for emergency contact with your own staff when
        they are on-site?


G10.1   Please give details of your organisation‟s experience in providing services in a
        partnering environment. Please include as a minimum: the name and address
        of the Client Organisation, Key Contact details, Contract Title, Tender Price,
        Value of work completed to date, and Contract dates.

G10.2   Broxtowe Borough Council will wish to obtain references, where possible, from
        clients of the contractor who have been provided with a comparable or similar
        service to the services being tendered.
        Please provide details of three (3) referees from whom Broxtowe Borough
        Council can take up professional/ technical references.
Please list below the full names, address and other details requested of organisations for which your firm has recently provided similar
services. The information given should cover the whole range or work or supply of goods/materials for which your form wishes to be

Name & Address         Supervising      Contract Title     Tender Price £      Value to Date £     Type of Work      Date of Contract
of Organisation &        Officer





          G10.2. TABLE OF REFERENCES

                            Referee 1   Referee 2   Referee 3

Contact Name:

Organisation Name:

Full Postal Address:


Phone Number:

Annual Value of

Title/Description of

Contract start date

Length of contract
I declare that the details submitted in this Pre-Qualification Questionnaire are correct.

I/we understand that the information disclosed in this Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
will be used in the evaluation process to assess our organisation‟s financial stability and
competence to conduct the service being tendered by Broxtowe Borough Council.


Note: This form must be signed by an authorised signatory of the company/organisation.
             Broxtowe Borough Council

Cash Collection Services for Pay and Display Machines

                  Sections H and I


H1.1   Please detail the methodology proposed for the collection of cash from the
       Council‟s P&D Machines. Please include references to staff security, cash
       security, transportation, key security, routes etc.

H1.2   Please detail the methodology proposed for secure storage of cash on your

H1.3   Please describe your methodology for counting cash and please detail what
       your procedures are when there is a difference in the „cash collected‟ total and
       the‟ Pay and Display machine computer‟ total.

H1.4   Please describe, using your experience from similar contracts, how the contract
       will be managed, how you will continually improve the service and what benefits
       you can bring to the Council.

H1.5   A score will also be received based on responses to references given.


H2.1   Tenderers are invited to review the Council‟s requirements and propose
       alternative arrangements that still fulfil the Council‟s minimum requirements.
       Please detail what the implications to the collection schedule and cost would be
       to the Council.
       Responses to this question will need to refer to responses to H1.1 to H1.4.
       This is not a mandatory question and the Council reserves the right not to
       evaluate this response if it feels it is unsuitable for the satisfaction of its



Please complete the following „Price Schedule‟. Tenderers are required to provide costs for the requirement specified in
section B, C, D, E, F.

All prices quoted in the Tender shall, unless otherwise stated, include profit, transport, labour, materials, fuel and plant
charges, insurance and all other expenses of every kind which under the conditions of contract are borne by the

The Council reserves the right to not include any element of the pricing schedule submitted by the Contractor. If the
Council does decide to exclude any element of the Pricing Schedule, the Contractor will reduce its price accordingly.

Prices quoted in the Tender shall be in UK Sterling and exclusive of VAT.

VAT shall be applied at the appropriate rate ruling at the date of any invoice.

These prices are to be fixed and valid for acceptance for up to 90 days after the tender closing date 15th January 2010.

Prices submitted will be fixed and binding for the duration of the two year contract. If the option to extend is used the
price will be negotiated and agreed between the two parties. Failure to agree will mean the contract will naturally

There are currently 34 Pay and Display machines in the Borough of Broxtowe, located in four town centres, Beeston, Stapleford,
Kimberley and Eastwood. This number may vary from week to week as machines cease to operate (due to vandalism, theft or
mechanical failure) and are repaired.
Please complete table below

CAR PARK         COST OF          COST PER      No
                                             TOTAL            TOTAL PER                            TOTAL
  WEEKLY         SITE VISIT       MACHINE     Machines       COLLECTION
                              +                 X1       =                X1 COLLECTION PER WEEK
                              +                 x2       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
City Road
                              +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
City Road
                              +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Regent Street                 +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Derby Street
                              +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Derby Street
                              +                 x2       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Albion Street                 +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
                              +                 X8       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Styring Street
Middle Street                 +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Eastwood                      +

Sun Inn                       +                 x2       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Oxford Street                 +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

King Street                   +                 X1       =                x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Albert Street         +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Victoria Street       +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Scargill Walk         +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

James Street          +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Victoria Street       +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Victoria Street       +                    X2   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Eatons Road           +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Cliffe Hill
                      +                    X2   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK
Halls Road            +                    X1   =   x3 COLLECTION PER WEEK

Re:   Invitation to Tender dated 15 January 2010 for the „Cash Collection Services for
      Pay and Display Machines‟

      Head of Legal Services
      Broxtowe Borough Council
      Council Offices
      NG9 1AB

      Having read and carefully considered the Invitation to Tender together with all of

      the documents listed and supplied therewith:

1.    We offer to perform the Service and supply the Goods specified and to complete
      the contract in accordance with the Contract Documents and our Tender

      for the sum of £…………………………………………………………….per week

      enter amount in words…………………………………………………….per week

      in accordance with the pricing schedules annexed to this Form of Tender

2.    We confirm that if our Tender is accepted we will, upon demand:

         Produce evidence that all relevant insurances and compliance certificates
          with relevant legislation and policy are held and in force.

         Sign formal contract documentation if required.

3.    We agree that this Tender shall constitute an unconditional - offer which may not
      be withdrawn for a period of 90 days from this date.

4.    We are a subsidiary company within the meaning of Section 736 of the
      Companies Act 1985 and enclose a Parent Company Guarantee undertaking in
      the form set out in Section K duly completed by our ultimate holding company.

1.    Unless and until a formal Agreement is prepared and executed this Tender,
      together with your written acceptance thereof, shall constitute a binding contract
      between us.
      We understand that the Council is not bound to accept any tender it receives.



Company Name________________________________________________


Contact Person__________________________                             Tel No.______________


Tender Opened

Time ..................................……………….





Designation ........……………...................

      In recognition of the principle that the essence of selective tendering is that the
      client shall receive bona fide competitive tenders from all those tendering WE

1.    The Tender submitted herewith is a bona fide Tender intended to be competitive.

2.    We have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the Tender under or in accordance
      with any agreement or arrangement with any other person.

3.    We have not done and we undertake that we will not do any time before the hour
      specified for the return of the Tenders any of the following acts:-

      (a)    communicating to a person other than the person calling for this Tender
             the amount or approximate amount of the proposed Tender (except where
             the disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the Tender
             was essential to obtain insurance premium quotations required for the
             preparation of the Tender);

      (b)    entering into any agreement with any other person that they shall refrain
             from tendering or any arrangement as to the amount of any Tenders to be
             submitted; and

      (c)    offering or paying or giving or agreeing to pay or give any sum of money
             or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or
             having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to any
             other Tenders or proposed Tenders any act or thing of the sort described

      In this Certificate:-

1.    "Person" includes any person and any body or association corporate or

2.    "Any agreement or arrangement" includes any transaction of the sort described
      above, formal or informal and whether legally binding or not.

      DATED this                 day of                             2010

SIGNED (as in Tender)

duly authorised to sign
for and on behalf of ...........................................…………………………..………………
(To be completed if the tenderer is a subsidiary company)







1.                In consideration of the Council inviting our subsidiary to tender we hereby
                  enter into this Deed of Undertaking.

2.                We, being the ultimate holding company of our subsidiary company,
                  hereby irrevocably and unconditionally promise and undertake that in the
                  event of the Form of Tender submitted by our subsidiary being accepted
                  by the Council in accordance with the Form of Tender and conditions
                  attached thereto, and, if requested to do so by the Council, we shall
                  forthwith upon request properly execute and deliver to the Council a Deed
                  of Guarantee and Indemnity to guarantee due performance by our
                  subsidiary and indemnify the Council against loss in the form reasonably
                  required by the Council, but subject to the insertion of such details and the
                  making of revisions as the Council may reasonably require in the light of
                  the terms and the nature and effect of the contract constituted by the said

DATED this of...........................................2010

[SIGNED as a Deed by                    )       ...............................................
                                        )       Director
[a Director and Secretary]              )
or [two Directors]                      )
                                        )       ...............................................

Item                                            Cross Reference     Provided by
                                                                    Tenderer -
                                                                    Please tick to
Pre Qualification Questionnaire                 Part G

Tender Submission                               Part H

Pricing Schedule & Form of Tender               Part I

Collusive Tendering Certificate                 Part J

Parent Company Guarantee Undertaking
signed (if the Tenderer is a subsidiary Part K

Tender Response Checklist                       Part L

Supporting Information Required

 Item                               Cross Reference               Completed by
                                                                  (Please Sign)

 Insurance Certificates and
                                    Part G4.1

 SIA Membership                     Part G9.1

 Accreditations and
                                    Part G9.3
 Memberships (if appropriate)

 Security Vetting – BS7858          Part G9.4

 Uniforms – BS7872:2002             Part G9.5

 Others as required:-
See separate documents „Pay & Display Cash Collection Contract Terms and
Tender: Supply of ‘Cash Collection Services for Pay and Display Machines’

Date of Receipt of Invitation to Tender:

Please tick one of the following boxes to indicate your intention.

We intend to respond to the ITT

We do not intend to respond




Print Name:




Please fax back to Steve                 Cotterill   0115    9173577   or   email   to

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