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Dear Client

These are the additions to the system since the release of the 2004 Tax tables V3.0.0 to the release of V3.4.3
Please contact the Support Division if you need any more clarification on these functions

Change                        Function                                           Access / Comment
Loans/savings                 Clears (selected) loan / saving for selected       Tools / Clearing / Clear Loans & Savings
                              employees if balance due/owing is zero
                              Change instalment date                             Tools / Advance Loans/Savings Instalment
                              Eg Garnishees that are only deducted for 4
                              weeks of the month. In week 5 , use this
                              function to advance the date to the 1st week of
                              the following month
Print Payslips                Print confidential payslips with coinage on top    Processing / Reports /Print Payslips /
                                                                                 Print Format (Confidential Coinage)
                              Allow rounding up of payslip if lowest coinage is  System Setup / Global Pay Type List
                              not 1c                                             (to set up pay type excess coinage)
                              Only works if pay type “excess coinage” of type
                              “coinage” is set up & allocated to employees        Processing / Employees PayTypes
                              paid in cash,                                       (to allocate pay type to employees)
                              “Round up” coinage is only printed on the
                              payslip (Confidential Coinage) & does not
                              appear on any other reports. Is is then
                              deducted the following period as a normal
                              deduction (“excess coinage”)
                              Print leave due on confidential double header & Tools / Configure / Payslip formats
                              2 per page payslips
                              Print banking details on confidential double header & 2 per page
                              Loans/savings balance on payslip includes interest calculated for month
                              Allow export – should export to pdf format in order to preserve actual payslip format
Export For UIF                Creates an electronic file for UIF                  System setup / Company Profiles / Company Setup /
                              Have to enter the following                         Tax Tab
                                1) UIF Reference                                  UIF Reference
                                    Creator UIF Reference                         Creator UIF Reference
                                2) Employer email address
                                    Contact email address                         System setup / Company Profiles / Company Setup /
                                3) Employees non-uif reason                       Contact Tab
                                   (ie reason that employee does not pay UIF      employer email address
                                    eg commission only, learner etc)              contact email address
                                4) Employees reason for leaving
                                5) For UIF remuneration - set up a                Processing / Employees
                                    memo earning that holds the value that        Employees non-uif reason
                                    the UIF is based on – check that this
                                    has not already been done                     Processing / Employees / Status
                                                                                  Employees UIF Status

                                                                                 Tools / Export / UIF
                                                                                 To do the actual export

                                                                                 Once the details have been entered, they will be saved
                                                                                 except for
                                                                                 Start & end date of return

MIBFA Interface               Creates an electronic file for MIBFA               System setup / Company Profiles / Company Setup /
                              (Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators)    Tax Tab
                              Have to enter the following                        MIBFA firm number
                                1) MIBFA firm number – allocated by MIBFA        Company pay day
                                   company payday for wages eg Friday
                                   company address & postal code                 System setup / Company Profiles / Company Setup /
                                   company tel no preceded by dialling code      Contact Tab
                                   (max 12 digits eg 021-6839091)                Address
                                   Contact person                                Postal code
                                2) Employees trade union                         Telephone number
                                   Need to specify to which union the            contact person
                                   employee belongs
                                   eg Metal & Electrical Workers Union           System Setup / Global Pay Type List
                                3) For pension remuneration - set up a           to set up relevant pay types
                                   memo earning that holds the value that
                                   the pension/provident is based on             System setup / Company Profiles / Company Report
                                4) For EIPF – need pension ee & er               Filters Setup / Rates Lookup
                                5) For MIPF – need provident ee & er             To set up hourly rate
                                6) For Sick Pay – need sick pay ee & er
                                7) For Council admin levy – need deduction       System setup / Company Profiles / Company Report
                                8) For Council Dispute Resolution levy –         Filters
                                   need deduction                                To set up required wage grade filters & employee
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                       9) For Collective Bargaining Levy – need            Type filters
                     10) For Shifts worked – need shifts category          Processing / Employees
                          to log days worked                               Trade Union
                      11) Rates – Need an hourly rate of pay per
                           employee                                        Tools / Export / MIBFA
                       12) Need to choose a filter for wage                To do the actual export
                            category (eg job grade)                        Enter tech fund rate only if the employer is a member of
                           Set up all job grades& allocate employees       Siefsa, otherwise tech fund rate is zero
                            to a job grade                                 Once the details have been entered, they will be saved
                       13) A filter for employee types (ie                 except for
                          scheduled,apprentices,temps,                     End date of return , this date will be used to calculate the
                          non-scheduled)                                   following
                          Possibly use category for this                   Start Date of return (4 weeks earlier than end date)
                          Eg Set up 4 categories                           Month of return (month of end date)
                                 ie scheduled                              Year of return (year of end date)
                                    apprentices                            THIS IS REALLY ALL THAT CHANGES FROM MONTH
                                    temps                                  TO MONTH
                                 & allocate employees to a category
Tax tables           New Tax tables for RSA for tax year 2005
                     Tax tables for Zimbabwe
Delete               Delete allowed on generic forms                       Please use with utmost caution !!! & make backups
                                                                           before deleting
Bulk update          Employee details                                      Tools / Bulk Update / Employee Details
                     Can update certain master fields for (selected)
                     Eg move employees from one cost centre to
                         Change payment method from cash to
                         Change race for selected employees
                     Employees defaults                                    Tools / Bulk Update / Employee Defaults
                     Change defaults in a “posting” environment
                     Eg change medical aid rates for all employees
                     Employees rates                                       Tools / Bulk Update / Employee Rates
                     Change rates in a “posting” environment
                     Eg change hourly tariff for all employees
                     Employees rates increase                              Tools / Bulk Update / Rate Increases
                     Increase selected rate for selected employees
                     by amount or percentage with minimum &
                     maximum rates
                     Eg increase hourly tariff for all “electricians” by
                        10% ensuring that no-one earns less than
                         R20 per hour
                     Employees bulk suspend                                Tools / Bulk Update / Employees Suspend
                     Select employees to suspend
                     Enter date, description, UIF status
Import               Import Rates eg increases for hourly rate             Tools / Import Data / Employee Rates
                     Allows user to import rates from an Xcel „CSV‟
                     Can only import from a file with the following
                         Column 1 Company number
                         Column 2 Employee number
                         Column 3 New rate
                     This file must not have any headings and row 1
                     must contain details for the 1st employee
                     Import Defaults eg new medical aid rates              Tools / Import Data / Employee Defaults
                     Allows user to import defaults from an Xcel
                     „CSV‟ file
                     Can only import from a file with the following
                         Column 1 Company number
                         Column 2 Employee number
                         Column 3 Defaults value
                     This file must not have any headings and row 1
                     must contain details for the 1st employee
Input Sheets         Prints input sheet for selected pay types             Reports / Standard Reports / Input Sheets
                     Will only print 1st 13
                     No tax/loans/savings/contributions
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Reminder message          Message pops up automatically if there are         Appears when logging on & after accepting period
                          reminders for
                          Wages – within week of current date
                          Fortnightly – within fortnightly of current date
                          Salaries – within current month

Employee Sort             Option to display employees by surname &           System Setup / Company Profiles / Company Report
                          name or employee number                            Filter / Select Company & change ‘Employee Sort’
                                                                             Go to File/Change Logon or User DataBase to
                                                                             activate the selection
Formula                   Add notes to each employee eg                      Tools/Formula Setup/Notes
                          Annual bonus – post no of months employee          These notes are printed on the formula report
                          has worked in this year
                          Encashment leave – post no of days leave
                          owing to employee
New feature –             Re-activate employees that have left              Tools/ Bulk Update / Re-activate employees
Re-activate suspended     Use eg in the following circumstances
employees                 A group of employees under contract leave
                          31/07/2003 because the contract expires
                          A new contract starts 05/08/2003 & the same
                          employees will be re-employed for the new
                          contract. These employees have not worked for
                          any other employer
New feature –             Employee details, banking details & pay types     Tools/ Bulk Update / Copy employees
Bulk copy employees       are copied                       Tools/ Bulk Update / Copy employees
                                     If suspended employees or
                          Option to generate employee numbersare copied, all above details are copied
                          manually enter employee numbers for new only employee details & pay types are copied &
                                     If active employees are copied,
                                     details such as first name, surname, contact details , passport etc are set to unknown
                          If employee numbers must be generated ,
                                     or blank & ID is set to 500101
                          system needs a (numeric) start employee 00000000 & DOB is set to 01/01/1950
                          If active employees are selected for copying,
                          then selected employee details & pay types are
                          copied. Banking details are not copied & certain
                          details eg names are set to „unknown‟
New report – Pay Type     Prints a report for a selected pay type for a     Reports / Standard Reports / Pay Type Check
Check                     selected date range eg Print dates & amounts
                          for „annual bonus‟ for period 1/3/2003 to
New report –Procedure     List of standard procedures that should be        Reports / Standard Reports / Procedure Checklist
Checklist                 completed in the course of a normal pay run
New report –              Compare (selected/all) payroll details from two   Reports / Standard Reports / Variance report
Variance Report           selected periods
                          EG compare overtime for June 2003 & June
New report –              Prints (selected/all) payroll details from        Reports / Standard Reports / Period Analysis report
Period Analysis Report    maximum of five (selected) periods
                          eg Add all payroll deductions for wages for 5
                          weeks in June 2003
New report –              Prints employee details from master file          Reports / Standard Reports / Employee Details /
Employee Details          Option to also print                              Detail report
                             Banking Details
                             Leave summary
                             Payroll Defaults
New report –              Prints (selected/all) payroll defaults for        Reports / Standard Reports / Employee Details /
Employee Defaults         (selected/all) employees                          Employee Defaults report
New report –              Print leave reports                               Reports / Standard Reports / Employees Details /
Leave                     Contact Support Division for help on entering     Leave Details
                          leave details
New report –              One line per employee showing opening             Reports / Standard Reports / Loans and Savings –
Loans & Savings Summary   balance for period, current instalment,           Choose ‘Summary’ option
                          adjustments & interest, & closing balance
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New pay run types       Allow you to select employees & pay types for
                        the following run
                        How to set up a special pay run for eg
                        „commission‟ dated 03/11/2003 to pay
                        commission for October 2003
                              1) Add pay run type                            System set up / Company profile / Company set up
                                                                             Click on Pay Runs Tab
                                                                             Add a new pay run
                                                                               Pay run type = commission
                                                                               Date         = 03/11/203
                                                                               Status       = Clear

                             2)   Select employees who receive               Tools / Configure / Pre-selected Lists / Employees
                                  commission                                 Select pay run type ‘commission’ in ‘employees
                                                                             selection’ block
                                                                             Select employees who will receive commission
                                                                             Press ‘OK’
                             3)   Select pay types for commission run        Tools / Configure / Pre-selected Lists / Pay Type
                                                                             Select ‘commission’ in ‘pay types selection’ block
                                                                             Select relevant pay types eg
                                                                             Commission, skills levy, paye etc
                                                                             Press ‘OK’
                             4)     If ready to pay commission, move         Tools / Move Users to Different Payroll
                                    user to commission run                   Select commission run
                               5) Go to payrun normal & post
                               6) Run tax calc until 31/10/2003
                               7) Print reports
                               8) Backup
                               9) Accept pay period
                        Special notes :
                        If no employees are selected, all employees will
                        be initialised for the special pay run
                        If no pay types are selected, the pay run will not
                        initialise until pay types are selected
                        If pay run is added before previous pay run is
                        accepted, the user will automatically be moved
                        to the special pay run
                        To avoid confusion with loans & savings
                        instalments, add pay run with a date different to
                        that of an existing pay run
                        Leave is not accumulated for a special pay run
                        Loans/savings instalments are not generated
                        for a special pay run
                        If leave/loans/savings required for special pay
                        runs, these must be entered manually
                        For multiple pay runs with the same date, the
                        system will advance to the next pay run in the
                        following order
New function –          If the user has made a total mess up with the        Tools / Re-initialise Payroll
Re-initialise payroll   payroll & wishes to revert to the default values
                        Please note that any postings made in pay run
                        normal / pay run bulk & tax calc values are lost

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