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                                      Comprehension Attitude Strategies Interests (Grades 4 to 8)
Purpose of Assessment       CASI is used:
                              • to diagnose student strengths and learning needs related to the Ontario reading expectations and achievement chart
                              • to inform planning and instruction for the individual student, small group and whole class (ongoing)
                              • as a summative assessment tool when linked to instructional focus
                              • to help students become more aware of themselves as readers
                              • to support collaborative marking and division / school discussions

What does it measure?        h o l n A I a ue t e t:
                            T eto i C S me s r as d n’  u     s
                              • approach to reading, values, attitudes toward reading, reading interests
                              • level of comprehension
                              • knowledge and understanding, inferring, creative/critical thinking, conventions of written text, ability to explain, support
                                and apply what has been read and making connections among texts, personal experiences and life situations.

Elements of the             Assessment elements include:
Instrument                    • reading Interviews
                              • reading Attitude Survey
                              • reading Interests Inventory
                              • reading Passages and Questions
                              • student Self-Assessment

                            Elements to support marking:
                               • CASI Reading Rubric
                               • sample of student responses at four levels of performance and rationale about the student responses

Interpretation of Results   In the CASI Reading Assessment a level of performance is assigned as the teacher assesses the quality of student
and Connections to the                  n ae te t e t ok cod g o e o pe eemi
                                                    u   s             n
                            responses a drts h s d n’w r a c ri t as t f rd tr n dci r .      e reita
                            Tools provided to identify and prioritize planning and instruction for individual student, class, division and school are:
                              • class Tracking Sheet
                              • instructional Follow-up Plan
                              • student self assessment
                                                                    5 f h A I e c e’ u e r    s      d
                              • follow up strategies (pg 22-3 o te C S T a h r G i )ae identified to target specific skills and to meet
                                   programming needs.
                                                   CASI Assessment Elements
        Element                What does is measure?             Administering the Element           Implications for Programming

Reading Interviews        • Strategies students use when      • Conduct individual Reading          • Helps the teacher design
                            reading including strengths and     Interviews during an Independent      appropriate reading experiences
Page 43 in the CASI         weaknesses                          Reading block                         for each student
   c e’ u e
        s d
Tea h r G i               • Student interests and attitudes   • Record student responses to         • Helps the teacher to select
                            about reading                       questions on Reading Interview        materials
                                                                sheet                               • Helps the teacher and students
                                                                                                      determine next steps

Reading Attitude Survey   • Attitude towards reading          • Can be implemented whole class          w rn s o s e t t u e
                                                                                                    • A ae e s f td nsat d s ’ i   t
                                                                or one-to-one during reading          towards reading is important
Page 44 in the CASI                                             conference                            because their attitudes influence
 e c e’ u e
        s d
T ah r G i                                                    • Teacher may choose to read            motivation and affect
                                                                questions aloud to ensure             achievement
                                                                understanding of survey             • Knowledge of attitudes can be
                                                                questions                             addressed through a follow-up
                                                                                                      conference and steps taken to
                                                                                                      promote success in reading
                                                                                                    • Follow-up strategies are provided
                                                                                                      to encourage positive attitudes
                                                                                                      towards reading (pg 19-20)

Reading Interests         • Reading interests of students     • Can be completed whole class,       • Aids teacher in selecting books
Inventory                                                       individually or one-to-one during     for classroom instruction and
                                                                reading conference                    classroom libraries based on
Page 45, 46 in the                                            • Teacher may choose to read            student interest
 A I e c e’ u e
C S T ah r G is d                                               Inventory questions aloud to        • Helps the teacher in making
                                                                ensure understandingof all            programming decisions (i.e.,
                                                                genres listed and/or provide a        grouping students, developing
                                                                sample of each genre                  themes and focusing lessons)
                                                              • Summarize reading interests of      • Follow-up strategies are provided
                                                                the class using the Reading            o x e t e t n rs i
                                                                                                              mi u
                                                                                                      t ma i z s d nsi ee t ’t       n
                                                                Interest Inventory: Class Tally       reading (pg 21)
                                                                Form (pg 46)
                                          CASI Assessment Elements (Continued)
Reading Passages and   • Student ability to respond             • Select an alternative assessment     • Information gathered is used to
Questions                independently to unfamiliar text         for students who will not be able      determine next steps and
                       • Student comprehension as                 to complete the grade level            instructional strategies related to
                         measured by the Achievement              assessment independently (See          the categories of the reading
                         Chart categories; knowledge /            pg 8: CASI and the Struggling          rubric
                         understanding, inferring,                Reader)                              • Use the Instructional Follow-up
                         creative/critical thinking,            • Administer as a whole class            Plan (pg 55-56) to identify,
                         conventions of written text, ability     (each student must read and            prioritize and record student
                         to explain, support and apply what       respond individually)                  needs determined from data on
                         has been read and make                 • Let students refer to the reading      Class Tracking Sheet
                         connections among texts, personal        passage when answering               • Supports collaborative marking
                         experiences and life situations          questions, but not a dictionary or     and division/school discussions
                                                                  thesaurus during the assessment      • Supports communication with
                                                                • Assess responses using:                  ae t a o t t e t e d g
                                                                                                         p rns b u s d n’ra i    s      n
                                                                   CASI Reading Rubric                  achievement
                                                                       (pg 47-48 in the CASI
                                                                         e c e’ u e
                                                                                s d
                                                                       T ah r G i )
                                                                   Student samples and
                                                                       rationales about student
                                                                       responses found in the
                                                                       CASI Scoring Guide
                                                                   Detailed instructions for
                                                                       scoring student
                                                                       responses (page 16 of
                                                                        h A I e c e’
                                                                       teC S T a h r      s
                                            CASI Elements to Support Marking
       Element              What does it measure?                         How to Use                  Implications for Programming

CASI Reading Rubric       h t e t ci e n e l
                      • T e s d n’ a h v me tl e
                                      s      e           vs     • Passage questions are matched      • The rubric gives both students
                        (1 -4) in each of the four categories     to specific categories with          and teachers criteria for each
                                                                  explicitly stated criteria and       level of performance
                                                                  descriptors                        • The level of performance
                                                                • Passage questions are aligned        enables the teacher to focus
                                                                  with a specific category             planning and instruction in all
                                                                  regardless of grade level (e.g.,     components of their reading
                                                                  questions 1,4,5 - knowledge and      program
                                                                  understanding)                     • The level of performance
                                                                • Rubric can be used by teachers       enables students to set goals
                                                                   o se s t e t e p n e
                                                                  t a s s s d nsrs o s s’              and/or improve learning
                                                                  either independently or
                                                                • Can be used within the structure
                                                                  of a reading lesson
Sample Student        • Models student responses at every       • Rationales are presented to        • Helps establish rationale in
Responses and           achievement level for all passage         support teachers in determining      assigning a particular level,
Rationale               questions and categories                  student achievement levels           based on the criteria within the
                                                                • Sample student responses             category, as related to the
                                                                  support understanding of             specific passage question
                                                                  success criteria for each          • After the assessment the sample
                                                                  passage question                     responses and rationale can be
                                                                                                       shared with students

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