Arowana Care: Factors that should be Greatly Considered in Rearing your Arowana Fish by jcitnmkt


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									   Arowana Care: Factors that
  should be Greatly Considered
  in Rearing your Arowana Fish

For most pet lovers, rearing and caring for arowanas is considered to be somewhat tedious.
Because arowanas are known to be very sensitive, researching on effective arowana care
should be done to ensure that they will grow favorably as intended. Guessing about the proper
way of caring for your arowana will only bring you to nowhere and will only make the life of
your arowana a bit complicated so make sure that you consider learning all about it prior to
buying one.

The first factor that you should consider in your search for the effective handling and caring of
your arowana is the size of its tank. You have to provide your arowana an aquarium that is big
enough for them to swim freely. You should also make sure that its tank has decorations that
at least resemble that of their natural habitat. This will allow them to live without getting
irritated in a barren tank or aquarium. Another factor that you should consider is the status of
water in the tank. If you own a big tank or aquarium, the water to be filled should be four to
five gallons.

The water temperature should also be made warmer than usual as arowanas are categorized as
tropical fishes. Tracking the water temperature may be easily done through those electric
gadgets that are especially designed for pet lovers in order for them to determine the current
temperature in the aquarium. You should also make sure that the water has minimal chlorine
content. This is primarily because of the proven fact that exposure to chlorine is very
dangerous for your arowana. Because of this, you are advised to make use of chemical agents
in minimizing the chlorine content of water prior to putting it in the tank. These things are very
important if you wish to know effective arowana care and rearing. If you want to learn more
about it, it is advisable that you listen to what experts have to say. They are more
knowledgeable in caring for arowanas so they will be able to provide you effective tips.

The Arowana fish is easy to keep, but hard to master when it comes to bringing out its best
colors. Expose your Arowana's true colors using the simplest, laziest but most effective
Arowana care techniques from

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