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					December 7, 2010

Mayor Ronit Bryant and City Council
500 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Dear Mayor Bryant and Councilmembers:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I will be retiring from the position of City
Manager of the City of Mountain View on April 2, 2011. I have made this decision after
considerable deliberation, and as is often said, with mixed emotions. While there are a
great many things that I will miss upon leaving my daily involvement with this exceptional
organization, it is time for me to move on to the next phase of my life. After almost 40
years in city government, and for the last 26 as a city manager, almost 21 here in Mountain
View, it is time for me to try some new things. Additionally, this is a good time for the
organization for this transition to take place. The City is financially stable after having
addressed the challenges of the “Great Recession,” a new generation of exceptionally
qualified and dedicated department heads have been selected and we are in a period of
unusual City Council continuity.

I am providing you this notice to allow the City Council time to begin the process to select
the new city manager. However, this organization has lots to do over the next 3 ½ months
and I will remain fully engaged and occupied in fulfilling my duties until my departure in

It has been a distinct honor and pleasure to serve as Mountain View’s city manager for the
last 20+ years. Between my 18 years at the City of Campbell (the last 6 as its city manager)
and my service in Mountain View, I could not have asked for a better professional
experience. I certainly could not have imagined my length of tenure as Mountain View’s
city manager when I returned to this community in July of 1990.

I have been extremely fortunate to work for an excellent series of city councils in both
communities I have served as city manager. I continue to enjoy working with each of you
individually and as a group. My successor will be stepping into a wonderful professional
opportunity. Additionally, I have been blessed to work with a group of dedicated city
employees who truly believe in the value of the work that they perform and are committed
to providing the best possible services and facilities to this community.

I have had the unique opportunity to manage the community where my parents chose for
our family to live when we moved to Northern California in 1964. Mountain View is not
only the community where I lived while attending high school and college, but also the
community that provided me my first experience in local government as a student intern in
the City Manager’s Office while a senior in college. Amazingly (at least to me), next June
will mark the 40th anniversary of my coming to Mountain View City Hall to start that
I have been extremely fortunate to be able to work in a community of interested, engaged
and supportive residents; consistently strong and effective City Councils and a dedicated
and talented group of city employees. This unique combination of talent, dedication and
commitment has resulted in a truly special organization serving an exceptional community.
Working in conjunction with our residents, the organization has achieved some very
significant accomplishments over the last 20 years. Additionally, it has provided me with a
uniquely special and fulfilling professional experience.

As I reflect back over the past 20 years, a few of the accomplishments we all can be proud
of include:

      Quality Public Services:

       Cities are fundamentally service institutions that exist to provide a wide variety of
       quality of life as well as basic, and often critical, public services to its residents and
       other customers. We have consistently reconfigured the organization to literally
       “do more with less” by expanding services while reducing staffing and consolidating
       the organizational structure. “Customer service” and responsiveness is not a cliché,
       but a fundamental value.

      Fiscal Management:

       The City has been able to achieve balanced budgets for each of the last 20 years
       while weathering 3 major recessions. Most recently, an $8.5M structural deficit was
       eliminated over the last two years. At the same time, reserves have been increased
       and a AAA credit rating was achieved (and continues to be maintained). While at
       times requiring significant reductions in organizational staffing, the highest priority
       services were maintained. Significant funding has also been set aside to address
       long-term liabilities.

      Economic Development:

       Recognizing the role that economic development plays in the ability to fund City
       services and facilities, the organization has aggressively pursued the development of
       a healthy local economy. Economic development accomplishments include:

                      The leveraging of City owned properties that now generate
                       $8,000,000 of annual lease income to the General Fund.
                      The attraction/retention of extraordinary corporations including:
                                           Google
                                           Microsoft
                                           Symantec
                                           Intuit
                                           Synopsis
                      The evolution of Downtown Mountain View into the vibrant heart
                       of the community.
                   The development of the Costco and Charleston retail centers
                   The planned redevelopment of the San Antonio Shopping Center

   Collaborations:

    The City has been able to assist with the provision of a variety of services and
    facilities through unique and valuable collaborative relationships with other
    governmental and non-profit organizations including:

                   Mountain View/Whisman School District
                   Mountain View/Los Altos High School District
                   Mountain View/Los Altos Community Services Agency
                   Community Health Awareness Council
                   Community School of Music and Art
                   Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
                   Dayworker Center of Mountain View
                   Avenidas Senior Day Health Center

   Community Development/Planning:

    Mountain View has set the standard in a wide range of planning efforts including
    transit oriented development, well designed corporate campuses and the creation of
    walkable neighborhoods.

   Affordable Housing:

    The City has established an exemplary record for affordable housing through our
    work with a variety of partners including the Mid-Peninsula Housing Corporation
    (Maryce Freelin Place; Central Park Apartments); Charities Housing (San Antonio
    Place efficiency studio apartments) and Roem (planned downtown family
    affordable housing project).

   Capital Projects/Infrastructure Maintenance:

    The organization has been able to accomplish an extraordinary number of
    significant capital projects while investing in the maintenance of basic infrastructure.
    A few of the most significant capital projects include:

                   Completion of the Civic Center Complex
                   Mountain View Public Library
                   12 neighborhood parks (10 constructed; 2 funded and in design)
                   3 fire stations (1 under construction)
                   Steven’s Creek Trail
                   Permanente Creek Trail
                   Expansion of Shoreline Park
                      Whisman Sports Pavilion
                      Graham Sports Complex
                      Graham and Miramonte Reservoirs
                      California/Bryant Parking Structure
                      Reconstruction of Evelyn Avenue
                      Rengstorff House Restoration
                      Adobe Building Restoration
                      Shoreline Clubhouse and Boathouse
                      Municipal Operations Center Reconstruction
                      Shoreline Maintenance Facility
                      Light Rail to Mountain View
                      Downtown Transit Center
                      Charleston and Steven’s Creek Slough Environmental Restorations
                      Mountain View Child Care Center
                      Replacement of the entire fleet of Fire engines and vehicles

       As important, regular and significant investments were made to maintain and
       upgrade the condition of city streets, buildings, the water and wastewater systems,
       landfills, parks and other City facilities. The condition of the City’s infrastructure
       has been improved while many communities have experienced a decline in the
       condition of these critical assets.

In summary, I will be forever grateful for the personal and professional honor to have
served as Mountain View’s city manager. I wish to thank each of you individually and as a
group (as well as your predecessors) for your help and support in making my time here so
positive and your assistance in making Mountain View a better place to live and work.

Robin and I will continue to make Mountain View our home and I look forward to
contributing to the community in one or more volunteer capacities. While this may be
“goodbye” in the context of my current role, I look forward to keeping in contact with each
of you as one of your constituents and as a friend.

All my best in your continuing efforts to serve this wonderful community.

Kevin C. Duggan
City Manager

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