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           The indexes are for the time period after civil registration in each state

                  Information found on Indexes

                  England and Wales
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                  Information found on Certificates
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                  England and Wales

Parish and Civil Records
Civil Registration records– refers to records created by the legal requirement to notify a civil
(government) authority of births, deaths and marriages and to supply certain related material.
Dates when civil registration was introduced vary from state to state and country to country. Prior
to civil registration we have to rely on surviving Parish Records.
Parish or Church records - compiled by church authorities from about the middle of the 16th
century as a record of baptisms, marriages and burials. Note, because registration of these events
was not compulsory, there may be no record of their occurrence.

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Dates relating to parish and civil records - Australia

            State                 Early Church Records          Civil Registration
New South Wales                1788-1856                  1 March 1856
Tasmania                       1803-1838                  1 December 1838
Western Australia              1829-1841                  9 September 1841
Queensland                     1829-1856                  1 March 1856
South Australia                1836-1842                  1 July 1842
Victoria                       1837-1853                  1 July 1853
Northern Territory                                        24 August 1870
Australian Capital Territory                              1 January 1930

Dates relating to parish and civil records – United Kingdom and Ireland

                                   Early Parish/Church
            Country                                         Civil Registration
 England and Wales                1538-June 1837         July 1837
 Scotland                         1553-1854              1855
 Ireland - Church of Ireland      1740s- 1864            1 Apr 1845 – non
          - Roman Catholic        Mid 18th C - 1864      Catholic marriages
            Church                                       Jan 1864-1922 – births,
                                                         all marriages, deaths
 Northern Ireland                                        1922
 Republic of Ireland                                     1922

Note - for more information about Irish records, see

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