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									                                Newsletter May 2009

 Welcome to a new year of the                                    So what can you use your HoS units for?
 Worcestershire Hands on Support                                  Any ICT training which will enhance the
 Scheme. The HoS scheme has gone from                              use of ICT in teaching and learning.
 strength to strength over the past few                           Groups of up to 5 teachers and/or TAs
 years. This year we have some new HoS                             who need the same level of support.
 providers on board to help us to cope                            Support for individuals to embed ICT
 with demand and we have some new                                  into their planning, usually during PPA
 services available to subscribing schools.                        time.
                                                                  Staff meetings related to specific whole
 All internal transfers have been                                  school issues such as the assessment of
 completed for the current year, any                               ICT or the introduction of a new
 queries should be referred to Amanda                              resource.
 Hawkins on 01527 570566 or via the
                                                                  Some relevant INSET courses (as
 hos@worcestershire.gov.uk      e-mail
                                                                   indicated in the INSET booklet).
                                                                  Additional sessions put on as a result of
                                                                   demand and advertised through this
 Many schools are now using the HoS
 Needs Analysis Tool, available on
 Edulink via the pathway… Teaching and
                                                                   See overleaf for this term's course
 Learning>ICT>Hands on Support. You
 can use this simple tool to review the
 confidence and competence of teachers
                                                                 What training works best?
 and TAs to use ICT in learning and
                                                                  Just in time training… developing ICT
 teaching and, using the results, plan ICT
                                                                   techniques alongside planning that will
 CPD for the coming year.
                                                                   be used in the classroom immediately
                                                                  Small groups or individuals… so that
 Simon de Montfort Middle School was                               everyone gets what they need from the
 the first school to plan the use of all                           session at an appropriate level and
 their HoS units over the year. They                               pace.
 received an Intel digital microscope as                          Training which expects follow up from
 a prize for being so organised!                                   the participants… all HoS participants
                                                                   complete feedback and then plan the
                                                                   next actions they need to take
                                                                   (supported or in their own strength).
                                                                   This is fed back to CPD co-ordinators to
                                                                   inform future ICT CPD planning.
 There are more microscopes available to
                                                                 What doesn't work?
 the next 3 schools to complete their
                                                                  'Blanket training'… all staff expected
 planning and book sessions. Don't delay!
                                                                   to sit through a session whether they
                                                                   need it or not!

Jane Finch       Subject Adviser ICT, Hands on Support Manager      jfinch@worcestershire.gov.uk   01527 570566
Amanda Hawkins   LA Hands on Support Administrator                  hos@worcestershire.gov.uk      01527 570566
     ICT Co-ordinators' Updates                                  Clicker5
     June 8th: Finstall Centre
     June 10th: Pitmaston House                                  Are you exploiting the potential of
     Book through the INSET Office…                              Clicker5 to support learning across the
     cost 2.5 HoS units.                                         curriculum? Do you have new teachers
     An agenda will be sent out in the                           or TAs who have never used Clicker5?
     next week
                                                                 Pam Yates will be leading 2 afternoon
                                                                 sessions to help schools make the most
                                                                 of this valuable resource.

                                                                 This is not a special needs session!!
                                                                 Clicker has great value for supporting
                                                                 learners of all ages, abilities and across
        Teaching Assistants only                                 the whole curriculum. The sessions are
                                                                 suitable for teachers or TAs.
      Using ICT to support the
      pupils for whom English is                                 Cost 1 HoS unit per person
      an Additional Language                                     June 23rd: Pitmaston House
                                                                 June 24th: Finstall Centre
      June 30th: Finstall Centre                                 Both sessions will run from 1 – 4p.m.
      Book through the INSET
      Office… cost 1.5 HoS units.                                E-mail hos@worcestershire.gov.uk to

One of the new services is a formal loan
scheme for those pieces of equipment
that you might need only occasionally,
(e.g. data logging kit or floor robots) or
something you want to try before you buy
(a dance mat for MFL!).

A list of equipment available for loan can
be found on the Edulink portal under the
Hands on Support link.                                           We also have a set of 10 Asus minibooks
Please request any loans through                                 which can be borrowed for short periods
hos@worcestershire.gov.uk.                                       to support a special project. At the
                                                                 moment these are not internet ready, but
 Please Note:                                                    we have plans to have a wireless access
 No equipment will be loaned for more                           point to travel with them by September.
  than 4 weeks.
 Schools are responsible for collecting
  and returning all loan equipment to
  the Finstall Centre.
 No batteries will be provided
 All damage will be charged
 First come, first served!
Jane Finch       Teacher Adviser ICT, Hands on Support Manager    jfinch@worcestershire.gov.uk   01527 570566
Amanda Hawkins   LA Hands on Support Co-ordinator                 hos@worcestershire.gov.uk      01527 570566

                                                                                  For staffroom display

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