Ten Insights on the 18 - 25 Youth Mindset

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					    Ten Insights: 18-25s

“The here and now generation”

     First Quarter, 2010

           „10 Insights Research‟ by Solutions
           Short research reports designed to provide
           insights into different audiences and topics

    • 9 male and 9 female 18-25 year olds were interviewed in same-
      sex friendship triads
    • Interview focused on life-priorities, including health, relationships,
      career, future aspirations, politics, sex and reactions to adverts
    • Permission was given by some respondents to use video clips

       1. Life is focused on living for the moment
                and is all about me me me
You’re on your best behaviour all day at work, in the evening
   you just want to be yourself and kick back with mates

                                                         Not thinking far ahead is part of
                                                          the fun – live for the moment!

                                                It’s all about me!
                        Money and alcohol are key
                                                                                  Nicer beer,
     After a hard day you want to relax, be yourself,          Money is
                                                                                  nicer suits,
        get a confidence boost, alcohol does that            everything.
                                                                                  nicer girls
                                                             It’s freedom
     A quiet night is
     a bottle of wine                               It’s not about the
      at home, but at                               money itself, it’s
     the weekend we                                 about using it to
         go to town                                      have fun

Buzzed Tipsy Drunk Plastered Wasted Comatose
                                                                               If you’re not
                                                                            earning, you can’t
         Girls’ great night out           Boys’ great night out               enjoy yourself

 3        It’s all about having money to go out
      2. Live in the here and now – little long term
       planning or concern above independence

         Career?                          Property?
     I’ve never had                           I just take it one
    call to think far                           day at a time
     ahead, I don’t
     have to worry
       about it yet

    Settling down?
                   I don’t want a bird
                     and a baby yet!
                                         Next year?
    3. Health concerns typically only emerge
           on thought and prompting
            If you’re overweight you see it in the
           mirror but smoking and drinking are
          more at the back of your mind,. You know
             they’re bad for you but they’re fun!

                                             I do want to lose
                                           weight but the healthy
                                              stuff costs more

     I’ll worry about it when I’m older
             4. Sexual behaviour can be risky

    I’m not always
      on the pull

    Few carry condoms
                             I don’t want
                             to look easy
    I’m on the pill

    Low perceived STI risk
     I’ll get treated if I

       catch sommat
                                 I don’t want to feel judged
       5. General disillusionment with politics
     I couldn’t give a flying *^!”$ about
        the economy, I just want a job

                                                           I just want a happy life,
                                                              I don’t care about
                                                           politics and serious stuff

                                              They’re all idiots in their
                                            offices, they don’t have a clue
                                                how normal people live
     Kids can get away with
       anything because of
    stupid political decisions       Why should I bother?
     like banning smacking
           6. Staying connected is important; the
                    right handset less so
      I’m on Facebook                                              All you need is
    literally all the time;   No-one cares any more if your        calls and texts
       when I leave the       handset is cool. That’s an issue
    house I switch from       at school, not in the real world
                                                                   No-one I know
       my laptop to my
                                                                    uses Twitter

                                                                  I used to take
                                                                    pictures in
                                                                  school to pass
                                                                  the time but I
                                                                    don’t have
                                                                 much spare time
     I used to use Messenger, now I use the similar              now so can’t be
            thing on my Blackberry, it’s free                        bothered
    7. Social lives are holistically co-ordinated
                                       I meet men on Facebook –
                                   friends of friends. We chat, then
                                     if I like him, I find out where
      MySpace                          he’s going at the weekend.
              Facebook                            If you meet a
                                                    girl at the
                                                  weekend you
    Phone calls           Instant                  add her on
                                                 Facebook, you
    We decide where      Messaging               can look at her
    we’re going at the                             photos and
      weekend with       (non-FB)                stuff, see what
        Facebook                                    she’s into
     9. Adverts need to work hard to engage

 The bad    I don’t want to
            be yelled at. It
                               The good
           doesn’t make me      The Cadbury
           want to use your    monkey one, it’s
                website.       silly and weird
                                and funny, it
                                 grabs your

     Quirky humour preferred to clever / subtle
      The good                            The bad

                           I hate that fat singing man,
                              for GoCompare.com

                           The ugly…
                                     …The ones they
                                     don’t remember
                   Keep it simple and multi-modal
                                                  If it doesn’t grab me straight away, I won’t
                                                  pay attention. Make a cup of tea or sommat

        Some car
       adverts, you
     don’t even know       Those posters on loo doors, you
       what they’re         can’t help but pay attention
                                                                I’m not going to
                                                               read a poster when
                                                               I’m pissed in a bar

     If I see something funny on the telly I look it up
        on YouTube and post the link on Facebook

 Their environment, their format, their lives
     The best adverts extend beyond the TV
                               Signage and branding to

                                   Holistic approach –
                                    videos, downloads,
                                merchandise – to target
                                     multiple channels

                                 identifiable character

      Funny, quirky, unique, unexpected
       8. Facebook is the killer app for viral
     Have a product / service

       Create a FB group / fanclub

         Gain members / fans

           Each person who joins displays their status to all
           their FB friends – often hundreds of people at a
                   time – some of whom also join.

               The perfect viral marketing medium
                        10 Shock factor can work
That one where the ghost of                                     The burglary one where
a boy is always with a drunk                                     they say “I’ll leave my
  driver, it’s not graphic but                                laptop by the window” – all
it’s still shocking as it shows                                   the things people do
 you how it will be with you                                   without thinking, it makes
             forever                                          you realise not to be stupid

  The bike that comes out of
  nowhere and hits the car, it
really does make you look twice    That one pulls you in because you
                                  don’t know what’s happening til the
                                  end - he’s not a superhero he’s just
                                  a drunk stupid guy that thinks he’s
  Talk to                            invincible and ends up dead
Frank just
tells it like
                             Shock works better than gore
    it is
           However, for some, too shocking is too
         Too gory = switch off
                                                             It’s well
      That one with the chained up bear, I can’t            too much
     stand it, I switch it off as soon as it comes on

  They’re just so                                        That picture on fag packets
extreme, you can’t                                      with a huge lump on his neck         I didn’t
    imagine it                                          – it is disgusting, but it’s not      really
happening to you                                         something you ever see. It’s      relate it to
 even if you do it                                          like it’s not really real       smoking,
                                                                                            I just felt
        Worst-case scenarios = unrealistic                                                  a bit sick

  I always think it doesn’t apply to us. I don’t see myself as an extreme drinker or extremely
promiscuous –I kind of think that people do it more than me, so it will happen to them, not me

16   Keep it serious but realistic to feel personal