Canvas Cove Newsletter by JonStupar


									    Canvas Cove Newsletter – April 2009
                Canvas Cove Homeowners Association (CCHA)
                     P.O. Box 451, O‟Fallon, MO 63366
                   April 4, 20089

              2008 Calendar of Events               mailing.

          March 1, 2009 – Assessments Due                  NOTICE OF ANNUAL
             o Annual Assessment $85.00                         MEETING
             o Special Assessment $50.00

   May 2, 2009 – Annual Home Owners
    Association Meeting 1:00 p.m. at                                May 2, 2009
    Middendorf-Kredell Library on Highway K
                                                               1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
 April 25, 2009 – Semi-Annual Subdivision
    Garage Sale (This event is always the last
    Saturday in April.)                                  Middendoft-Kredell Library
                                                       2750 Highway K, O‟Fallon, MO
 October 3, 2009 – Semi-Annual Subdivision
    Garage Sale (This event is always the first             Please note the new place
    Saturday in October.)                                        & weekend date.
                                                       Election of Officers & Fiscal Report
Charity Clothing 314-416-1300 – a non-profit
organization that will pick up clothing and
household items. If you have additional phone                  Thank You Volunteers!
numbers for a charity organization that will pick
up household items and clothing, please contact     We are all so busy with kids, work, and family,
Joan Burke                                          that it is easy to take for granted that nearly
                                                    everything accomplished for this subdivision is
Notice to Garage Sale Participants: Please be       done by a resident for FREE!
mindful of your neighbor‟s property during the
sale time. Last year, some visitors parked and/or   GARDEN CLUB: A big thank
drove on people‟s lawns and damaged sprinkler       you to Donna Harper, Wanda
systems, plants, and grass. If you see a visitor    Wiegert, for planting and
harming your neighbor‟s property, please            maintaining        our     entrance
politely ask them to move their vehicle or take     flowers         and       greenery.
their license plate number so your neighbor can     VOLUNTEERS                    ARE
recover the costs of the damages.                   NEEDED to water, pickup
                                                    litter, etc. please call Donna Harper at 240-8402.
NEWSLETTER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED –                      Also, thank you to the Flicker‟s for taking care of
We would greatly appreciate assistance with         the monument at the corner of Feise Road. The
delivering newsletters, please provide Dee White    entrances look great!
                         at 636-379-0741 with
                         your     name,    phone
                         number and the section                    FLAG: John Milton has taken
                         of the neighborhood you                   care of the flag in this subdivision
                         are able to assist with.                  for years. Thanks to John for his
                         This saves over $80 per                   continued patriotic service
      Note from the Board President,
               Joan Burke
The last six months personal matters have made
it difficult for me to accomplish as much as I
have wanted to on behalf of the Canvas Cove
Homeowners Association.           I was in an
automobile accident last November and although
not seriously injured, it precluded me from my
normal activities for several months. I apologize
that I was not able to prepare a newsletter to send
with the Annual Assessments. I am feeling much
better and am spending this weekend catching up
on some overdue tasks such as this newsletter         Only he who has seen better days and lives to see
and updating the website. The computer that I         better days again, knows their full value.
used to create the subdivision website broke
early in December and I have finally replaced it.                                            -Mark Twain
I apologize to those of you that relied on the
website for current information. I can‟t wait to
put the winter of „08-„09 behind me!

                      Signs                              Boats / RVs / Trailers / Motorcycles
Please, please, PLEASE do not place signs in                                          The past two years,
your yard.       This includes: home repair                                           the board has been
companies, lawn maintenance, political, etc.                                          very aggressive in
Signs are strictly prohibited in the covenants.                                       enforcing        this
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!                                                      covenant. And, I am
                                                                                      pleased    to    say
                                                                                      “Thank You!” to the
           Canvas Cove Web Site:                      boat and trailer owners. We have seen a great
                          improvement in the compliance of this covenant.
                                                      Just a reminder: No trailers, boats, RVs in your
A website for our subdivision has been created.       driveway. It is prohibited by the Covenants. It is
The website contains a downloadable copy of the       understandable that there may be a need to keep
entire covenants. It is a                             your boat, RV, trailer, etc., in your driveway from
very large file and will                              time to time for a few days; if this situation
take some time to                                     occurs, please contact a Board member so this
download. I suggest that                              issue can be addressed. We are not unreasonable
you print a copy rather                               people. If you fail to contact a member, the
than try to read it from                              Board will take action against you to correct the
the website. Also, we                                 violation. The Board cannot possibly be any more
have posted copies of last                            understanding or compromising on this issue.
year‟s newsletters. We                                Please be sure to read on for the Board‟s position
have included links to local government, movie        on enforcement of the Covenants.
theaters and major road construction projects in
the area. If you have any suggestions please
email us or call Joan Burke. (Sorry about the
delay in updating the site!)
         Enforcement of Covenants                          Maintenance of and Improvements
                                                                 to Common Ground
We want to let all residents know that the Board
remains committed to diligently enforce the            As you probably will remember, last October
Covenants. We hear from many residents that            each residence was mailed a ballot to vote on
you want us to keep this subdivision in great          whether to increase the annual assessment or to
shape.                                                 pay a special assessment to pay for maintenance
                                                       on the common ground.
We are a volunteer Board and we give a lot of
our time and own resources for the benefit of the      The results are as follows:
Canvas Cove residents. Those that chose to
violate the Covenants at the expense of the            Votes for $50 Assessment:              92
remaining good people, leave the Board with            Votes for increasing Assessment:       69
little choice but to enforce the Covenants.            Undecided:                              2
                                                       Total votes received:                 163
All residents need to be aware of Article IV.12,
which is very powerful. This article allows the        The special assessment will only be used for the
Board to assess $500 per month if a violation is       maintenance and repair of the common ground.
not remedied. Please do not put us in the              We hope to make substantial progress on this
position to have to send out letters and issue fines   project this year.
against our neighbors. However, each of us
agreed to abide by the Covenants when we               Additional projects planned:
bought a home in Canvas Cove. The Covenants
are the primary means available to us as a                   Improvements/Maintenance to Highway
community to ensure that our neighborhood                     N Entrance
remains aesthetically pleasing and to retain our                 o Remove dead evergreen tree and
property values.                                                     replace it with a different species
                                                                 o Replace mulch in center island
     PROPERTY IMPROVEMENTS                                           with decorative rock

                     Please be sure that when                Add new mulch to the center island at the
                     making        changes     or             cul-de-sac on Picasso
                     improvements      to    your            Repaint Entrance Signs and have them
                     property you follow the                  reinforced
                     Covenants       and     City
                     Ordinances. For certain
improvements (fences, pools, sheds, garages,           Thank You - Canvas Cove Homeowners
additions, change of grade.) a plan must be
submitted to the Architectural Committee of the        Thank you for the pride you take in being good
Board. The plan should include a drawing of            neighbors and homeowners. The past year, most
your property to include the specific location in      our residents really worked hard on the care and
relation to surrounding structures, measurements,      maintenance of their properties and rest assured,
specifications and materials of proposed               your hard work is appreciated and noticed!
structures, etc. Please contact Mike Moorhouse         Thank you for a great
at 240-3639 to make arrangements to drop off           year. Being members of
the proposal. If you are unable to reach Mike,         the Board, we have the
contact any member of the Board. Also, you can         fantastic opportunity to
visit the subdivision website for instructions on      meet many of you and
submitting your request. The link is:                  we are grateful to have
                                                       such nice neighbors.
          Spring is Finally Here!                            CCHA Contact Information
It is time again to tackle the challenge of annual                 Board of Directors
maintenance on our homes. We have had all
winter to watch Home and Garden TV and make          Please feel free to contact any member of the
notes on what we want to do and spring is finally    Board if you have any comments, concerns, etc.
here. The Board once again asks that we all step
back and take a good look at the general             Email:
appearance of our homes and property.
                                                     Joan Burke, President: 240-0840
We encourage each of you to step back from the       Dee White, Vice President: 379-0741
curb and take a look at your property with a         Judy Fierce, Treasurer: 240-1148
critical eye. If you think that your fence needs     Peggy Moorhouse, Secretary: 240-3639
some paint or stain – your neighbor‟s are            Fran Ehrenreich, Member at Large: 978-0293
probably thinking the same thing. Let‟s do our
best to provide need care and maintenance to our           Dardenne Prairie Ward 2 Alderman
                                                     Bob Menichino: Phone: (314) 803-8439
Let‟s all make our “To-Do” and “Honey-Do‟
lists and get things done. Thank you all for your    Email:
willingness to go that extra step to maintain your
home. Let‟s all strive to keep our subdivision in    City of Dardenne Prairie: (636) 561-1718
the best condition so that Canvas Cove continues
to be one of the most desired neighborhoods in
our area.
                                                          Trash & Yard Waste Receptacles
                 Legal Notice                              Keep Out of Sight is RIGHT!!!
                                                     Trash can, garbage can, dust bin, rubbish can,
We would like to thank those of you that have
                                                     recycle bin, yard waste can/cart/bin, and any
taken the time to help the Association with
                                                     other word you would like to use to identify a
maintenance of the common grounds including
                                                     receptacle that one places items that are being
mowing and cutting down overgrowth. On
                                                     discarded in – should not be stored where they
behalf of your neighbors, we would like to thank
                                                     can be seen from the road. Letters are going out
you and let you know we truly appreciate your
                                                     this week to those residences that are in violation
efforts in maintaining our property.         This
                                                     by storing trash cans or yard waste cans in a
newsletter is a legal notice to all residents that
                                                     manner that is visible from the road. If the
the Canvas Cove Homeowners Association
                                                     homeowner fails to cure this violation of the
retains ownership of all common grounds in the
                                                     Covenants, a $500.00 fine will be assessed.
subdivision despite any voluntary maintenance
                                                     Honestly, the Board has sent letters to the same
provided to the Association. If you have planted
                                                     residences repeatedly and it is beyond ridiculous
or constructed anything on the common ground,
                                                     at this point! Exhale . . .
or on property owned by the Canvas Cove
Homeowners Association please be advised that
those plantings and construction are the property
                                                                           
of the Association.
                                                     “Finish each day and be done with it. You have
Also, if you have engaged in any landscaping on      done what you could. Some blunders and
common ground such as flower beds or gardens,        absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon
the Board appreciates your efforts, but any future   as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, you shall
plantings must be approved by the Board, Article     begin it well and serenely. . .”
VII.1.(w).                                                                      -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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