INPROCESSING AT NPS
                                       Frequently Asked Questions
       o NPS: and
       o Presidio of Monterey (POM):
       o AFIT:

       o A quick note about expectations. Monterey is certainly a great place to live. There are many, many fun
          things to do here, whether you’re single or have a family. Very often, incoming students are given the
          impression that they’ll have lots of spare time to have fun and relax here.
       o That may be true. HOWEVER, that largely depends on your academic ability and strengths/weaknesses.
          The academic programs here require an enormous amount of reading, and writing essays. Some
          students are able to succeed well, and still have plenty of time to play and relax. But others have to work
          very hard just to keep up; some even say they worked harder here than other jobs.
       o It’s CRITICAL that you have realistic expectations, ESPECIALLY if you have a family. We’ve had many
          family members here who were disappointed when the student actually had to spend so much time
          studying and writing. Again, there’s a broad range of academic experience; just be aware of your own
          abilities, and your academic load. The best approach is to balance school and family as best you can.
          But it’s incredibly important that you and your family have realistic expectations about whatever spare time
          you may have.

       o If you are in a thesis track, please keep in mind that a 15 or 18-month program is very compressed;
          anything you can do to get started early is a huge help.
       o Two publications of current faculty and student research are distributed from the Dean of Research to the
          academic departments. These publications are “Summary of Naval Postgraduate School Research
          Program” which covers faculty research, and “Compilation of Abstracts of Theses Submitted by
          Candidates forDegrees.”
       o Below are some websites with a “Call for topics”. These are agencies that want Masters students to do a
          thesis on a particular topic , to aid the agency’s own research. This is a great way to combine your
          interests with operational application.
                -- you have to create an AU account to use
       o More details about the Thesis process are outlined in the NPS Student Handbook (required reading for all
          NPS students) posted under “Quick Links” at

       o Supporting base: Goodfellow AFB
             Monterey satellite detachments stationed on the Presidio of Monterey (POM)
                     - Personnel
                              MPS (242-7317), DSN 768, CML area code 831
                              Testing Center (242-5667)
                              Airmen & Family Readiness Center (Rep), 242-7121
                     - AF Finance
             Goodfellow has 2 Training Squadrons on the POM who command the enlisted Linguists attending
                DLI. They provide the following support to NPS students:
                     - Personnel on Flying Status: connection to Travis HARM (242-4233 or 5026)
                     - Medical Administrative processes: TSgt Eric Dearing, 242-5026
                     - Fitness Program monitors/testers
             Other support provided by Navy or Army offices: see below
   POST OFFICES…if you want to set up a PO Box or for General Delivery
       o NPS Post office: (831)-333-1734
       o POM Post office: (831)-242-5440
              Both locations rent PO Boxes in 6-month increments starting at $30 for a small box; they refund
                half the rental fee if it’s canceled w/in the first 3 months.
       o Monterey Post office 2 different branches: (831) 372-4063 / 375-8545
       o NPS BOQ in Herrmann Hall
               (831)-656-2060/2069
       o Navy Lodge in La Mesa Village (Privatized Military Housing village)
               (831)-372-6133 or (800)-NAVY INN
       o Presidio of Monterey (Army)
               (831)-645-1199
       o NOTE: For TLE purposes, only the Navy BOQ and Presidio Lodging are considered “Government
          Quarters”. The Navy Lodge will not give out a Certificate of Non-Availability if they are full.
       o If you own a camper, there's a Fam Camp on the Navy Golf Course;
               (831) 656-7563

   MEDICAL INFORMATION…see map for directions
      o Your servicing clinic is the US Army Health Clinic at the POM.
              Patient Admin/information: (831)-242-5234/5663
              473 CABRILLO ST. SUITE A1A, Bldg 422
                Presidio of Monterey, CA 93944-3208
      o Occasionally you may have to go to Travis AFB for care. Please see info posted here:
       o   Civilian Clinics:
                   Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP)
                         - 23625 Holman Highway PO Box HH, Monterey, CA 93942
                         - (831) 624-5311
                   Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH)
                         - 450 East Romie Lane
                             Salinas, CA 93901
                         - (831) 757-4333
                   Natividad Medical Center (NMC)
                         - 1441 Constitution Blvd.
                             Salinas, CA 93906
                         - (831) 755-4111

      o Government Housing Office (831)-242-7979:
             Located on Ord Military Community, diagonally across from the AAFES gas station in Bldg 4250
             Main Link from the POM website:
             NPS Link:
             Linked from Pinnacle (Privatization company--includes Housing Check-in Form):
       o   Privatized military Housing:
       o   If you want off-base housing check Craig’s list. One issue to be aware of: Salinas has the 2 -highest
           foreclosure rate in the country; if you rent, there is a chance the landlord may have to sell the house.
       o   FYI: if you’re examining Google Maps before you arrive, the Monterey peninsula is VERY hilly and the 2-D
           maps don’t usually indicate that unless they’re topographic.
       o   I have a few “Insider” deals on rentals if you’re interested; these are people who prefer to rent to military
           tenants, and who take very good care of them; and the deals are extremely good.

       o Currently AFIT’s funding stream to pay for your textbooks has been cut off. Some work-arounds:
         - Book-swap:
         - Google “Textbook rental” to find a site (eg.,…you can rent by quarter or semester
         - Compare prices with and;
              -- Amazon offers free “Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping to a .edu address for a year.
         - Find a fellow student who used the same books
   TMO/Personal Property/Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)
      o See the attached PDF for full info
      o You are entitled to Non-Temporary storage (a.k.a. permanent or extended storage) at origin
          when the PCS is DUINS (Duty under Instruction). Your losing TMO should be aware of this           NPS TMO.pdf
          JFTR entitlement. Please emphasize this to them before consigning shipments to NPS.
          Note the last paragraph of the attachment.

        o If you or your dependents need to renew, update, or obtain new cards here is the local information:
                                              Naval Postgraduate School

                Time:          0830 -1500

                Phone:         656-1860

                Location:      Bldg 300 (Between Herrmann Hall and the Fitness center)
                * Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments are encouraged.

                                              Defense Language Institute

                Time:          0800-1600; two systems operate during lunch hour.

                Phone:         242-5209

                Location:      Taylor Hall (across from the Franklin St Gate)
                * Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments are encouraged.

      o Free Busing available. The following links are NPS INTRAnet, accessible once you have NPS logon.
                         Contact: Mike Trochez 656-3263 or Pete Randazzo at 656-2400
                         Located in “the quad” (Corner of Root/Ingersoll)
                         Email or

       o Servicing Education Office is at Goodfellow AFB, DSN 477-3314. Mr. Steve Williams is the director. They
         register SOS correspondence, but ACSC and AWC go through the AU website.
       o POM POC for SOS/ACSC/AWC testing is Mr. Ted Cope in the POM MPS, 242-5667

   JAG
       o    Both NPS and the POM have JAG offices if you need to consult them.

      o If you are expecting a medal from your previous assignment you may have it mailed to:
                17 FSS/OL-A
                443 CHAPLAIN MAGSIG AVE
                PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY CA 93944
        o   Medals are presented once a quarter at the NPS Air Force calls.

       o To transfer security clearance status, contact the Security Manager listed in the next bullet.
       o All required NPS courses only require a Secret clearance. If you are coming up on your ten-year mark for
         a Secret or the 5-year mark for a Top Secret, you need to get the periodic reinvestigation started because
         we can't track those while you are in school. There are a few electives that do require a top secret, but
         aren't required for any sponsored degree program.
       o If you need classified “Secret” material sent to NPS, the POC is Mr. Andersen [ ,
         (831)-656-2450 ]. Indicate on the envelope for them to "Hold for incoming NPS student" and send to:
              Security Manager
                Naval Postgraduate School
                1411 Cunningham Rd Rm B13
                Monterey, Ca 93943

       o If you operate any watercraft in California, you will be required to attend a boater safety course once this
          proposed law is passed. Travis AFB offers it for free. - To sign up, send an e-mail to Elaine.frank-
 Please include name, unit, email and phone number.

       o For anyone needing to take an annual DLPT, here is your testing POC:
       o Cindy Bacus
             DSN: 756-3812
             CML: (831)-656-3812

   INSIDER INFORMATION: Housing/Schools

    ***PLEASE UNDERSTAND*** this information is largely based on opinion…not just mine but other students.
    There is some truth to it, but some of it is speculation and hearsay.

    1. Housing:
          a. Check BAH here: (use 93940 Zip Code)
          b. You can live “On base” (Privatized Military Housing) at either La Mesa (1.5 miles from NPS), or Ord
              Military Community (6 miles from NPS)
          c. Or you can live “Off base” on the local economy…lots of people have found places very close to BAH.
              Many landlords are HAPPY to have a military family come w/ a regular paycheck and help in the
              housing crunch.
          d. Really a personal preference whether you want PMH or local economy. Some advantages of the
              military villages:
                     i. La Mesa in particular has a great “Neighborhood” feel to it…
                             1. One of the best Elementary schools in the state
                             2. Shoppette (but no gas station…that’s on the NPS Campus or Ord)
                             3. Brand new, very nice Community center, Fitness Center, and Youth Center
                             4. Very responsive and competent Maintenance staff
                             5. Ball fields
                             6. Lots of places to walk w/ strollers, dogs, small kids
                             7. For new houses, there are more new Field Grade houses in La Mesa than at Ord
                    ii. Ord Military Community is what’s left from former Ft Ord…there’s a PX and Commissary
                        there, and also has more of a “Neighborhood” feel to it
                   iii. Both villages have free busing to NPS and back…great savings
          e. Disadvantages to PMH are:
                     i. Usual problem of being on a waiting list. However, you may visit Monterey on House-hunting
                        PTDY and sign for a house, effective for the time you arrive for school. Here is the website:
                    ii. They change their rules a lot (based on customer input), so keep your eye on the website
                        (follow the link above)
          f. Many people choose to live off base and are happy…some live right in Pacific Grove, which is pretty
              and right near the ocean. Others live just north of the NPS campus in some rented houses that are
              right on the beach. Others have found places close to Salinas, in Carmel Valley, and other local
              areas. The best resource for this is Craig’s list, but you can also do some exploring when you arrive
              here (or come PTDY early) and sometimes find on-the-spot deals.
    2. Schools:
          a. For OBJECTIVE data, please see the following links:

            b. The government Liaison w/ the local schools is the NPS School Liaison Officer:
                    Maria Farrell
                   School Liaison Officer
                   Naval Postgraduate School Monterey
                   Navy Region Southwest
                   1280 Leahy Road
                   Monterey, CA 93940
                   TEL: 831-656-1008
                   CELL: 831-760-2010
                   FAX: 831-656-7430

        c.   Preschool: so far I’ve had 1 student who used this Montessori preschool and he was very satisfied:

        d. SUBJECTIVE: California schools by and large are behind. Plus, the fiscal crisis has made them suffer
           larger class sizes, consolidation, and staff/teacher shuffling. Right now the best advice for Public
           Schools is to participate in the PTA and actively monitor your child’s education.

        e. Schools start early here. My kids started 4 Aug, soon after we got here this year. That makes life
           difficult given the next item:

3. REPORTING—effect on Housing/Schools
      a. Yes, it’s true that there is a restriction on early reporting. You can actually come here as early as you
         want, HOWEVER, you will be on Leave-En-Route until 14 days prior to your class start date. If your
         classes start 29 Sep, you can’t sign in until 15 Sep. That means you’ll be receiving BAH from your
         losing unit until you can sign in 15 Sep. Some people opt to do this so they can get settled early and
         get kids in school, others wait until mid-Sep.
               i. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between; they must be fairly
      b. If you elect to come early and remain on leave, you can still arrange housing (on or off base), get your
         kids in school, and get your medical/dental arrangements done.
      c. One bit of good news: so far, the schools let you register w/ simply a Temporary Lodging address.

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