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					                                                                                               601 N Nolan River Road
  BAPTIST ASSOCIATION                                                                                 Cleburne, TX 76033-7007

SOUTHWEST                                                                                                   phone 817-645-8222

                                                                                                               fax 817-645-2131

                                                                                               Volume 18                   Number 5

                                      inside                                              retired ministers’ fellowship
                                      around the association	                 2           possible missionary speakers	         3
                                      association missions week/open house	   1           minister of music luncheon	           4
milton ertelt, director of missions
                                      every church a history	                 3           christian women’s job corps
 david emerson, church planter
                                      senior adult rally	                     4           may & june calendars    	             4
       judy cole, office secretary
            sid hill, bsm director    women’s spring retreat
                 2           summer camps    	                   2/3

Baptist Association Missions Week: May 17-24
                                      Live with Urgency:
                                       Sowing Together
                                                                                  for Harvest
                                              A             plentiful and fruitful harvest comes only after the seeds have
                                                                   been sown. In this new century of existence, the local
                                                               Baptist Association stands ready to assist your church and
                                                              its members with resources, training, and strategies to sow
                                                                      the Good News of Jesus Christ. Live with Urgency.
                                                                                        Sow now for the harvest to come.

                          Please join us at the Association office
Tuesday, May 19th for Open House 10 am and Mission Tour 11am - 1 pm
     Centerpoint, Burleson is                                                               Buel, Cleburne is searching for a
 looking for a bi-vocational worship/           Around the                                 bi-vocational minister of youth. Mail
 youth leader. Send resumes to 601                                                         resume to the church at P O Box 1925,
 SW Alsbury Blvd., Burleson 76028 or                                                       Cleburne 76033.
 email to                                                                Sand Flat is looking for a bi-
    Living Proof is in need of a bi-                             Association               vocational minister of music. Call
vocational minister of music. Send                                                         817-202-9771.

resumes to                                                           Calvary Chapel, Cleburne is
                                                The Jeff Treece Country Gospel
       Nolan River Road, Cleburne               Band from Tennessee will be in             searching for a minister of youth/
 has called Bobby Walsh as minister of                                                     worship combined or separate. Send
                                                 concert at Living Proof Baptist
 music. He and wife, Amber, have                                                           resumes to
 two children: Carsen 5 yrs., and             Church on Wednesday, April 29th
                                                at 7:00 p.m. The church would                  
 First Covington is searching for
 Danica 4 mos. Bobby is a graduate of                                                      a minister of music. Call the church at
 Howard Payne University. They are             like to extend an invitation to all
 preparing to serve as international               who would like to attend.

     Progressive Hearts                     Boys/RA Summer                      PRAY FOR THESE PASTORLESS CHURCHES
                                                                               Crestmont, Burleson (interim - Dr. David Mills)
      Camp for Youth                                  Camp                             Chambers Creek, Grandview
 Latham Springs Baptist Encampment
                                                                                                First, Venus
         June 29 - July 3, 2009            June 15-19, 2009 Latham
          Theme: “Abandon”                      Springs Camp                                    MISSION
            2 Timothy 2:22                   Theme: “Wild Thing”                 Nueva Vida, Joshua (interim - Terry Coy)
    Camp Pastor: Ryan Fontenot            Camp Pastor: Roland Harvey            AND THIS CHURCH UNDER 1-YR INTERIM
          Music: Jeff Johnson             Worship Leaders: Salt Water             Covington, First (interim - Dan Martin)
                                           Registration fee is $165.00
        Download Registration:
                                                due by May 29.                   HANDS AND FEET CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S JOB
                                               Register on-line at                            CORPS ...CLEBURNE
              PH-2009.pdf         or
           SWMBA Contact:                                                     
     Look, there on the path are many broken
                                              call the camp for a
    Jimmie Neel                                                 women. Forsaken has fallen, her pain is too
                                              registration packet.
                                                                                great, she can’t get up. Abandoned is down on
                                                                                her knees, her hope is gone. Testy is kicking and
        simply                Womenʼs Spring Retreat                          screaming. Bitter rages madly, her heart has
                                Latham Springs Encampment                     turned to stone. Sadness weeps, Despair moans.
                                                                              Lost wanders aimlessly, can’t find her way. I cry
                                Speaker: 	                                    out, “Jesus, there are so many! How can I help
  Fri. 4:00 p.m., May 15        Glennis Woodall
          through                                                             them, how could I ease their pain? ”Jesus
                            Glennis has worked in the ministry for 23
 Sun. after lunch, May 17 years helping unwed mothers. She &                  answers, “gather them up, carry them with you,
                             husband, Gary have 4 children & 8 grand-         tell your story of redemption, and bring them to
          Cost:              children. Two sons & their families are          me. ”I fall to my knees, bow my head and begin
  $55.00 for 1 night with    serving through the IMB; one in South Asia
                             and the other leaving soon for Russia.           to pray. “Father, I need your strength, I can do
    3 meals included
                                Glennis founded Promiseland Ministries,       this only if you work through me. Please call my
 $100.00 for 2 nights with   Inc. in 1999 & has Hannah House Maternity        sisters to pray, call others to bring their talents
    6 meals included         Home in Glen Rose with a 2nd location in
                             Longview to open later this year. She            and gifts. Send teachers, mentors, and helpers of
 $20.00 for Saturday with
    lunch only included      believes each woman has a calling on her         every kind. Give us the sup-port of our churches
       Music:                life in addition to her family to reach out to   and our community. Protect us from flaming
                                                those around her.
       Michelle Winters                                                       arrows of doubt, fear, prejudice and pride. Shield
   Her song “Stand” from her debut                        Bring:              us with your favor. Feed us daily with your Word,
  album is receiving air play on various         Bible, Bedding,toiletries    provide for our needs, and fill us with the power
              radio stations including                                        of your Spirit to make this journey, leaving none
               94.9 FM KLTY. She has                  Register with:
                                                                              behind. Casting all our cares on you, LORD,
                become a favorite to sing             Betty Warren            we’re coming together with praise and thanks-
                The National Anthem, and              817-297-4925
                has performed at Texas                                        giving. I ask all this in your name, Jesus. Amen.
               Motor Speedway for the                  Twila Reed
                                                      817-645-1121                        ”Want to learn more about us?
              NASCAR Events and the                                                SITE COORDINATOR: DELISA PARRISH 817-925-3866
               2009 Monster Truck event               SWMBA office                 PRAYER COORDINATOR: CATHY GRAFF 817-774-6115
                at Reunion Arena.                     817-645-8222                          HANDSANDFEET@POBOX.COM
                                                                                          P O BOX 2592, CLEBURNE, TX. 76033
Every Church                     In celebration of the 125th Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Burleson, is
                          planning several memorable events on Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17.
    A History Generational student ministry reunions, a Glen Bond Memorial golf tournament, and an
       Wilma Reed               evening all-church worship service are planned for Saturday. Sunday, the church
       SWMBA Historian
                                will have one worship service (in a tent that will seat 1500 people), distribute the
                                new pictorial directory, and dedicate a Texas Historical Commission (THC)
                             marker. Commemorative copies of the monthly newsletter, Expressions, for the
                              month of May will be sent to 22,000 house-holds in and around Burleson. Lunch
                                will be catered by Vance Godbey. Dr. Jimmie Nelson, former interim pastor, and
                                Van Houser, former pastor will be welcomed guests. Mrs. Lilla Schmeltekoph,
                               widow of long time pastor (1960-1980), Ed Schmeltekoph, will be present.
        The follow quotation is from the conclusion of a short history that was written to meet a THC
requirement: “First Baptist Church, Burleson was established in 1884 during the formative years of the City of
Burleson, Texas. Throughout its history, First Baptist has served as an outreach to the community of Burleson and
Northern Johnson and Southern Tarrant Counties. The Word of Christ has been spread locally and abroad due to
church support of missions programs and missionaries. Starting in the 1950’s, the church began the sponsorship
of “sister churches”. Notable churches (and ministries) established include, Calvary Baptist Church, Crestmont
Baptist Church, South Burleson Baptist Church, New Hope Christian Fellowship, Christian Counseling Center,
Upward Basketball, and the Home Repair and Service Ministry for the homebound and widowed. Throughout its
history, First Baptist Church, Burleson has had a significant impact on the City of Burleson and Northern Johnson
and Southern Tarrant Counties.” The church also sponsors the Baptist mission in Keene, Texas.
        On May 18, 1884, Dr. R. C. Burleson for whom the City of Burleson was named, presided over the
church’s organizational meeting when 26 women and 12 men were recognized as charter members. The next
week, Rev. D. I. Smith was elected to pastor the church which met one Sunday each month. The present
membership is 2,928 of which 2385 are resident members. Dr. Mike Milburn has served as pastor since the
summer of 1987.

  Possible Missionary Speakers Furloughing in Our Area
                                                                   Next Level Kids Camp
• Elton Bost, IMB, Japan. Travis Avenue Mission House.                           July 20-24
  817-346-6442. Plays flute & piano.                               Latham Springs Baptist Encampment
• David Morse Family, IMB, Tarime, Tanzania.                 Camp Speaker: Keith Coast ( In area from Jan.-June 2010      Worship Leader: Uncle Charlie (
                                                             Ages: Completed 3rd-6th Grades         Cost: $190
• Harry Brittan Family, IMB, Mae Sai, Thailand. Birchman
                                                                Early-bird Special: $170 (Register by May 1)
  Ave. Mission House. 469-237-8191.
                                                           For more information, visit
BURLESON                                  or call Gene Longley at 817-295-0134.



                      GIRLS/GA CAMP
                      Latham Springs

                        June 15-19, 2009
celebration.                         Theme: “Finding My Place”
                                                           Perry Eaton, Camp Pastor      Amy Hill, Music Leader
        Retired Ministers’ Fellowship                       Register on line or call the camp
                                                                  $165.00 per Camper due by May 29
              Sand Flat Baptist Church
                                                                               Want to help?
        Special Guest Speaker: Boyd Pearce                     Make Prayer Bags (call Betty for instructions
         Retired SBC missionary - Tanzania                                     817-297-4925)
       Thursday, May 14           12:00 noon                 Gather Greeting Card fronts (no Christmas) and
   Bring Salad, Vegetable or desert. Main entrée           Cardstock - any color (Deliver to Association office)
            provided by the Association.                   Camp Director: Barbara Marchbanks 817-641-3838
Southwest Metroplex Baptist
601 North Nolan River Road
                               Association                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                   U. S. POSTAGE
Cleburne, Texas 76033-7007
                                                                                                                      PERMIT #46
                                                                                                                CLEBURNE, TEXAS
RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                                                76033-7007

    may 2009                                                           june 2009
    Senior Adult Rally
                          5:30 p.m.    7-
    Baptist Men’s Day
    Nolan River Road, Cleburne
 Texas Baptist Men’s Leadership Training Camp
   Minister’s Luncheon
                       12:00 noon     
    Latham Springs Encampment
   Cross Timber, Burleson
   Baptist Men’s Day
   Minister of Music Luncheon
                 11:30 a.m.
   El Torrito’s in Cleburne                              15-19-
Area Wide Girls/Ga Camp
             Latham Springs
Area Wide Boys/RA Camp
              Latham Springs
   Retired Ministers’ Luncheon
               12:00 noon
    Sand Flat, Cleburne                                  21-
   Father’s Day
       15-17-Spring Women’s Retreat
WMU Celebration & Annual Meeting
    Latham Springs Baptist Encampment
   Ministers’ Luncheon
                      12:00 noon
       17-24-ON MISSION in Baptist Associations Week                    
   Bar Cross Ranch, Mansfield
 SWMBA Open House
                             10:00 a.m.
 SWMBA Mission Tour
               11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.    23-24-
Southern Baptist Convention
          Louisville, KY

   Memorial Day 
                          Office Closed     29-July 3- Progressive Hearts Youth Camp
    Latham Springs Baptist Encampment
   Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization

                                              Senior                               Minister of Music Luncheon
                                             Adult Rally
                                                                        All Minister's of Music are invited to meet for
                                       Tuesday, May 5, 2009            lunch on the second Wednesday in May (May
                                    Meal at 5:30 p.m. Followed by        13) at Antonioʼs, 344 SW Wilshire Blvd. in
                                                Rally                            Burleson. Please RSVP to:
                                     Nolan River Road Baptist
                                          Church, Cleburne                    Associational Music Minister
                                     Bring: salad, vegetable or                        Bill Howell
                                              dessert             817.781.0162.
                                  Main entrée provided by SWMBA