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					                                      WDC REGION SCCA

                                   Roots Rally Fun Run

                                      General Instructions

                                       SAFETY INSPECTION

Each team must certify that all of the items listed on the safety self-check form are in satisfactory
working order on their vehicle. The Rallymaster reserves the right to reject the entry of any
vehicle that the Rallymaster, in his sole judgment, deems unsafe to compete.

                            CLASSES AND EQUIPMENT LIMITATIONS
                                                  st   nd      rd
This is a FUN RUN…there will be trophies for 1 , 2 and 3 lowest mileages accrued with the
most questions correctly answered. All teams are competing in one class for trophies. All
competitors must have a functional speedometer. No GPS, laptops, computers, or similar devices
are allowed.

                                 SAFETY AND SPORTSMANSHIP

Safety is the first priority on a car rally. All traffic laws must be obeyed period! There is never an
occasion when you will have to violate any traffic regulation on the rally. If you are observed
speeding, driving recklessly, drinking alcohol or using drugs before or during the rally; or if you
receive a traffic citation or exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct, you will be DISQUALIFIED!

                                    PENALTIES AND SCORING

The team with the lowest overall total mileage adjusted for your cars odometer correction factor
and most number of correctly answered questions will win a trophy for both driver and navigator.
All cars MUST COMPLETE the Odometer Check. All questions must be correctly answered.
Questions incorrectly answered or unanswered will be assessed a 3 mile penalty. Course
marshals will be posted along the route to ensure no competitor is violating any traffic laws and all
are competing in a sportsman like manner.


Teams tied at the finish of the rally will be given 15 minutes to answer a tiebreaking question(s)
about the route and the signs you passed. The team with the most correct answer(s) will be
determined the winner.

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