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									                                     Office of Multicultural
                                         Affairs Newsletter
January-May 2007
Volume 6 Issue 7

                                African American Heritage Month
                                By Tom Opiyo:
Special Points of                  What does the 2008 Election           In the meantime, Obama’s elec-
Interest                                   mean to you?                tion should not be viewed as the
                                  The election of Barack Obama         end of racism, but should be
2008 Election               1   as the first African-American          taught as an event that signaled a
                                president is making African-           new era in American race rela-
                                American Heritage Month                tions.
African American Leaders 1      (AAHM) comes to life.                    With Obama as president, I
                                   Barack Obama is opening the         believe people are more optimistic    Barack Obama, President
                                hearts and minds to the true           about race relations than they've     of the US
College Life                2
                                meaning of African American            been in a long time. Even in the
                                Heritage Month and African             international arena, many have
AASA Black Festival         2   Americans won't be viewed as           come to renew their commitment
                                just a minority but as people who
                                                                       and changed their way of looking
                                make a difference.
                                                                       at America and her foreign poli-
International Student Ex-   3     Obama's election, and this year's    cies.
perience in College             100th anniversary of the National
                                                                         This optimism is seen in Black
                                Association for the Advancement
Jokes Corner                4   of Colored People (NAACP),             History Month celebrations
                                means there has probably never         planned throughout the month of
                                been more reason to celebrate the      February as shown in the ESU’s
Brain-Teaser                4   annual February observance,            calendar month.
                                black leaders and historians say.        This year's African-American
                                "We celebrate whenever a glass         Heritage Month theme is
                                ceiling is broken and the presi-       "Change: I am living History,"
                                dency may be the highest glass         determined by the AAHM Com-
                                                                                                             Condoleezza Rice,
 Announcement Corner            ceiling," said Benjamin Todd           mittee, and Office of Multicultural
                                Jealous, president and CEO of          Affairs (OMA) reflects the            former Secretary of State
 • ISO Festival– March
                                the NAACP, which is celebrating        changes the country is undergoing
   29th, 2009
                                its 1909 founding this year.           now and it correlates well with
 • Latino Festival– April          But those leaders also agree        Obama's presidency.
   4th, 2009                    those milestones don't mean that         Barack Obama shows that Afri-
                                racial inequalities no longer exist.   can Americans citizenship is just
 • OMA Award Cere-                                                     as important as the citizenship of
                                While Obama's breaking of the
   mony-April 22nd,             color barrier in the White House       any other ethnicity or race. On the
   2009                         may make the NAACP's job               other end, African Americans
                                easier, Jealous said they will         especially the youth should now
 • Prince-Hall event at
                                pressure Obama just as they have       work hard and keep the fire that
   ESU-April 25th, 2009
                                past presidents.                       Obama has lit.
 • Finals– April 27th-          "We won't be post-racial until we
   May 1st, 2009                are post-racism," said Benjamin        magazine/
                                                                                                             Oprah Winfrey, TV host
                                Todd Jealous.
Page 2              Office of Multicultural Affairs                                                        Volume 6 Issue 7

                              How is your College Life
                               College Stats                  selves as liberal;               are always stereotyped as politi-
                    Feeling like everyone else at        •    43.3% described themselves       cally liberal, and like you're the
                    school has their stuff together,          as middle-of-the-road            only one worrying about fi-
                    while you struggle with yours?       • 43.0% report that financial         nances, rest assured that you just
                    The Higher Education Research             aid was "very important" or      might be more normal than you
                    Institute released its "The Ameri-        "essential" in their choice of   think.
                    can Freshmen: National Norms. "           where to attend school 
                    report this month, February 2009                                           collegenavigator/
                                                         • 79.6% of students say that
                    and had some interesting statis-
                                                              family resources are their
                                                              main source of funding for
                    • 85.9% of incoming college               college; 64.7%, however,
                          students report being               planned to work while in
                          "frequently" or                     school
                          "occasionally" involved in     So, if you're feeling stressed
                          discussing politics            about finances, like you talk too
                    • Only 31.0% described them-         much about politics, like students


          ESU Gospel Choir                                                 AASA Black Festival

Cultural delicacies at the AASA Black Festival                                     AASA Play
Office of Multicultural Affairs                                  Volume 6 Issue 7                     Page 3

                         Welcome to America
By Arshjyot Narula
We often hear this phrase “Welcome to America” from the
time you arrive at the airport but seldom do you realize the
core meaning of it. Slowly and steadily as we settle in the new
life in America we get to know the small hardships of the rou-
tine lifestyle here, the mismatch between the life here and back
home, then you get to understand this term much more. Walking for miles to get to
college, cooking for yourself, managing the household chores ….huh!! Huh!! , and
being a student and working at the same time makes you think that you are in a to-
tal new world. You talk to people around, they just smile and say the same very
thing politely “Welcome to America” it’s not that they are making fun of you but
they are empathizing with you and hoping that you adjust quickly. Some culture
shock awaits when you open your mouth and you think you are conversing in the
“Queen’s” language only to receive remarks like “you have an accent”, finding that
the same fast foods you knew at home are now served with a lot of cheese, having
to go through variety of items in the grocery store as opposed to the way you were
used to one item at a time. I was used to going to the store to buy bread and that is
it. Here you have to be specific with what type of bread. I was used to walking into
a store and purchase an item without a hassle, but here most stores will encourage
you to build credit, a term you only heard probably in school or while at the bank.
On the other hand, there is the joy of getting an excellent education, lifetime oppor-
tunities, and a good life. All this makes the international student strive for high aca-
demic goals.                                                                               Happy are those who
                                                                                           return good grades
 Upcoming Events in ESU sponsored by OMA
• 29th, 2009

• ISO Festival– March 29th, 2009

•   AASA Fashion Show-April 3th, 2009
•   Latino Festival– April 4th, 2009
•   Elections for new executive board AASA-April 7th, 2009
•   OMA Award Ceremony-April 22nd, 2009
•   Prince-Hall event at ESU-April 25th, 2009
•   Finals– April 27th-May 1st, 2009
                           Jokes corner
           Patiently hoping for a Degree
           Please hire. Desperate.
           Physiologically Deficient
           Pour him (or her) a Drink
           Philosophically Disturbed
           Probably headed for Divorce
                                                       Do you have a joke ?
           Pathetically hopeless Dweeb
           Probably heavily in Debt
           Parents have Doubts
           Professors had Doubts
           Probably hard to Describe
           Patiently headed Downhill...
           Permanent head Damage                         Brain Teaser
           Potential heavy Drinker       What word, Expression, or name is depicted below?

                                                                                 ping WILLOW

                                                              If you think you know the answer to this brain teaser
                                                              contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 422-3896
                                                              The first student with correct answer will receive an E-
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania does not          dollar deposit to their student account. E-dollars can be
discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,    used anywhere on campus.
gender, disability, religion, veteran status, or age in its
programs and activities in accordance with state & fed-
eral laws. The following person has been designated to
handle inquiries regarding this policy: Director of Diver-
sity, Reibman 115, 200 Prospect St. East Stroudsburg,          For assistance or special accommoda-
PA 18301, (570) 422-3896.                                      tions, please call the Office of Multicul-
Contributors: Martin Lacayo, Tom Opiyo and Arshjyot            tural Affairs at
Narula.                                                        570-422-3896

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