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									                Standard Practices for Reference to Gold Seal Certification as a
                                     Condition of Contract

The CCA Gold Seal Certification Program is a national certification program for construction
Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators and Safety Coordinators. Certification is based
on the candidate's education and experience, and his/her ability to satisfy the rigorous standards
of the program. This may mean the successful completion of a Gold Seal exam. The program
was developed by the industry for the industry and is a voluntary certification program for the

In 2004 the CCA Board of Directors adopted the following resolution:

          “Without promoting prequalification, where construction purchasers require or intend
          to require standards for personnel involved in the management of construction, CCA
          shall actively lobby such construction purchasers that Gold Seal Certification be the
          appropriate performance standard; and,

          Furthermore that any such CCA lobby also promote that wherever and whenever
          feasible, such construction purchasers accept that candidates registered as Gold
          Seal Interns are deemed to meet the standard.”

    I.        Definitions

    Throughout the document below a number of common definitions apply:

             ‘Owner’ includes those from the public sector (e.g. PWGSC, provincial and municipal
              governments); quasi-public sector (e.g. hospitals, schools) and private sector.
             ‘Gold Seal’ refers to the Gold Seal Certification Program managed by the Canadian
              Construction Association.
             ‘Gold Seal Certified or Certification’ includes personnel in all levels of certification
              available now and in the future, including Gold Seal Intern (GSI), Gold Seal Certified
              (GSC), Professional Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) and Gold Seal Safety Coordinator.
              Further definitions and requirements for these can be found at

    II.       Introduction

It is accepted that:

     1. Owners are looking for a method for contractors to demonstrate their expertise in all
        facets of the management of construction;

    2. Contractors recognize the importance of qualifications such as the safety related
       Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, Apprenticeship, Trade Qualifications, Welding
       Bureau, etc; and

    3. Gold Seal as a reflection of construction industry standards is the preferred method of
       recognizing the competence of personnel involved in the management of construction
       including; estimators, project managers, superintendents, Owners’ project managers and
       safety coordinators.

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   III.       Parameters of the Condition of Contract

   a)         Phase-In Publication

   Where the Owner is a public agency bringing into effect a policy change requiring Gold Seal
   as a condition of contract, the Owner is encouraged to advertise at least twelve months in
   advance through standard advertising media (i.e. local paper, Journal of Commerce,
   Construction Associations) that it is proceeding with the requirement as of a certain date.
   Public sector Owners are encouraged to include the announcement in all issued tender
   documents leading up to the implementation date.

   A typical announcement might be as follows:

          “Beginning [Day/Month/Year], prime contractors undertaking construction projects over $x
          million in budget construction value (or where the degree of difficulty warrants) for [Name of
          Owner] will be required to demonstrate their excellence in the management of construction
          excellence by supplying a [Superintendent and/or Project Manager and/or Estimator
          and/or Safety Coordinator] who is Gold Seal Certified. These requirements will be stated
          in the contract documents. For more information on Gold Seal, go to the following link
          http://www.goldsealcertification.com or the local construction association.”

Where the Owner is a private sector agency it is encouraged to give as much notice as possible
to the contractor community that it will be requiring Gold Seal Certified personnel.

   b)         Notification in Invitation to Tender

   The Owner is encouraged to issue details of Gold Seal requirements in the Invitation to
   Tender, which should be provided to local Construction Associations and other locations as
   per the regular procurement policy.

   A typical invitation to tender might contain the following:

          “The successful bidder shall provide a [Superintendent and/or Project Manager and/or
          Estimator and/or Safety Coordinator] who is Gold Seal Certified. The successful
          contractor must supply the Gold Seal Certification document for the personnel within 10
          days of award.”

   c)         Provide the tendering authority/design consultants with the above wording for
              Division 1 of the specifications.

   d)         Role/location of Gold Seal Certified Individual

   The Owner will normally specify that a Gold Seal certified individual is required by the prime
   contractor and in some cases by the electrical and mechanical subcontractors.

   Where a Gold Seal Superintendent is required in the contract that individual will normally be
   responsible for the job site and assigned to the job for its duration.

   Where a Gold Seal Project Manager or Owner’s Project Manager is required in the contract
   that individual will normally oversee the job for its duration.

   Where a Gold Seal Estimator is required in the contract that individual will normally oversee
   all estimating functions for the duration of the job.

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   e)        Minimum contract level

   Public sector Owners are encouraged to consider requiring Gold Seal designated personnel
   in contracts of over $3,000,000 budgeted value. Owners may specify a lower threshold where
   the degree of difficulty warrants.

   Where Owners specify the requirement for Gold Seal Certification among sub-trades (e.g.
   Mechanical, Electrical), these will normally be at contract levels of $400,000 and above.

   f)        Compliance/monitoring

   It is recommended that it be the responsibility of the Owner to verify that the requirements for
   Gold Seal Certification are met initially and the responsibility of the Prime Contractor to
   ensure compliance throughout the project duration.

Specific examples of the use of Gold Seal certification by federal, provincial, municipal and
private owners can be obtained from the CCA Gold Seal program.

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