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									                                                        2nd Quarter

       Quarterly                                                       Babies Born Healthy
                                                                      Pregnancies, Sexually Transmit-

                                                                      ted Diseases, and where to turn
                                                                      for health care services are very
                                                                      real issues facing our teens, and
                                                                      the county as a whole. Greater
                                                                      Baden Medical Services Inc., a
                                                                      Non-Profit Federally Qualified

       Welcome New Staff!                                             community health center with
                                                                      five locations in the county, has
                                                                      partnered with Prince George’s
                                                                      County schools to get out the
       Luis Delgadillo               Dr. Judiith DeBose               facts on these important top-
    Telephone Recepetionist              Pediatrician
          Walker Mill                      Baden                      The genesis of this program
                                                                      started from Greater Baden’s
                                                                      participation with the Babies
        Iris Dent, RN               Dr. Terralon Knight               Born Healthy initiative. The
                                                                      program has sought to reduce
     Nurse Case Manager                  Pediatrician                 Maryland’s infant mortal-
     Glenarden & Suitand                  Oxon Hill                   ity rate, which remains signifi-
                                                                      cantly higher than the national
                                                                      average, and a key component
                        Joe Ramsuer                                   of addressing this issue is in-
                                                                      forming and motivating young
                    Back-up Van Driver                                women of child bearing age.
                          Baden                                       Since commencing the pro-
                                                                      gram in August 2008, Greater
                                                                      Baden has performed 1622
Please support them in their new roles                                well woman exams to improve
                                                                      the health of women of child-
                                                                      bearing age in the County.

               Important Notice                                       Some of the other vital activi-
                                                                      ties of the program are healthy
             Check out our website: www.gbms.org                      eating tips, smoking cessa-
                                                                      tion programs, connections to
                                                                      medical care, job assistance,
Get news, patient education materials, useful info                    STD information, as well as re-
 and more by logging on. In the coming months                         sources and outreach events.
there will be some major updates to the site. Also,                   While a majority of teens today
   the plan is to post news and other company                         are probably aware of the basic
                                                                      dangers of STDs, fewer know a
             information via the web .                                history of these diseases before
                                                                      pregnancy, infection

                                                                      Continued pg. 2
  Nanjemoy In the
       News                                    Babies Born Healthy Grant
Nanjemoy may be a small
community, but lately                          Provides Outreach to Teens
it has been making big                                                   (Continued from pg. 1)
headlines. Greater Baden
Clinic Nanjemoy Health
Services has gotten press                            GBMS Partners with Local High Schools
in Southern Maryland and
beyond thanks to Greater             during pregnancy, or infection         For instance, on March 21,          these are sensitive topics, they
Baden’s award of more                at delivery can have serious ef-       presentations were made to          are relevant to what teens are
than $270,000 of stimulus            fects on babies that may include       approximately 100 students          dealing with in their lives. As
package funding. In ad-              stillbirth, low birth weight,          at Largo High School.               one student remarked “I will say
dition to regular coverage           infections and a host of other                                             it really helped me a lot, and
in the Southern Maryland             harmful consequences.                  Instrumental in putting this
                                                                                                                will make me think about what
Independent, and multiple                                                   together has been Babies
                                                                                                                I do, I thank you for what you
features in the Washington           School officials contacted             Born Healthy case manger
                                                                                                                showed us”. This information
Post, the clinic and it’s pa-        Greater Baden about working            Cynthia Duvall and health
                                                                                                                will potentially have impacts
tients and employees were            together to address the issue          educator Martha Ramirez.
even featured in national                                                                                       much further than the original
                                     head on. The initial presenta-         Concerns from patients and
news. To commemorate                                                                                            purpose of addressing infant
                                     tions were made to small               recent headlines were en-
President Obama’s first                                                                                         mortality issues, it could help
                                     groups in teen parenting class-        couragement for Ms. Duvall
100 days in office the CBS           es. Quickly, it was realized that
                                                                                                                them live a longer and healthier
                                                                            to take the program into
Evening News with Katie                                                                                         life, or hopefully at least force
                                     at the root of this issue were         the schools, “It is imperative
Couric did a quick spot                                                                                         them to think safe when
                                     underlying problems in the             that teens get educated on
about stimulus funds keep-                                                                                      making difficult decisions.
ing the center open in it’s          community, and to best address         the health issues that could
current location.                    the matter the presentations           possibly save their lives. The
                                     should be expanded to a wider          rising percentage of people
                                     audience. So far, Greater Baden        infected with HIV in Prince
                                     has delivered their message            G eorge’s County alone is
                                     at Duval, Largo, and Dr. Henry         reason enough for every-
                                     Wise High Schools. The results         one to try to do their part”.
                                     have been encouraging, and             Moreover, the students have
                                     the program has really taken off.      been receptive as well; while

                                                                           Mission Statement: As a community partner,
               Spring All-Staff Recap                                        Greater Baden Medical Services, Inc. will

T    he bi-annual event was
     held Tuesday, May 12 at
                                   seemed to be on the same page,
                                   as things such as “be on time”, and
                                                                           provide primary health services and facilitate
                                                                              health promotion/disease prevention
St. Phillips Church. Back by       “leave the personal stuff at home”         activities in an efficient, effective, and
popular demand was presenter       were mentoined several times.            comprehensive manner for the individuals
Gary Johnson supported by          Each table was asked to make a
                                                                              and communities served, regardless of
funding from the three year-       list of the five things we could all
HRSA Multi-Cultural Grant.. At     start doing immediately to work                          ability to pay.
the last All-Staff meeting, Mr     better as a team, and those will

                                                                         N                                      O
Johnson led an insightful train-   be compiled and reported back in           ext Dr. Leonhard gave a                 ther highlights of the day
ing on cultural diversity in the   the future. Mr. Johnson ended his          status report and reiterated            included a video about
workplace, this time around he     presentation with a new spin on a while it has been a tough year, the        workplace violence, and a
built on those themes to talk      popular anagram for team:            picture is brighter than it could be.   presentation by David Luckett,
about building diverse teams.                                           Some highlights included a look at

                                   T    ogether                                                                 Deputy Director, National Minor-
RIght from the start he shook                                           the current status of the budget,       ity AIDS Education and Training

things up as he encouraged                   veryone                    an overview of programs, and per-       Center. Mr Luckett presented on
everyone to sit with people                                             haps most interestingly, a detailed     workplace safety and ensuring
they normally didn’t work with.
In the new “teams” each group        A            lways                 look at the floor plans for the new     that GBMS was compliant with

                                                                        building to serve as an expanded        OSHA measures, such as infec-
came up with elements that are                                          clinic for the Brandywine Commu-        tious material exposure control
important to fostering good                                             nity as well asadminstrative offices    plans, and quizzed everyone
teams. Many GBMS employees                                                                                      with a game of Jeopardy.

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