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april newsletter for 2009 by JonStupar


									   April Curriculum Newsletter                                                                             2009
    From the Office of                                              “Education is the most powerful weapon
    MaryAnn Connors-Krikorian, Ed.D                                 which you can use to change the world.”
    Assistant Superintendent                                                                 Nelson Mandela

       21st Century Grant Applications
                                                                Teacher of the Month : Carol Vincent
 The 21st Century Learning Community Project Grant
                                                             Congratulations to Carol Vincent, Art teacher at East
 applications have been sent to each school this week.
                                                             Derry Memorial Elementary School, for being selected as
 This is your opportunity to apply for funding to
                                                             the Derry Education Association’s Teacher of the
 implement technology in your classroom. The 21st
                                                             Month. Carol has taught at East Derry for 18 years. Her
 Century Grant encourages the use of innovative practices
                                                             outstanding work with integrating curriculum and
 that integrate technology into the curriculum. All
                                                             involving all students in the process is evident in the
 grants must be submitted by May 30th in order to
                                                             school’s beautiful mural, detailing New Hampshire
 receive funding before the start of the 2009-2010 school
                                                             history and in the current project that she has
 year. If you have questions regarding the grant process,
                                                             undertaken. This project involves an artist-in-residence
 please contact Dot Wiley, Director of Informational
                                                             working with students and Carol to create a tile project
 Services, at 432-1259.
                                                             celebrating Derry’s history. The nomination letter,
                                                             signed by everyone at EDMES, spoke specifically to the
             New Teacher Workshop                            project, “Her vision is turning a history project into a
  On April 14, 2009, the final elementary school new         beautiful mural project.” Tom Poliseno, Principal of
  teacher workshop Reflection and Celebration will be        East Derry, praised Carol’s involvement in the school
  held at Grinnell School from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. This          community. “There are no words to capture all that
  workshop will be presented by Chris McCallum,              Carol has done,” he said. “She goes above and beyond
  Assistant Principal of Derry Village School, and Mary      her normal duties, and those normal duties she carries
  Hill, Principal of Grinnell School.                        out in an extraordinary way. I can’t say enough about
                                                             her.” Congratulations, Carol and thank you for your
  Thank you to Joe Crawford, Assistant Principal of          dedication to all students and for everything you do to
  GHHMS; Justin Krieger, Assistant Principal of              strengthen our learning community.
  WRBMS; and Serena Levine, Director of Supplemental
  Services, for presenting the final middle school teacher    West Running Brook Annual Night of the Arts
  workshop on Reflection and Celebration on April 7th.
                                                                       Thursday, May 14, 2009
  They did an inspiring job and new teachers were quite
                                                                       Times are:
  reflective. Thanks to all for your participation and
                                                                       5:30 - 8:00 pm Book Fair
  being a superb team!
                                                                       6:00 - 7:30 pm Unified Arts Content Areas are Open
                                                                       6:00 - 7:30 pm Ice Cream Social
Blogging... with the Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent of Schools Mary Ellen Hannon has created a
Blog which we encourage staff to continue to access. The
directions for logging onto this Blog are:                              School Board Policies
2. Click on Professional Development                         The most recent policies that have been approved by
3. Click on Superintendent’s Blog                            the School Board is:
4. Password required (Webmail Password)                      IJOC - School Volunteers
5. First Time: Enrollment Key-Blog                           IHBA- Programs For Pupils with Disabilities
                                                             IKG - Awards and Scholarships
Please call Meg Morse-Barry if you should have access        EIB - Li a bi l i ty In s u ra n c e a nd Pool e d Ri sk
difficulties with this blogging site. We hope that you       Management
continue to take advantage of this site!                     EF - Food Service Management
                                                             EDC- Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
                                                             and Equipment
Update from our Technology Integration                              From the Director of Library Services,
Specialists, Meg Morse-Barry and Patti Sullivan                     Kathy Lane
Graphic Organizers - Using graphic organizers allows a student      April is a very exciting month in the library world. National
to visualize, one of the most effective methods to help a student   Library Week is April 12-18, and the month of April is
develop thinking skills. The Derry School District provides         School Library Media Month. The slogan for School
grades K-5 with a graphic organizer program called                  Library Media Month is: Worlds Connect@ your library,
Kidspiration; grades 6-8 may use Inspiration to develop these       and the official spokesperson is James Patterson. James
skills. You can find these programs on your computer’s dock         Patterson’s message is: “To school library media
or in your application folder.                                      specialists everywhere; thank you for your dedication to
                                                                    picking the right books for the right kids. Your expertise is
Graphic Organizer Guidelines may be found at:                       critical, you are the front line. Your passion is my passion Log in with your       and I salute the work you do to get more and more kids
user name and password and search for “graphic organizers.”         loving books and reading.” April 14th is National Library
Select the appropriate grade level to access lesson plans and       Workers Day, so remembering James Patterson’s message:
videos along with curriculum standards.                             “Give the librarian in your school a big thank you!”
                                                                    On another note, the website:
Reading and Math Enhancement Consider setting up
                                                                    http://www.EDSITEment.neh.gove/. is a wonderful
learning activities using the following websites:
                                                                    resource. Please check this out!
Students select a word ending. Next, they are given word
beginnings to create words. Word banks are available for use.

Prefix Jeopardy
                                                                         Teachers Resources:
Prefix Matching Exercise                                                 Solving math problems with Dr. Math (elementary and                                                middle school levels)
Sum Sense- Division
Grades 3-5                                                               April is Poetry Month
Students create division problems based from the flashcards.
                                                                         Choose a poetry form and help students create
                                                                         their own poems.
Adverb or Adjective
Middle school students and teachers may review usage of                  Math Problem Pictures
adverbs and adjectives. Scroll to the bottom and use online              Use today’s pictures to solve a math problem.
tools and printed handouts for review.                         

                                                Upcoming Events

            April 14         New Teacher Workshop - Elementary Teachers 3:30 pm at Grinnell School
            April 15         Technology Wednesday - WRBMS and Grinnell
            April 21         Kindergarten Meeting 3:30 pm at DVS
            April 22         Technology Drop in Center Open at WRBMS - Open session
            April 23         Professional Development Committee 3:30 pm at SAU
            April 27 - May 1 Spring Vacation Week
            May 7            Math Committee-Middle School 2:30 pm at GHHMS
            May 7            Math Committee-Elementary School 3:30 pm at GHHMS
            May 14           Night of the Arts 5:30 - 8:00 pm at WRBMS
            May 21           District Wide Health Fair 2:15 - 5:30 pm at WRBMS
            May 25           Memorial Day - No School
            May 26           Kindergarten Meeting 3:30 pm at SRS
            May 27           Science Committee - Middle School at 2:30 pm at GHHMS
            May 27           Science Committee - Elementary School at 3:30 pm at GHHMS

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