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					                                 Reaching Hearts Kids Newsletter
                             Reaching Hearts for for Kids Newsletter

                                                                                                      Reaching Hearts
                                                                                                      for Kids
Out of the Ashes, A Dream Still Remains                                                               Issue No 5
                                                                                                      Reaching Hearts for Kids
                                                                       of the fire fighters were
                                                                                                      Winter 2008
                                                                                                      Provides Assistance to chil-
                                                                       injured on the scene. But      dren in ten countries, with
                                                                       first the good news!           plans to grow around the
                                                                                                      world. It provides financial
                                                                       As Norma left Legedadi,        help to each child that they
                                                                       she noticed a sign that read   may receive food, shelter,
                                                                       Chinese Road and Bridge        clothing, education and medi-
                                                                                                      cal care in nurturing sur-
                                                                       Corporation. She knew we
                                                                                                      roundings under the protection
                                                                       needed an access road to       of those who will give love,
                                                                       the new land and decided to    hope and care that every
                                                                       stop and meet the Manager,     child deserves
Home for Orphans in Ambo is sponsored by the generosity of The Quiet   but was told that he was at    Reaching Hearts for Kids is
Hour donors. It will be ready for the children in March 2008                                          funded by the financial gifts
                                                                       another site, so she asked
(Photo: Kirk Roberts, American missionary)                                                            of generous individuals and
                                                                       to talk to      him on the     dedicated volunteers around
                                                                       phone. Mr. Tao was very        the world.
On December 17 Norma                 teers and a health clinic.        kind to interrupt his busy
Nashed arrived in Addis,             While things were on the          schedule on such short no-
Ethiopia, to finalize plans          bright side in Ethiopia, the                                     RH4Kids is grateful to
                                                                       tice. Norma drove half an
on the new land in Legedadi          sky was darkened with the                                        you, our loyal donors. No
                                                                       hour to meet him and ask
where Reaching Hearts for            smoke of blazing fire that                                       fire or disaster will dis-
                                                                       him to build an access road
Kids is planning to build a          consumed Norma’s home                                            courage us. We serve a
                                                                       free of charge.       After
model village with a school,         and ministry office in                                           God who rebuilds.
                                                                       learning what Reaching
a guest house for volun-             Beltsville, Maryland.   Two       Hearts for Kids was doing
                                                                       in Ethiopia, he immediately
Chinese Ambassador for Kids                                            agreed and saved us half a
                                                                                                      Inside this issue:
                                                                       million dollars. Thank
During RHI mission trip in                                             God for miracles!
June 2007, Norma no-                                                                                  Our Orphans              2
ticed that most of the                                                 worldwide.    Norma asked
construction in Ethiopia                                               Ambassador Lin Lin for con-    Roberts Family           2
was done by Chinese. She                                               tact information to Chi-
decided to meet with Chi-                                              nese construction compa-       Dream Still Remains      3
nese Ambassador, Mr. Lin                                               nies and he willingly shared
Lin, who was very kind and                                             names and phone numbers.
                                                                                                      California Trip          3
gracious. He expressed                                                 The result of these con-
his appreciation to what                                               tacts was encouraging.
                                                                                                      Chinese for Orphans      4
Reaching Hearts for Kids            is doing in Ethiopia and
              God Bless Our Orphans and Missionaries in Ambo
                                                                                           Hadassah, in the center, is the daugh-
                                                                                           ter of Steph and Kirk Roberts, our
                                                                                           first long-term missionary family in
                                                                                           Ambo, Ethiopia. Haddassah and Seth
                                                                                           love our orphans and children in their
                                                                                           neighborhood with unconditional love.

                                                                                           Our children pray before the Christ-
                                                                                           mas party. The girl third from right
                                                                                           in the front row is Pachu who is
Kiya, always happy, prays                                                                  sponsored by Toni Davis, our youth
fervently and loves to lead in                                                             pastor’s wife. Seth, the son of our
song. She shows leadership                                                                 missionaries, is the first from right
qualities and deserves to                                                                  in the back row.
have hope for a better fu-

                                      The Roberts Family and a Mud Hut Home

                                             Lower right of photo, Tom Lester, business       Children play in equipment donated by RH4
 Kirk, Hadassah, Steph, Norma and Seth in
                                             man and volunteer from Hungary, next to him      Kids partners from Hungary
 Roberts mud hut home in Ambo.
                                             France Mutombo, President of Africa Foun-
                                             dation in Hungary.                             sacrifice this family gives to serve
 The Roberts family was a great
 gift God gave Reaching Hearts for                                                          the Master through the poor, or-
 Kids in 2007! The Roberts live in          portable small stove. The room serves           phaned and suffering children of
 their mud-hut home in Ambo with            as kitchen and dining room as well. It          Ethiopia.   Norma testified that it
 an opening in the wall but no win-         is also used as a classroom and for             would be hard for her to live the way
 dows and a string that is used to          other multiple purposes. The Roberts            they do for very long time, especially
 lock their zinc door. Norma visited        family has no running water—two                 with two little children. God bless
 with Kirk, Steph and their two chil-       small gallons hold the water for vari-          the Roberts family and reward them
 dren Seth, 8 years and Hadassah, 6         ous purposes; i.e. cooking, cleaning,           eternally. We will miss them in Ambo;
 years. Their living room has no            and bathing. Visitors sit on a thin mat         but through their testimony we hope
 furniture but a small table with a         on the mud floor covered by a carpet.            to have more missionaries to
                                            Norma was touched by the level of               serve in Ethiopia.

Page 2                                                                                            Reaching Hearts for Kids Newsletter
“Out of the Ashes, A Dream Still Remains”

On December 17, during an electrical and       NBC4 TV tries to capture the enor-
outage in Beltsville, Norma’s next        click on the links on our home page.  mity of the loss. The photos above
door neighbor lit some candles to get     Upon her arrival from Addis at Dulles and below capture the chaos and loss
ready for work. She forgot to extin-      Airport, Norma was unexpectedly met of Reaching Hearts for Kids office.
guish one of the candles. Because         by the reporters and camera man       All equipment and most documents
most of the occupants had left for        from NBC4 TV, together with Mr.       were totally destroyed by fire
work or school, no one was around to      Rocky Twyman who owns a public rela- and water damage.
sound the alarm early, so the fire was     tions firm alerted the media, Pastor
raging by the time the fire fighters        Michael Oxentenko, President of
arrived. It was a 3 alarm fire!            Reaching Hearts International and
Norma’s home and Reaching Hearts          Kent Franz of Reaching Hearts.
for Kids office were declared a total      Norma was escorted to see her de-
loss. We are grateful for your gener-     stroyed home where Channel 7 crew
osity and faithfulness in the past, but   were waiting for her. The next day
now we need your help to rebuild          Melanie Alnwick, reporter and anchor
Reaching Hearts for Kids’ offices so       from FOX5 NEWS TV arrived to
we can continue helping the forgotten     cover the story. In the photo on the
children of the world. To see cover-      left Norma stands in front of her
age by the three TV stations, please      ministry office with no roof and tears
go to our website:                                                                  Washington News Media Inter-
                                          in her eyes as the camera man from
                                                                                    view Norma Nashed after she
                                                                                    Loses her Home and Office
California Trip
End of November, 2007, Norma went         During her visit to Loma Linda, Norma   The meeting with Heather Miller and
to California to visit and help her       also met    with Dr. Richard Hart,      Jodi Cahill of La Sierra University
friend Wanda Rathbun during her           Chancellor at Loma Linda University     SIFE group in Riverside proved ef-
sickness. Mr. Ganim Hanna, president      Medical Center. Dr. Hart was im-        fective.
and CEO of Loma Linda Broadcasting        pressed with our work and said: “I      Norma met with Emilie Wilson, Direc-
Network arranged an interview with        might consider building a clinic near   tor of Loma Linda University’s SIMS
Norma on their television program         your project.”                          (Student In Mission Service). Medi-
“Christian Connection”.                   During Norma’s meeting with Dr. Goo-    cal students and others go regularly
Norma also met with Mike Porter,          dacre, Dean of School of Dentistry at   on mission trips and would gladly con-
CEO of The Quiet Hour and Charlene        Loma Linda University, Dr. Goodacre     sider helping Reaching Hearts for
West, Director of International Evan-     expressed interest in staffing a den-   Kids.
gelism and had fruitful discussions       tal clinic if we build one.
for future partnership in Ethiopia.

Issue No 5                                                                                                         Page 3
Reaching Hearts for Kids

P. O. Box 124
                                                Your donations are urgently sought for the building
Burtonsville, MD 20866
                                                project in Ethiopia, the needs of nine other countries,
                                                and the rebuilding of Reaching Hearts for Kids offices
(301) 931-8432
                                                and replacing equipment. Thank you for your generous
1-(866) 794-3278                                support in the past. We are counting on your usual                   generosity. ALL donations are tax deductible. Please
                                                make checks payable to
                                                                Reaching Hearts for Kids
To see each child learn and grow, free
from the restrains of financial or social                              P. O. Box 124
                                                                 Burtonsville, MD 20866
                                                Reaching Hearts for Kids is the humanitarian outreach
                                                of Reaching Hearts International a non-profit 501(c)
                                                (3) organization located in Maryland. It is our belief
                                                as Christians that propels us to reach out to those in
                                                need, especially children without regard to race, eth-
                                                nicity, or religious association.

Chinese Businessman for Orphans
Mr. Liyong, assistant manager of Chi-       him on her next trip in December
nese Road Repair Construction com-          2007. What God is doing is just be-
pany came to meet Norma in Addis.           yond our imagination. Due to a dead-
Because their project is                                        line, Mr. Liang
8 hours away from Addis,                                        could not come to
they offered to help                                            meet Norma so
build a road for us in                                          he sent Mr. Li-
Ambo in 2008, and said:                                         yong his deputy
“If you would like us to                                        instead.
help you build a road for
a hospital or church near
Gimbi, we will be happy to                                                          Suleiman Bayo Reaching Hearts for
do so.” Norma met Mr.                                                               Kids local director, the government
Liang, the project manager in June                                                  district administrator, Mr. Tao Gen-
2007 during our mission trip as he                                                  eral Manager of Chinese Road and
happened to be in the same hotel for                                                Bridge Corporation with Norma
dinner. Mr. Liang was gracious and                                                  Nashed after the meeting in Lege-
supportive of Reaching Hearts for                                                   dadi near the new land.
Kids’ work and asked Norma to call

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