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					                                 Congregational Gift Planner
The pastor, chair of the congregation or their representative(s) and a member of Lutheran Planned
Giving of South Dakota will help select the person from the team to become the Congregational
Gift Planner. This person will be commissioned before the congregation. This section outlines the
roles of the congregation, the Gift Planner, Lutheran Planned Giving of SD (LPG of SD) and the
ELCA Foundation.

Memorandum of Understanding
  This document outlines the partnership between the congregation and LPG of SD. This memo
  is the first step in the Planned Giving program. A representative of Lutheran Planned Giving
  will mentor the relationship.

   This internal document marks the congregation's commitment to charitable gift planning and
   Christian Stewardship.

   This outline provides the traits of an individual that may be a good choice for a
   Congregational Gift Planner. The Gift Planning team will decide if self-nominations are
   accepted for the position.

Job Description
   Volunteer Congregational Gift Planners have specific duties in their position. Similar to other
   congregational positions, the Congregational Gift Planner should be highly visible and
   accessible to the members.

Letter of Agreement
    This document outlines the agreement between the Congregational Gift Planner and the
    ELCA Foundation. Congregational Gift Planners are required to read, accept and submit this
    document prior to induction.

Duties of the Congregation and Its Leaders
   Congregations and their Leaders are asked to support the Congregational Gift Planner as they
   engage members in intentional gift and estate planning.

                                                                 Contact Jim Schade or Kurt Osborne of
                                                                 Lutheran Planned Giving of SD, at 1-800-653-
                                                                 9520, or email at or
                                                                 When mailing the documents, please use:
                                                                 Lutheran Planned Giving of South Dakota
                                                                        Augustana College Campus
                                                                            2001 S Summit Ave
                                                                           Sioux Falls SD 57197

               Much of the information in this document is a result of the efforts of the LCMS Foundation
                                    and is used with their permission and blessing.