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									                                                                CGA - CANADA (CHINA PROGRAM)
                                       COURSE ENROLMENT FOR 2009/10 ACADEMIC YEAR
                                                          STUDENT NO.

                             Session 1 (Sep to Dec)              Session 2 (Dec to Mar)           Session 3 (Mar to Jun)          Session 4 (Jun to Sep)

Personal Information                                                                          Employment Information
Family Name              First Name                                 Name in Chinese           Name of Company

Mailing Address (in Chinese)                                                                  Business Address

City                                       Country                     Zip Code               City                                  Country                Zip Code

Telephone                                  Mobile Number                                      Telephone                             FAX

E-mail address                                                                                Position Title                        Other Professional Designation (if any)

Year of Birth
                                         Male              Female                                                             Industy Code (see reverse)
Are you a full-time student in one of our PRC partner university Program ?             Yes            No                      Position Code (see reverse)

                                                                                                                              Education Code (see reverse)
If yes, please specify university name                                            & year of admission

                                                Course        New Course         Re-            Other          Fees Payable
                                                 Code          Addition       enrolment      Enrolment *         (in CAD$)    Authorization and Signature
Level 1
Financial Accounting Fundamentals                   FA1         CN $600        RE $450                                        1) I agree to comply with the Code of Ethical
Micro & Macro Economics                             EM1         CN $600        RE $450                                            Principles and Rules of Conduct of the
Business Law                                        LW1         CN $600        RE $450                                           Certified General Accountants Association
Level 2                                                                                                                          I confirm that I agree to comply with the
Financial Accounting: Assets                        FA2         CN $600        RE $450                                           Association's policies outlined in the course
Business Quantitative Analysis                      QU1         CN $600        RE $450                                           Calendar and Student Handbook.
Management Accounting Fundamentals                  MA1         CN $600        RE $450
Business Communications                             CM1         CN $600        RE $450                                        2) I declare that I have legitimate access to
Level 3                                                                                                                          the computer software required for the
Financial Accounting: Liabilities & Equities        FA3         CN $600        RE $450                                           CGA program of professional studies.
Accounting Business Case                            BC1         CN $260        RE $100
   ACCPAC: Mandatory software required for FA2, FA3 and BC1(1 time charge only)                      $100                     3) I will not divulge the content of any
Corporate Finance Fundamentals                      FN1         CN $600        RE $450                                           multiple-choice question or answer on the
Management Information Systems                      MS1         CN $600        RE $450                                           PA1/PA2 examination, and other non-
Level 4                                                                                                                          disclosed examination to any individual or
Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues             AT1         CN $600        RE $450                                           entity.
Advanced Management Accounting                      MA2         CN $600        RE $450
External Auditing                                   AU1         CN $600        RE $450                                        4) I acknowledge that in case of failure to
Public Practice Audit Case                          BC2         CN $260        RE $100                                           pay the Basic Tuition Fee (BTF) in the current
    CaseWare: Mandatory software required for BC2 (included in the BC2 package)                      $100                        academic year, a late payment penalty
Financial Accounting: Consolidations                FA4         CN $600        RE $450                                           calculated @10% of the current year's BTF
   & Advanced Issues
Personal & Corporate Taxation (including ITA)       TX1         CN $650        RE $450                                           is payable CGA-Canada.
Advanced Corporate Finance                          FN2         CN $650        RE $450
Advanced External Auditing                          AU2         CN $650        RE $450
Issues in Professional Practice                     PA1         CN $850        RE $650
Strategic Financial Management                      PA2         CN $850        RE $650
Other Career Elective Courses                                   CN $650        RE $450
Other Miscellaneous Fee
Course Materials Fees:         Textbook $120              Lesson Notes $110         ITA for TX1/2 $100
Basic Tuition Fee              for 2009/10 Academic Year (Sep.2009 to Aug.2010)                      $360
Prorated Basic Tuition Fee for New Students:        S1-$360       S2-$280      S3-$200        S4-$120
New Student Entrance Fee                                                                          $80
Transfer Credit Fee, $20/course exempted (Maximum $160), A total of                 courses exempted: $

Other fee not included above, please specify:

          TOTAL FEES PAYABLE             CAD$                                                                                    Signature
                                                                              / or RMB¥                                  **

  * Enrolment Codes:
           RC - New Course Addition for CGA undergraduate students             CN - New Course Addition
           PD - Assignment Only Privilege       CX - Challenge Exam            RE - Re-enrolment
  ** For those students who would like to pay in RMB, please contact your local TPEI-CGA office for the applicable               Date
    exchange rate for the current session. You could refer to the part (F) below for more information

Payment can be made by one of the following options:
 A) Credit card: I authorize T.P.E.I. Training Canada Inc. to charge the above total in CAD to the credit card number listed below (please fax to your local
       TPEI-CGA Office).                    VISA:             MasterCard:

          Card Number:                                                                                                                     Expiry Date (mm/yy):

       Cardholder Name:                                                  Signature:                                                        Date:
2009/10 Academic Year


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