Aligning Hiring Practices with Corporate Culture and Strategies

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					Aligning Recognition Programs
with Corporate Goals & Culture

              Kevin Cronin
       Recognition and Reward Consultant

•  Building the Case for Recognition
•  Fundamentals for Building a
   Recognition Cultural
•  Typical Recognition and Reward
•  Q&A
Building the Case for Recognition
Engagement = Effort & Results
             •  Increased employee
                commitment can lead to
                a 57% improvement in
                discretionary effort
             •  Greater effort produces
                a 20% performance
             •  20% raise in employee
                satisfaction = 42% raise
                in financial performance
Who has to Deliver your Brand?
Leaders’ Views on Recognition
         Leaders Invest In People
               “The magic formula that successful businesses have
               discovered is to treat customers like guests and
               employees like people.

               If your company is going to put customers first, then
               you must put your employees more first.”

Tom Peters

   “I am convinced that nothing we do is
          more important than hiring and
 developing people. At the end of the day
   you bet on people, not on strategies.”

                                             Larry Bossidy
CEOs Appreciate Engagement
     “Employee engagement first. It goes without
  saying that no company, small or large, can win
   over the long run without energized employees
who believe in the mission and understand how to
       achieve it. That's why you need to take the
              measure of employee engagement.”
                                                          Jack Welch

                      “People want to be part of something
                       larger than themselves. They want to
                       be part of something they’re really
                       proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice
                       for, that they trust.”
  Howard Schultz
Employee Customer Profit

                   "… our first priority should be the
                   people who work for the companies,
                   then the customers, then the

                   Because if the staff are motivated then
                   the customers will be happy, and the
                   shareholders will then benefit through
                   the company's success."
 Richard Branson
Fundamentals for Building a
   Recognition Culture
       Why Recognition First?
Recognition is….      Reward is….

•  Acknowledging      •  Something tangible that
   and appreciating      you are presenting to
   people for their      someone after you
   achievements          have recognized them
         R&R Assessment
•  What is your brand promise?
•  What is your company’s mission?
•  When someone joins your company what will
   they learn on Day 1?
•  What are your R&R Programs today?
R&R Inventory
         Common Findings
•  No tie to brand or company values
•  Too many R&R Programs
•  Uneven efforts and results
•  Spend often hidden
•  Lack of equity/purpose
•  Incentive trips for sales performance
•  Multiple programs with competing
   messages & goals
           Gather the Data
•    Conduct a Benchmarking Study
•    Gather your VOA/VOE
•    Utilize the web (
•    Contact a 3rd Party provider/Consultant
•    Establish your baseline measures
•    Understand your cash incentive plan
•    How do managers learn about the
     importance of recognition today?
      Preparing The Business Case
•  Needs to be aligned with your corporate culture
•  Position recognition as an investment versus a
•  Showcase linkage to employee engagement and
   other business results
•  Common platform advantage
•  Integrate with associate satisfaction efforts/
   action plans
•  Link to recruiting efforts and onboarding/
   orientation training
    Communication/Marketing Plan
•  Create a launch or re-launch of your R&R
•  Integrate into your corporate communication
•  Take into account seasons and holidays
•  Sponsorships/Tickets “Unique Assets”
•  Tell the story
•  Showcase recognition events
   Launching your Program
•  Executive Engagement Messaging
  –  Leading by example
  –  Demonstrating the behaviors
•  Manager’s Tool Kit
  –  Collateral/Best Practices
  –  Call to Action
  –  Training Approach
•  Associate Mailing
  –  WIFT
  –  Call to Action
Typical R&R Program Platform
Because every employee needs
         to know…

                                        Connect to
           &                            Brand and
                      RESULTS AND        Mission

           And Coaching             &
      Recognition and Reward Platform

                                            Recognize and Celebrate!
              Anniversary Awards
     Recognition of an employee’s loyalty
     and commitment. Employee’s are
     often recognized on key milestone
50-70anniversaries: 1, 5, 10 and every 5
     year increments anniversaries often
     receive a pin, memento and gift

        Anniversary Awards
       Recognition and Reward Platform
           Recognition Card-Values/Behaviors

                                                    Recognize and Celebrate!
       Recognizes individual associates of entire
       teams for specific actions and behaviors
       exemplifying your company’s values,
       leadership model competencies. This can be
       awarded to anyone at anytime either by
       sending an online card or hard copy card.
       Recommend the inclusion of team cards.

             Recognition Card
           Anniversary Awards
         Recognition and Reward Platform
         Point Based Program for Results

                                                     Recognize and Celebrate!
         Rewards employees for going above and
         beyond relative to their line of business
         plan or performance plan. These are
         awarded by managers and line of business
         leadership teams.

                   Point Based
             Recognition Card
           Anniversary Awards
         Recognition and Reward Platform
            Customer Experience Award

                                                               Recognize and Celebrate!
  Recognizes individual employees or entire teams for
  demonstrating an overall commitment to supporting the core
  values and whose actions have had a significant impact on
  the customer, employee or shareholder experience.
                  Customer Experience
50-70%                Point Based
               Recognition Card
             Anniversary Awards
         Recognition and Reward Platform

                                           Recognize and Celebrate!
  1%             Award/Trip
               Experience Award
            Point Based Program
             Recognition Card
           Anniversary Awards
       Best Practices to Engage
•  Show managers WIIFM
•  Have goals in Manager’s performance plans
•  Recognize your managers who use the programs
   well in front of their peers
•  R&R Scorecard To Senior Management
Recognition and Reward Impacts

                                 Recognize and Celebrate!
   Associate Satisfaction/
  Recognition and Reward
Resources For You

    The only non-profit professional association at the forefront of
    employee recognition through its sole focus on recognition
    innovations and education as a systematic method for
    improvements in the workplace.

    Founded at Northwestern University, the Forum studies the
    interdisciplinary elements of people performance
    management, measures their impact on organizational
    success, and creates a curriculum based on research
    findings for both academic and professional use.

  Kevin Cronin
   (404) 872-5995
         Kevin J. Cronin
                         Kevin J. Cronin is a Recognition and Reward Consultant
                         residing in Atlanta, GA. He currently serves on the
                         board of Recognition Professionals International, a non-
                         profit association of executives focused on recognition
                         innovations and education to enhance organization
                         performance and employee engagement in the

                         Kevin has been a previous featured speaker at World
                         at Work, Recognition Professionals International and
                         Society Human Resource Management.

                         Previously Mr. Cronin was the Recognition and Reward
                         Executive for Bank of America. In that role, Kevin lead
                         the successful design, implementation, delivery and
                         management of recognition and reward programs
                         globally for 200,000+ associates. Prior to this role, he
                         served as a Region Executive in the Consumer bank
                         and also a senior human resource manager for Bank of

                         Kevin earned a Bachelors degree in psychology and
                         business from Loyola University in New Orleans.

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