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					                      Forget the old fashioned storage methods of various, files,
                      books, photo albums, drawers, cupboards, envelopes etc.

                      Stop the clutter & prevent the loss of special works!

                      Easily store A3 artwork, projects, paintings, certificates,
                      large professional photos, jumbo photos, CDs, DVDs,
                      medals, badges and much more ALL in ONE safe place
                      for LIFE!

                      From pre-birth to tertiary. Compact & expandable.
                      A photo album, memory book & storage facility ALL-IN-ONE!!

                The wise storage system for                             kids

Delightfully colourful. It is fun, functional and educational too!
                                              How to build your system
Start with your box & file set

                                 Select storage envelopes for the ages you wish to represent

pre-birth baby                         toddler junior senior
                                    How does it work?
Every two-page double spread is for a specific year or grade.

Every new year is a different colour with a new theme.

Like magic. It keeps everything:
All together
Neat & tidy

Plus it saves so much space.

Fun & interactive for every child to engage in
            Offers a delightful parent & child workshop building personal pride
                                             How does it work?
On the left hand side.                           Behind each photo display area
Fill out and record all vital information.       Store from 50 to 100 certificates,
                                                 achievements, A3 artwork , reports
                                                 etc in the large storage envelopes.

                                                  On the right hand side.
                                                  Paste large professional photos
                                                  on the black coated display surface.

  Make storing info quick & easy with no fuss!
Then simply flick open the file mechanism to get ready to show off special works.
                                   Easily flick open the file mechanism.

 Large A3 artwork
                              Add on a variety of plastic sleeves
                                  Then between each double page year display:

                                                              Various size certificates

                                                              Different size photos

                                                              Combination of items

                                                                Birthday cards etc
 Large Professional Photos

                    A3       A4     A5                Jumbo Photo
Choose from 4 different plastic sleeves for an optimal compact display format.
                                                          A3 division plastic sleeves
                                                   These sleeves are a favourite. They are multi-purpose.
                                                   Display large A3 artwork, projects, reports, invitations,
                                                   birthday cards, jumbo & larger professional photos etc.

       Jumbo photo plastic sleeves
Average photo albums hold 2, 3 or 5 photos per one side of a page.
         Ours hold 8! That is 16 per sleeve! That means:
     More photos on ONE page flattens your entire system!

            Make capturing moments memorable
   The more plastic sleeves you have. The more functional your system becomes.
                                             A4 division plastic sleeves
                                                   Holds four A4 documents per sleeve
                                                   Display certificates, artwork, projects etc.

   A5 division plastic sleeves
     Holds eight A5 documents per sleeve
     Display small certificates & artwork
          Larger photos and cards.

So easy to use. Photos, certificates, artwork, reports etc – ALL in ONE place for life!
                                                       Extra Accessories include:

                                                                          Plastic Page Protectors
                                                     Use to cover & protect each page, storage envelope & it’s photos

Self-adhesive CD/DVD/Utility pockets
Use for digital media, badges, medals & other important odds & ends

Fusing the digital world with original works really is precious & so easily organized.
          Cherish moments in this versatile and effective storage system that:

          Will make you proud as your child captures treasured moments.

   Displays ALL memories, moments & valuables for life in ONE safe place FOR LIFE!

Ensures absolute lifelong preservation with its thick, strong, durable and reinforced features.

  Records and displays ALL information form pre-birth to tertiary in one effective system!

Saves you space as it flattens, compresses and condenses EVERYTHING into a smaller space.

      Is quick and easy for any child to interact with and be immensely proud of.

  scans photos                    cards           mementos moments

       ONE expandable system for an ENTIRE life history!

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