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					                        The AMVETS Newsletter
                                  Post 1 News Reporter

                                          MAY 2009
                                   Chartered By Congress, 23 July 1947.
                                          Veterans Helping Veterans.
                             Visit Our Website at
From the CMDR
Fellow AMVETS;
       Hello, we have elections this month on the 14th to elect our Post officers, so come
to the meeting and vote for the person of your choice. This is your chance to voice your
opinion and help make a difference.
       We will have a Cinco De Mayo celebration, Dart Tournaments, Texas Hold-em,
Penny-Ante Poker (among other things), so come on down and enjoy yourself.
       The Department Convention will be the 29-30th at the Little Creek Casino in
Shelton, WA. If you would like to be a delegate, come in and talk to Mel Schleich--or you
can just show up and see how the State conducts its business and visit.
       The newsletter can now be read or downloaded on-line. Go to our web site and
check it out at If you are willing for this to be your method of
receiving the newsletter, please notify Mel Schleich so we can remove your name from the
mailing list. The newsletter will still be mailed to those of you who want it mailed.
       I encourage you to look through the newsletter and find something you enjoy and
come on down. We have a lot of things going on at the Post. Join in and have some fun,
I look forward to seeing some new faces.
Don’t forget Mothers Day on the 10th and Memorial Day (observed) on the 25th.

Chuck Eason, Commander

      Vice CMDR
        The May meetings are fast approaching, and it is going to be a ball at them. First,
I would like to inform you that we have contested elections. Pick your favorite
candidates, and vote early and often, so that the whole election process is completed
fairly. Second, you should know that the Post Constitution and Bylaws have several
changes that are suggested (read the changes in this newsletter), and YOUR input is
NEEDED!! I’m sure we agree how much fun the Constitution and Bylaws are to work
with, so if you love the changes or hate the changes, please let someone know.
        On another note, we are constantly looking for new members. Maybe you have a
friend or neighbor who is who is eligible to join or perhaps a coworker who has
mentioned his service time? There are several different ways to join the Post. You can
join if you have served in the military. You can join if your parent has served in the
military, (Sons of AMVETS), or you can join the Ladies Auxiliary. Bring them in as a
guest, and all you should have to do is show them around this wonderful building, and
that should hook them.
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                               1
     Looking forward to seeing you…
Michael Hardy/1st Vice

2nd Vice CMDR
                      Not Exactly a Second Vice Commander’s Report
       It was brought to my attention recently, that according to our Department
Constitution and Bylaws, I did not meet all of the qualifications for being the Post’s 2nd
Vice Commander. In fact, it was pointed out that I had been filling the position illegally
for the past 11 months. Well, being an individual of high moral integrity, I instantly
resigned my position and sent a complaint about my conduct unbecoming an AMVET to
our Department Commander. I am sure that the Commander will chastise me
       Consequently, since we no longer have a 2nd Vice Commander, I guess I am
free to fill up this space in our newsletter with just about anything I want.
However, being an individual of high moral integrity as I stated before, I will try to
keep it in line with the original intended purpose.
       First: Our Department Convention will be held at the Little Creek Casino
(Shelton, WA) on the 29th and 30th of May. If you have never attended a State
Convention before, you are missing out on a lot of fun and an educational
experience. Your participation will help us format the future of AMVETS in the
State of Washington. If you would like to attend, please get with our Post Adjutant
(Mel) to get all the information.
       Second: The Americanism essays on the topic of, “What does an American
Veteran mean to me …” are due into the Post as soon as possible in May. Kick
your grandkids in the butt and get their essays, posters, or American Flag
drawings to me pronto. They have a very good shot at winning cash prizes or even
an all expense paid trip to Philadelphia. If you need to learn more about this
program please feel free to contact me at any time.
       Third: Most of our local ROTC and JROTC units in the county will be
conducting their annual awards ceremonies in May and June. If you would like to
assist us in honoring these hard working young cadets, please let me know what
school you would like to visit and I will get you all the information necessary to act
as our AMVETS representative.
       Finally: What ever you do, do not tell the State Commander I wrote this
article. Our bylaws strictly forbid me from acting in any such capacity, and I am
all ready in enough hot water with him as is.

Thank you,
David C. Harris/Not a real 2nd Vice Commander
Final Report From Previous AUXILIARY PRESIDENT
     Spring has finally arrived. Good luck to all of the new and returning officers.
Thanks to all volunteers who helped this last year. Upcoming events in May:
     1st Auxiliary Dinner – see the flyer in this Newsletter and at the Post
     14th Business Meeting
     17th Rec Hall Bingo
     21st Blind Rehab Bingo
     25th Orting Bingo
     28th Social Meeting
     29th – 30th State Convention
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                              2
I hope everyone has a great summer – do lots of volunteering!
Patty Maerkl, Former Auxiliary President

NEW OFFICERS: Let's welcome our new elected and appointed officers:
President: Val Dent                  Americanism: Bernadette Rose
1st Vice: Yvonne Crockett            Scholarship: Karen Gregerson
2nd Vice: Charrie Hayward            Hospital: Betty Schleich
3rd Vice: Open position              Liaison: Queenie Lance
Secretary: Betty Schleich
Treasurer: Barbara Edie
Chaplin: Patty Rybiski
Sgt. at Arms: Carol Gustafson
Parliamentarian: Margaret Jauron

       We would like to thank our outgoing President, Patty Maerkl, for all her hard work
this past year. Next time you see Patty, please let her know what a great job she has
done and how much we appreciate her dedication.
VOLUNTEERS: Hats off to all the volunteers this month and every month!! We
have a great group of volunteers, but we could always use more. It would be great if you
could volunteer a couple of times a year to allow our regular volunteers some needed
time off. So, if you can help out in any way, please do. Each month, we volunteer at
American Lake, Orting Soldier’s Home and other fundraising events. Ladies, you sure
have come a long way in handing in your volunteer forms - Good Job!
BAKE SALE: May 5th from 6:00 till sold out. We had a great turnout last month with
donated baked goods and those who purchased them. Let's see if we can do that again!
This bake sale will be the last one until September 1st. Let's make it a good one.
AUX. MEETINGS: Our next Business meeting will be May 14th at 7:00pm. Our Social
meeting will be held on May 28th at 7:00pm. Ladies, remember that during June, July
and August, we will have our Business meetings the 4th Thursday of the month and will
not have a Social Meeting during these months.
AUX. DINNER: After our Wacky Hat Auction & Mexican dinner on Friday, May 1st, we
will not have another Auxiliary Dinner until September 4th as we take the summer
months off.
 RECYCLE PROGRAM: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. Every little piece helps. We are
allowed an evaluation of $.05 per item recycled--this includes newspapers, bottles, cans,
boxes, etc. Everything you can recycle in your recycle bin can be counted. Not only will
it help our volunteer status, but it will save the planet for your children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren and so on. If you are not able to come to the post for a form, but
would like to participate in our recycling program, you can mail the amount of items you
recycled along with your name and we will submit it for you. If you are at the post, the
volunteer slips are in the hallway by the bulletin board and you can place them in the
Auxiliary’s Membership box. It’s as easy as that!
DONATION REQUESTS: We need material for various projects this year, i.e. Fleece to
make scarves for DSHS Giving Tree and flannel and/or other children's printed material
for John Tracy Bears.
Charrie Hayward/Auxiliary 2nd Vice

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                           3
       Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 5th @ 7:30pm in the lounge. It is
an important meeting as we will be installing our newly elected officers. We would like to
thank our outgoing officers for their unwavering dedication. I personally am looking
forward to our new officers and their enthusiasm they bring to their respected offices.
       On April 18th, the Sons attended the Charter Ceremony for WA AMVETS new Post
2008. This Post meets at the VFW 969 here in Tacoma and is dedicated to Gregory
“Pappy” Boyington of the US Marine Corps. Each day, the AMVET family is growing in
leaps and bounds and is constantly moving forward to assist Veterans - This is what it's
all about.
       Our new Commander, Thomas Arter, Jr. and Adjutant, Stephen Hayward, will be
attending DEC Convention this month at Little Creek Casino in Shelton on May 29th &
30th. Conventions are a great place to find out what other posts are doing and ideas for
projects and functions. It is also a time to make new contacts and new friends.
Stephen J. Hayward, Adjutant & Lifetime Member

Chappies Restaurant & Lounge Open Mon-Thurs 3-12PM;
Fri/Sat 1PM – 2AM; Sun 1PM-10 PM/Happy Hour 3-6PM, Mon-Fri and all night
when there is a Post Meeting (Every Other Thursday); Bar Food (hot dogs, pizza
slices, chili, soups, etc) sold Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
      Did you know that the lounge opens at 1 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
afternoons? Our bartenders are putting in a lot of lonely hours. Hopefully with the
Mariners games, we’ll be getting more participation in the afternoons.
      With the new roof noise going on it’s hard to sleep at the bar but that will all be
completed before you get this newsletter.
      We have the May Day fiesta on the 1st and Cinqo de Mayo celebration on the 5th.
With expert help in the kitchen on both of those days, they will provide an excellent
Spanish cuisine for your enjoyment. Friday, May 1st will include the Crazy Hat Auction
with dinner from 6 to 8 PM. The meat and bottle raffles will also be included with Patty
and the Travlin 4 providing the musical entertainment. On the 5th we will be serving
Mexican dinner from 3 to 8 PM. Come on down and have fun with your friends.
Ray Edie, General Manager

Adjutant’s Corner
Adjutant’s Corner
        If you have a U.S. Flag in need of retirement, bring it in and I will take it to the Boy
Scout Headquarters for retirement.
        If you are an Annual post member who has paid your Annual membership dues for
2009, who would like to convert to Life Membership, you can either pay the $160.00 up
front, or make five consecutive $32.00 minimum payments, and when the $160.00 is
paid in full, I will submit you for Life membership.
        Have you lost your membership card? If so, and you are an Annual member, just
notify me and I will mail you a replacement card at no cost. If you are a Life member,
submit $2.00 cash or a check for $2.00 payable to AMVETS National Headquarters, and
I will order your replacement card, and then mail it to you after I receive it from National
        IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO ALL POST MEMBERS: If you sign up a person
for Annual membership, please remember to inform them that the membership year is
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                                4
January 1st through December 31st. Annual dues are $40.00 and Life dues are $200.00.
Also, please remember to have them sign the application. If you need blank
applications, stop by and see me. If any member is interested in checking their
membership data on file, the national database is up and running, so go on the internet
at and follow the instructions.
       As of April 9th, Post #1 membership stands at 478 annuals and 1,326 life
members, totaling 1,804 members.
       I am sorry to report the death of post members Raymond R. Bame on April 12th,
Clyde G. Brown on April 11th, Stafford T. Carter on April 5th, Robert F. Cummings on
April 17th, Newell A. McKinley on March 31st and Albert Ord, Jr. on July 28, 2003. If you
know of a post member or their spouse who passed away, please notify me, and if
possible, include a copy of their obituary.
       Lord, in honor of the memory of those loved ones who have passed on to be
with you, we thank you for their love.
       Moses Smith, Chaplain
       AMVETS National Headquarters has started a new membership recruiting contest,
titled “AMVETS Green for the Green Hats”. This contest will run each year from Veterans
Day through Memorial Day. For every 25 new members (renewals do not count)
recruited, the recruiter will receive a $25.00 gift card from either Bass Pro Shops or
Home Depot. Also, every AMVET member (not just the green hats) who recruits at least
5 new members will receive a National Membership challenge coin. This coin will differ
in design each year and will be a symbolic token of your commitment and dedication to
excellence in membership recruiting. Obviously, anyone who qualifies for a gift card will
receive a challenge coin.
WELCOME to our new members who joined the post on March 26th and April 9th.
Gregory M. Archer, Rolly C. Brazel, Mike W. Christensen, Robert Harris, Edward K.
Kaleikini, Lyle W. Lane, James Luco, Lamar Mapp, Kenneth L. Maracle, Gary W. Nickel,
Paul R. O’Neill, Joseph S. Sapienza, Joshua Shim, John J. Thomas, Troy A. Turner and
James G. Worley,
7th-National Day of Prayer, 10th-Mother’s Day, 16th-Armed Forces Day and 25th-Memorial
ELECTION INFORMATION FOR ALL MEMBERS: Annual nominations and election of
Post 1 officers and Board of Trustee members are upcoming. Elected officers are
Commander, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, 3rd Vice Commander, Finance
Officer, Judge Advocate and Provost Marshall. Also, up for election will be the offices of
Position 5 and Position 6 on the Board of Trustees. 2nd nominations are April 23rd and
elections on May 14th. If you are interested in any of these offices, attend a meeting
and have a member nominate you for office.
TO ALL POST 1 MEMBERS The AMVETS, Department of Washington 2009 annual
convention is set for May 29-30th at the Little Creek Casino, 91 West State Route 108, in
Shelton, Washington 98584. The registration fee is $70.00 for each delegate or guest. If
you are interested in becoming a post delegate or a guest, contact the Adjutant, Mel
Schleich to pick up and complete the Registration form.

REMEMBER OUR LOVED ONES – Honor our Heroes. Gather with family and friends
and view memorial monuments and attend the dedication of Pierce County’s Medal of
Honor monument at the Tacoma Historical Society and American Legion Post 2 second
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                          5
annual Memorial Day service on Saturday, May 30th at 2:00 PM at the Tacoma War
Memorial Park at 6th Avenue and MacArthur Street (near the Narrows Bridge).

If I, as Adjutant can assist any member, please contact me at either (253) 471-0407
or email


REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING. Please Note: Additions are in bold and underlined,
and deletions are lined out.

                            POST CONSTITUTION Proposed Change:

Article V: The Board of Trustees shall consist of eight members. The incumbent Post
Commander shall be an ex-officio member with the title of President and chair all
meetings of the Board. He shall have the privilege of vote only in the event of a tie vote.
The Immediate past Post Commander shall be a member of the Board, with full voting
privileges. Six (6) voting members shall be elected from the membership of Post #1 at an
annual meeting, as outlined in Article XI, Section 3 of Post 1 By laws.

                                  POST BYLAW Proposed Changes:

Article II, Section 1: To be eligible for elective office, candidates must have been a
member of Post #1 for at least six months one year unless transferred in from another
AMVETS post, if transferred in be a member of Post #1 for six months. A candidate
must be in good standing and have attended fifty percent (50%) of the Regular Post
meetings for during the past six months, (if transferred in) or the past year unless
excused by the Commander. A candidate must show in writing his or her experience
in being qualified for an elective office at AMVETS Post #1. The write up should
show things like professional qualifications (supervisor/manager), community
service volunteer, held elective office in another veterans organization and be
distributed to all members present at the meeting 30 days prior to the election
day. If a member wishes to be nominated from the floor, he or she must show
qualifications/experience in writing to all members present before the meeting

Article II, Section 4: Prior to assuming an office, a member the Post Adjutant must
verify provide the Post Adjutant, for retention in the Post records, proof of nominee’s
eligibility to hold that office.
Article II, Section 9: Any member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend a
majority of (10) Post meetings during their term of office shall forfeit that office unless
excused by the Commander. A member of the committee or a Trustee absent from a post
or board meeting to attend post, department or national functions or business shall be
excused from the appropriate missed meeting or meetings.

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                           6
Article II, Add New Section 13: Any officer elected or appointed, who resigns from
a position without reasonable cause (i.e. death of a family member, illness, or
relocation/deployment) shall be barred from holding any post office for the period
of 1 year from the date of resignation.

Article III, Section 1: The first nominations of elective officers shall take place at the
second regular meeting in March. Second nominations of officers shall take place at the
second regular meeting in April. No nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the
annual meeting in May. No nominee shall accept or decline nomination prior to the
meeting at which elections shall be held. Nominees must be present at the meeting to
be nominated and must accept or decline nomination at the second nominations.
Elections of officers shall be held at the annual meeting in May. Written notification of
the annual elections shall be sent to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the
election date.

Article III, Section 3: Any member nominated for office who is unable to attend for
reasonable cause the meeting at which elections are held, who desires to accept the
nomination, shall submit to the Commander, prior to the date of the election, a dated
and signed statement from themselves accepting nomination for the office. This
statement shall be read at the meeting at which election is held. If a nominated member
is absent from the election meeting, and not excused by the Commander, or and fails
to submit the above statement, they shall be ruled as declining the nomination.
Article III, Section 7: Officers and Trustees elected at the annual meeting shall be
installed at that meeting, and shall assume office at the next regular post or board
meeting at the conclusion of the meeting in which they were elected and installed.

Article III, Section 8: Officers and Trustees elected or appointed to fill a vacancy shall
be installed at that meeting and shall assume office upon election or appointment.

Article IV, Section 2: The COMMANDER shall be the chief executive officer and shall
preside at all post meetings. He shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee. and
will be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Article IV, Section 6: The FINANCE OFFICER shall be the custodian of the accounts of
the post. He shall be the Chairman of the Finance Committee. and shall be a member
of the Membership Committee. He shall prepare and submit a written Financial Report
of the Post Accounts to the Commander and the Adjutant, and shall read the report at
the first regular meeting of each month. He shall submit the Annual Budget approved by
the Finance Committee to the membership present, at the second meeting in January.
The annual post budget shall be based on the fiscal year of January 1 through December

Article IV, Section 7: The ADJUTANT shall notify appropriate members of meetings.
He shall keep a written record of all-regular post meetings, special meetings,
executive committee meetings, executive sessions of the executive committee, and
a complete current record of the membership. He shall submit the annual reports,
through the Commander, to Department and National Headquarters as required by the
National and Department Constitutions and By Laws. He shall publish a copy of the
approved minutes in a place designated by the Commander. He shall receive and
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                              7
process all renewals, transfers and membership applications for the post and remit all
funds received to the Finance Officer. He shall keep an accurate record of the duration
of service of each member of the Board of Trustees. He shall be the secretary of the
Executive Committee, with vote, and will submit a report of all meetings to the
Commander. He shall place before the Executive Committee all matters referred to it for
action and recommendation. He shall make a tape recording of all post meetings,
regular or special, and shall keep the tapes of all disciplinary actions for three (3) years.

Article IV, Section 9: The PROVOST MARSHALL shall assure that the National Colors
and all appropriate flags and banners are properly displayed at all official Post functions.
He shall guard the door and check membership cards of members and identification of
all guests wishing to attend the meeting. He shall assure that the official affairs of the
Post are conducted with dignity and decorum. He shall guard and secure the doors of
the meeting room when voting is in progress. He shall keep a record of each member's
attendance at meetings in order to verify compliance with requirements for election to
office in the post. He shall recognize, admit and introduce to the Commander any guests
attending the meeting. He shall, at the request of the Commander restrain or eject from
the meeting room unruly members or guests.

Article IV, Section 10: The HISTORICAL OFFICER shall attend all Post functions and
shall take pictures and record pertinent details of the events. He shall keep the pictures
and other data in a Post Scrapbook archive.

Article V, Section 2: Discipline of Post members shall be decided by the Executive
Committee in executive session. The decision of the committee shall be final, unless
appealed to the next higher authority within fifteen (15) days of notification of the

ADD NEW SECTION 5, Article 5: Any member of the Executive Committee who
fails to attend ten (10) Post meetings during their term of office shall forfeit that
office. A member of the committee absent from a post meeting to attend post,
department or national functions or business shall be excused from the appropriate
missed meeting or meetings.

Article VI, Section 1: The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall consider be responsible
for all matters relating to the development the growth of AMVETS through membership
activities. They are responsible for planning, development and implementation of
no less than one (1) public open house per year, and two (2) membership drives per
year. The committee will meet at a minimum of one (1) time per quarter, and
report its activity results at the first post meeting following the committee
meeting. The committee will work in conjunction with and receive full cooperation
with the Public Relations Committee and the Finance Officer to plan for exposure
and solicitation of funds to support the aforementioned activities. The 1st Vice
Commander shall be the Chairman.

Article VI, Section 2: The PROGRAMS COMMITTEE shall consider be responsible for
communicating all matters relative to AMVETS programs to the general
membership. The committee will meet at a minimum of one time per quarter.
They will receive and evaluate the value of such programs and convey them to the
general membership at the first post meeting after their scheduled meeting as well
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                                 8
as provide enrollment information, if applicable. They are also responsible for
assessing the needs of the members, and if necessary, responsible for the planning,
development and implementation of a program called for by the members. The 2nd
Vice Commander shall be the Chairman.

Article VI, Section 3: The ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE shall be responsible for the social
activities of the Post. The committee will meet at a minimum of one time per
quarter. The committee will work in conjunction with and receive full cooperation
with the Public Relations Committee, General Manager and Finance Officer to plan
for exposure and solicitation of funds to support the afore mentioned activities.
The 3rd Vice Commander shall be the Chairman.

Article VI, Section 4: The FINANCE COMMITTEE shall prepare an annual budget.
Unbudgeted expenses and/or donations in excess of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00)
five hundred dollars ($500.00) proposed at a post meeting shall be REFERRED to the
Finance Committee, who shall determine if sufficient funds are available for the proposed
expenditure. They shall report their findings to the body at the next regular meeting.
The Finance Committee shall be the 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, 3rd
Vice Commander Treasurer of the Board of Trustees and two (2) members appointed by
the Finance Officer. The Finance Officer shall be the Chairman.

COMMITTEE (VAVS) shall consider be responsible for communicating all matters
relative to the VAVS programs and their relationship to the Post. The committee will
meet at a minimum of two (2) times per year. The Chairman shall be appointed by
the Commander.

Article VI, Section 7: The AUXILIARY LIAISON COMMITTEE shall consider be
responsible for communicating all matters relative to the Auxiliary and its relationship
to the Post. The Chairman shall be appointed by the Commander.

responsible for assisting the membership committee in promotion of the benefits
of membership, awards, accolades and achievements won by the post, and goodwill
spread by AMVETS. The committee will meet at a minimum of one (1) time per
quarter. They will evaluate all aspects of promotion to include, but not limited to,
print, radio, television and electronic media. They will continuously create,
propose and implement advertising campaigns. The Chairman shall be appointed
by the Commander.
Article XI, Section 4: No Board member may serve more than two consecutive
terms; succeed himself more than once, except a Board member who is completing a
term vacated by a previous member. may succeed himself twice.

Article XI, Section 6: No member of the Board of Trustees shall hold a paid position as
an employee of the Post, nor shall he have immediate family members or a significant
other employed by the post.
If you have moved or are moving, please complete the Change of Address slip below
and either mail it to AMVETS Post #1, 5717 South Tyler St, Tacoma, WA 98409 or
email to

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                            9
                             POST #1 MEMBER CHANGE OF ADDRESS

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

NEW ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

CITY ____________________________ STATE______ ZIP CODE

TELEPHONE NUMBER (                ) _____________________________ __________________________

    UPDATE from the AMVETS Post 1 South Tacoma
  Business Owners Association (STBOA) Representative
       Classic or vintage, stock or modified, fast or slow (NO – I’m not referring to our
AMVET’s Board of Directors) these are the vehicles, up to 250 of them, to see and talk to
their owners at the 2009 South Tacoma Car Show, Saturday, August 15th,, along South
Tacoma Way between S. 54th Street and S. 64th Street. Planning is well under way (for
Army/Air Force Veterans - that’s Coast Guard language for already started).
       AMVETS Post 1 worked out a sponsorship in the car show that involves cash and
in-kind services for the rights to get the AMVETS name out on all written materials
(including on the official poster). For those who were not able to attend the Post meeting
on April 2nd, Post 1 membership approved the use of the Post bus, $250 and use of some
of the Post parking spaces during the show.
       What we need from you: First, we need volunteers as bus drivers. You’ll have to
bring your driver’s license to Ray Edie so he can verify you have the special qualification
required to drive the bus.
       We’ll also need five volunteers to help set up and take down--from 6AM to 9AM to
help block off streets, set up the stage and volunteer area, and then a second group of
five volunteers from 3PM to 5:30PM to help disassemble everything in the afternoon. All
volunteers receive a tee shirt, along with all the amenities located within the volunteer
area. Volunteers also assist in the selection of the trophies and awards for the various
cars by category.
       Let us not forget the AMVETS booth … as members of the STBOA, we have a
booth on site (in front of The Opal Tavern) to get the AMVETS name, events and mission
out to the general public, and potential members. Along with managing the booth, Les
will be working with Mike Hardy (1st Vice) to get folks to drop by the AMVETS Post 1
August 16th for this year’s “Open House.”
       If you like looking at cars and want a fun-filled family day (with various venders
and all day entertainment directly across from our booth) this is your day! OR, if you
would like to help, contact Ray (for bus driving and or assisting parking at the AMVETS
post), Les (for booth management) or myself (Bob) for general volunteering. We will be
placing a volunteer sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the near future. We’re looking
forward for a great day and a wonderful way to get the word out about our fantastic club.
Bob Bearden
STBOA Representative for AMVETS Post 1

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                                10
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009   11
The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009   12
              BINGO SCHEDULE – 2 Sessions on Saturday Now!
        Our address is AMVETS, Post #1 at 5717 S. Tyler St., Tacoma.
      Play bingo on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday –
sessions start at 11:15 AM and 6:45 PM. On Tuesdays, we have “Triple
Play” – packets sell for $14.00. Five $1,000.00’s will go at the Saturday AM
session and Sunday PM session on a $20.00 pack. $10.00 pack pays ½.
EXTRA PAY GAMES ARE $1.00 EACH $10.00 OR $20.00
                        AM Session PM Session
Block of Nine           $100.00    $100.00
(15 numbers or less pays $150.00)

Hard Way 4-5-6      $150.00                       $150.00 or $200.00*
2 Chance-30 Numbers                               $1,000.00

Double Action                     $60% of Sales   $60% of Sales

Texas Blackout                    $150.00         $150.00 or $200.00*

Bonanza               $150.00                     $150.00 or $200.00*
2nd Chance-56 Numbers                             $1,000.00

Pick 7                  $150.00             $150.00 or $200.00*
2 Chance-22 Numbers                         $1,000.00
Power Ball              80% Sales           80% Sales
(Cost is $1.00 each)
Power Ball Special – Whenever the power ball goes and starts at zero,
we will add $200.00 to get the pot started.
*Depends on which schedule is in play.
2nd Chance pots – we add 1 number every Sunday until all pots on each
are gone.
Jackpot numbers are always growing, for more information, please call
us at (253) 472-7898.

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                13
                          MEXICAN DINNER
         Choice of Tacos and/or Enchiladas with
               Beans and Rice for $7.50

             All Hat proceeds
               Support Our
           Scholarship Program

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                   14
                                             AMVETS Post 1 Events May 2009

         Sun                Mon                   Tue              Wed               Thu               Fri                Sat

                                                                                                                  1                 2
                                                                                                 Aux Dinner: 6-8 Penny-ante Poker
                                                                                                  May Day Fiesta        4:30-?
                                                                                                    Wacky Hat
                                                                                                     Auction        Karaoke after 6
                                                                                                   Meat Raffle/          PM
                                                                                                   Bottle Raffle
                                                                                                   Music: Patty          SRC
                                                                                                  Travlin 4 8- 12
                                                                                                 Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM
                   3                     4                  5               6                 7                8                 9
   301 Darts 3 PM       Rec Hut Social        Cinco de Mayo   Ladies Night!    Exec Meeting 6 Steak Dinner 5-9 Penny-ante Poker
    Darts Pot Luck                               3-8PM!                              PM                              4:30-?
   2nd Tournament       Cribbage Club         Sons/AMVETS Full Menu 5-8PM                       Music: Pressure  Karaoke after 6
        Blind                                Meet at 7:30 PM Manhattan Dance    Texas Holdem    Ridge 8- 12 PM   501 Darts 7:30
                                              Bake Sale 6PM                    Sign up at 7 PM    Meat Raffle     Darts Potluck
                 Texas Holdem                 Darts 7:30 PM   Texas Holdem                          7:30/9            6:30
  Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM              Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM    Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM

                 10                  11                   12                13            14                15               16
   301 Darts 3 PM       Rec Hut Social        Taco Tuesday!     Ladies Night!Post Meeting 7  Cordon Bleu 5-9 Penny-ante Poker
    Darts Pot Luck                               5-8 PM                            PM          Music: The          4:30-?
   2nd Tournament       Cribbage Club                       Full Menu 5-8PM    Auxiliary     Midnights 8- 12   Karaoke after 6
        Blind                                 Darts 7:30 PM                 Business Meeting  Meat/ Bottle          PM
                                                            Manhattan Dance       7 PM       Raffle/ Gift Card Armed Forces
   Mother’s Day                                                               Blind Rehab       Giveaway            Day
                 Texas Holdem                                Texas Holdem        Bingo         7:30/9 PM            SRC
  Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM              Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM  Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM
                17                   18                   19                20             21               22               23
   301 Darts 3 PM       Rec Hut Social        Taco Tuesday!                 Trustee Meeting Steak Dinner 5-9 Penny-ante Poker
                                                                Ladies Night!
                         Orting Bingo            5-8 PM                           6 PM              PM             4:30-?
    Darts Pot Luck                                          Full Menu 5-8PM                   Music: Michael   Karaoke after 6
   2nd Tournament       Cribbage Club         Darts 7:30 PM Manhattan Dance   Texas Holdem    Craine 8- 12 PM  501 Darts 7:30
        Blind                                                                Sign up at 7 PM   Meat Raffle      Darts Potluck
                 Texas Holdem                                Texas Holdem                          7:30/9           6:30
  Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM              Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM  Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM

                24                   25                   26                27            28                29                30
   301 Darts 3 PM       Rec Hut Social        Taco Tuesday!     Ladies Night!Post Meeting 7 Hearty Beef Stew Penny-ante Poker
                                                 5-8 PM                           PM              5-9 PM            4:30-?
   Darts Pot Luck       Cribbage Club                       Full Menu 5-8PM                    Meat/ Bottle
                                              Darts 7:30 PM                 Auxiliary Social       Raffle      Karaoke after 6
   2nd Tournament       Texas Holdem                                         Meeting 7 PM    Music: Michael           PM
        Blind          Sign up at 7 PM                      Manhattan Dance                   & Leslie 8- 12   Dept Convention
                                                                                             Dept Convention    at Little Creek
                MEMORIAL                                                                      at Little Creek       Casino
                DAY                                          Texas Holdem                         Casino
  Bingo AM & PM OBSERVED                     Bingo AM & PM Sign up at 7 PM  Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM Bingo AM & PM
   301 Darts 3 PM
    Darts Pot Luck
   2nd Tournament

   Texas Holdem
   Tournament 1

  Bingo AM & PM

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                                                                         15
The AMVETS Newsletter                                             U.S. Postage
Post 1 News Reporter                                              Tacoma Wash.
5717 S. Tyler                                                     Permit No. 467
Tacoma Wash. 98409                                                Non-Profit Org

Return Service Requested                 May 2009

                        POST MEETING: Thursday, MAY 14 & 28, 7:00 PM
                       Executive Board Meeting: Thursday, MAY 7, 6:00 PM
                           Trustees Meeting: Thursday, MAY 21, 6:00 PM
         Adjutant (253) 471-0407     Service Office (253) 472-2822   Bingo (253) 472-7898
                  General Manager-Ray Edie—Manager/Hall Rental Information (253) 472-2552
                          E-mail the AMVETS at >>>

Post Officers                     Board of Trustees                      Auxiliary Officers
Commander Charles Eason           President Charles Eason                President Valerie Dent
1st Vice Michael Hardy            Vice President Robert Bungard          1st Vice Yvonne Crockett
2nd Vice Dave Harris              Treasurer Michael Mesa                 2nd Vice Charrie Hayward
3rd Vice Kelley Byers             Secretary Nike Henson                  3rd Vice Open
Adjutant Melvin Schleich          Member Don Rose                        Secretary Betty Schleich
Judge Advocate John Hauff         Member Les Albin                       Treasurer Barbara Edie
Chaplain Moses Smith              Member Judy Merrill                    Chaplain Patty Rybiski
Provost Marshal Philip Sharp      Member Robert Bearden                  Sgt at Arms Carol Gustafson
Finance Officer Lyle Harry                                               Parliamentarian Margaret Jauron

The AMVETS Newsletter, May 2009                                                                        16