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					   The budgets listed in the Allocation Process column are the dollars anticipated by each county from the State of California

         County Goals/Objectives                       Allocation Process                     Funding Process                         Evaluation
Ventura County                                   $11.7 million budget               Develop money management                  Center for Excellence in
            3 Overarching goals:                                                    strategy to offset reduction $’s           Early Childhood
 Create Neighborhoods for Learning              5.5% Administration                                                           Development has primary
   throughout county to contribute to school                                        Partner with agencies/providers            responsibility for results
   readiness (School Readiness)                  $9 mil - 3 goals funded equally                                               accountability
 Utilize outreach services to enroll                                               Reinvest interest from funds sitting      Funded projects participate
   families in Medi-Cal/Healthy Families,        $1 mil-special needs &             in Prop 10 Trust Account while             in development of
   home visits and resource specialists to       evaluation                         strategic plan is drafted                  accountability plan and
   identify hi-risk child/families (Health)                                                                                    data collection
 Mobile reading centers, intergenerational      One-time special acct. for         Draw upon state/federal matching          Institute protocols for
   mentoring, promote business for on-site       barrier reduction & innovative     funds & private contributions              collection of data
   child care(Support families)                  projects

Los Angeles County                               $165 million budget                Capitalize on low interest revolving   Use Report Card to annually
               3 Priority Goals:                                                    loan fund known as Develop             report status
 Home Visitation to increase families’          Unknown cost for Admin.            Revolving Capital Loan Fund &
   access to range of services; pregnancy                                           Capacity Development Grants            Plan to invest time and dollars
   services; check on hi-risk families.          $4 mil – for 3 priority goals                                             to build data to implement a
 Warm Lines: toll free/7 days/wk help line                                         Did not mention in plan what           meaningful accountability
   for parents or prospective parents to call    $9 mil – collecting data &         process they will use i.e. RFP, plan   framework because of current
   for help. Not a crisis line, but a resource   developing information systems     to submit more information later       unavailability or reliable data.
   line.                                                                            this year.
 Child Care Quality Improvement Grants          $3 mil – create more integrated,
   to assist providers to improve quality of     coordinated, responsive &
   childcare-training staff may be one           consumer friendly system
                                                 Remainder $’s set aside for
                                                 additional planning this year
Tuolumne County                              $490,000 Budget                     Competitive process through RFPs      Commission to work with
4 Focus Goals reflecting the Act. Priority                                                                             state-level evaluators to
areas for funding are:                       Unknown $ for Admin. Costs          Funded projects required to collect   develop/provide effective data
 Substance abuse prevention &                                                   & report both process & outcome       process
    intervention                             79% for priority funding, does      data annually
 Behavioral & psychosocial issues for       not indicate how allocated                                                Commission to assist funded
    young children their caregivers                                              Commission work with funded           projects in developing
 Parent education                           10% Capitol Projects                projects to gather baseline data      evaluation process & do
 Safe home environments                                                                                               quarterly checks to ensure data
 Access to quality childcare & early        $50,000/yr allocated to for first                                         is being collected
    education                                3 years to fund grants less than
 Access to medical & dental health          $10,000
                                             Sustainability Reserve created
                                             from interest generated over 18
                                             month period from funds in
                                             Prop 10 Trust Acct.

Trinity County                               $200,000 Budget                     Will not conduct RFP’s because of     Working on evaluation plan
            5 Priority Programs:                                                 limited funding and lack of service
 Establish comprehensive countywide         $25,000 Administrative              providers in the county
   midwife program to provide services 0-1
   yr.                                       $100,000 Midwife program            Developing funding process
 Establish/expand home-based services
   for childcare, nutrition & other early    $50,000 home-based services         Funding will be for one-year
   childhood development service                                                 periods
 Emergency dental services                   $5,000 emergency dental
 Promote improved nutrition & cognitive
   development through children’s garden      $7,000 garden program
 Expand tobacco cessation program            $3,000 tobacco cessation

                                             $10,000 small grants/programs
Lassen County                                    $300,000 Budget                   Use RFP, mini-grants, contracts for     An Evaluation Department of
      3 Focus Areas as required by Act                                             service and direct delivery of          Diversified Management will
Goals are a work in progress; examples           10% Administration                services where appropriate.             be responsible for results
include:                                                                                                                   accountability
 Implement Child Health Scorecard               30% 3 focus areas (10% each)      Funded programs must participate
    Project to increase amount of data                                             in development of accountability        Plan to institute protocols for
    collected                                    10% Expansion of existing         plan and data collection                collection of outcome data
 Increase cultural awareness at all levels      infrastructure, technology &
 Increase availability of transportation by     evaluation & increased cultural   Plan to develop:
    pooling resources                            competence                         Funding requirements
 Create multi-county forum to collaborate                                          Guidelines to make funding
    and build plan to address dental needs       50% Reserves                          awards
                                                                                    How to support program
                                                                                       sustainability while investing in
                                                                                       new programs
                                                                                   Procedures for dedicating unspent
                                                                                   reserve funds

San Benito County                                $900,000 Budget                   Open granting process with RFPs         Contract with an evaluation
3 Priority Areas with multitude of strategies:                                     for programs and services               consultant to assist in
 Increase number of programs to support         12% Administation                                                         evaluating rate of progress
    community-wide development of                                                  RFPs must reflect priorities in the
    parent/caregiver/family support groups &     80% Program & Service Fund        plan and indicate ability for           Measurement will include the
    education programs through partnerships      (funds disseminated by RFPs       capacity building of community          effectiveness of individual
    with employers, business, clinics,           chosen)                           agencies/organizations to provide       programs/services in meeting
    school...(Parent Support)                                                      services to those in greatest need      identified needs
 Support expansion of Head Start & other        5% Program Evaluation
    quality subsidized programs that are on a                                      Rollover Account established from       Funded programs must
    sliding scale basis to subsidize care for    3%Trust Account Investment        interest accrued will be continually    participate in evaluation plan
    more families (School Readiness)                                               reinvested. This account will fund:
 Support community-based access to                                                 50% One Time Projects
    healthcare with mobile services; establish                                      30% Trust Account Investment
    health services at community resource                                           20% Program Start-up
    centers & home visiting programs.
Santa Barbara County                          $9 million Budget                 RFPs widely distributed to              Plan to establish system for
                7 Objectives:                                                   community-based organizations,          planning, community/agency
1. Parent Support-Develop “welcome            5.4% Administration               cities, school districts, faith         mentoring, training, computer
   baby kit” & establish “Passport to                                           communities, early care &               and equipment needs and
   Parenting” to serve as developmental       56% Funding for first 3           education organizations & other         capacity building. To be
   guide to raising healthy children to       objectives to be equally funded   service delivery providers.             accomplished through specific
   school age                                                                                                           grants
2. Early Care & Education-establish           33% Sustaining Reserve in         3 Key Principles that must be
   countywide integrated structure that       anticipation of dwindling state   incorporated in RFPs:                   Create new data collection
   supports early care & education through    funding                           1. Serve ethnically, culturally, &      instruments, computer
   establishment of an agency & linkages                                           linguistically diverse children &    software, & other tools to
   with business and faith communities.       1.4% Evaluation/data/software        families & special needs             support outcome
3. Health-develop individual community-                                            children & families                  measurements. These will be
   based access to health care using          .04% Agency training for Grant    2. Address geographically &             shared with funded providers
   permanent & mobile services to reach all   development                          socially isolated communities
   communities/support mental health                                            3. Target traditionally under-
   curricula in preschools.                   3.8% Community Grants to             served/high-need populations
4. Capacity Building & Sustainability-        provide services to
   collaboration among key service            geographically, culturally &      RFPs should also reflect service
   providers & municipalities/facilitate      socially isolated areas           integration with goal of reaching all
   coordinated approach for government                                          communities
   funded services                            Operating Capital Fund equal to
5. Service Integration-develop multi-         3 months expenses               Screening Committee will review
   agency participation in permanent &                                        and rate proposals and make
   mobile resource centers/develop system                                     funding recommendations to the
   for parent input                                                           Commission
6. Data Development-development of data
   system & management will be a priority                                       Maximize funds through leveraging
7. Integrated Community Based                                                   with other funding streams, grants,
   Resources-identify key service providers                                     bequests
   who care culturally
   competent/collaborate with state
   agencies, service providers, educators,
Tulare County                                 $7.8 million Budget             Use RFPs process                     Plan acknowledges the need
          4 Strategic Focus Areas                                                                                  for evaluation and data
 7 Goals ranging from increasing             5% Administration               2 conferences held to provide        collection.
   childcare to providing subsidies through                                   training in development of RFPs
   Calif. Dept. of Education, Child           1.3% Evaluation, data
   Development Division (CDE/CDD)             collection & systems            Funding based on certain criteria:
 4 Goals focused on high number of                                            Target populations where need
   children born into “at-risk” families      93.7% Program Funding              is greatest and funding will
 4 Goals focused on resource                 distributed as follows:            provide significant impact
   development centers to provide “one         40% Childcare/Early            Programs that streamline access
   stop” for service information, service         Education                      to services and remove barriers
   entry & life skills information             35% Health, Safety,            Potential to leverage funds
 2 Goals focused on improving                    Wellness
   coordination & collaboration between        15% Parent Ed. & Support    Leverage funds with county, local,
   public/private services and development     10% Integration/Collaborate community-based organizations
   of comprehensive centralized                                             and coordinating councils
   information/referral system
                             Overview of Eight Diverse Strategic Plans

Prepared by Janet M. Carter, consultant with the California Center for Health Improvement statewide Prop. 10 Technical Assistance (TA) Center.
The purpose of the TA Center is to assist counties in all aspects of strategic planning and implementing the California Children and Families First
Act (Proposition 10). Janet has worked with the TA Center since January as a facilitator at county commission meetings, created documents to
gather county needs assessments, wrote a strategic plan and reviewed and summarized 26 county strategic plans for the TA Center.

Funding for the TA center was made possible by generous grants from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and The California Endowment.