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or, everything I ever wanted to know about creating a Finao ONE and related products but was afraid to ask

                                           DESIGNING A DESIGNER BOX LID FOR GALLERY

                                                                                                              like a Finao ONE canvas cover, they have their own
                                                                                                              unique templates.

                                                                                                              These templates are available for use to all regis-
                                                                                                              tered Finao customers via the web site. There are
                                                                                                              also pre-designed, drag-n-drop templates that can
                                                                                                              be purchased through some our playmates. Visit the
                                                                                                              playmates page on our website for more informa-

                                                                                                              Take care to ensure that you are using the correct
                                                                                                              template as there are multiple size boxes to choose

                                                                                                              DESIGNER BOXES

                                                                                                              The Designer Box lid upgrade from Seldex is cur-
                                                                                                              rently only available as a box upgrade when you
                                                                                                              purchase a Gallery matted album.
GOOD EXAMPLE: The top design fills the entire          BAD EXAMPLES: Both the top and bottom design
template. All the main information is on the top of   are not considered good designs because the im-
                                                                                                              • highly customizable
the box, nothing is too close to the edges and all    ages are ending on those guidelines. If even part
                                                                                                              • full photo wrap box cover
fold sides are completely covered. There should be    of the image shifts over, the background color will
no problems mounting this bad boy.                    show and it will look like a mistake on the final box.
                                                                                                              • only available with the
                                                                                                                Seldex Gallery album

                                                                                                              BOX SIZES
                                                                                                              • holds a 9” Gallery
                                                                                                              • holds a 12” Gallery
     Am I ordering a Gallery album?
                                                                                                              PRODUCTION TIME
     #@&$, why can’t I get this on other stuff?                                                               • generally 3-4 weeks
                                                                                                              • ships from Australia
     Did I use a template?
                                                                                                              SWATCH KIT
     Is my design flexible?                                                                                    • none required

     Make sure to select box upgrade on order.                                                                TEMPLATES
                                                                                                              • cover template
     Don’t forget to upload box design image.                                                                   required
                                                                                                              • templates also
                                                                                                                available for purchase
                                                                                                                from finao playmates

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