Job Posting Price Plans

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					Job Posting Price Plans
                                      Job Posting                                     Savings versus
        PACKAGE                                                       Price
                                       Duration                                        1 Job Posting
      1 Job Posting                     30 Days                     $ 10 CDN                  ‐

     5 Job Postings                     30 Days                     $ 45 CDN                10%

     10 Job Postings                    30 Days                     $ 85 CDN                15%

     25 Job Postings                    30 Days                     $ 200 CDN               20%

     50 Job Postings                    30 Days                     $ 375 CDN               25%

    100 Job Postings                    30 Days                     $ 700 CDN               30%

Job Posting Features (included with purchase):
        Reach a broad audience of job seekers through multiple search channels
        Search our resume database at no charge
        Have your postings promoted on 3rd party sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Twitter, MySpace,
        LinkedIn, Oodle, & JuJu
        Manage job applicants with your member account or direct applicants to an external company
        URL or company email address
        No job posting activation wait time
        Edit, suspend, or delete your job postings at any time
        View job posting statistics easily through your member account
        Create a company profile page with a corporate overview and logo
        Refresh expired job postings with a single click
        View a detailed billing history, print invoices, and much more

Additional Advertising Services
Jump to the Top Drawer! Add your company logo to the Featured Employers Section on our home page
for only $99 per month! To sign up for this service email us at

Prices and features are effective as of May 1st 2009 and subject to change.