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Alarm Company Monitoring Agreement Contracts document sample

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    Southwest One

    Tracy P Hayler
    Chief Superintendent
    Avon and Somerset Constabulary
• What is Southwest One?
• The journey
• The lessons
 What is Southwest One?
• A public/private partnership
• Two tiers of local government, the private sector,
  and the police.
• A Joint Venture Company (JVCo)
• Ten year contract to deliver services to founding
• A framework agreement – readily accessible to
  those public sector organisations which are
  OJEU signatories AND other public authorities in
  the Southwest
• A growth model, could deliver services to other
  authorities UK wide through appropriate
 Strategic Objectives

1. Provide quality services that meet future funding
2. Improve efficiency and transform corporate support
3. Improve access to and delivery of front-line services.
4. Invest in world class technologies.
5. Provide an excellent working environment for staff with
   good employment prospects.

Secondment model
Headquarters of JV Co in Taunton
Hub at Portishead HQ for police specific services
Services and benefits must extend across force area
Assured employment
No forced moves of staff
“In scope” services

•   HR
•   Financial Services and payroll
•   Procurement
•   Reprographics
•   Enquiry Offices
•   Administration – BCU and HQ
•   Estates
•   ICT
•   Facilities
 The Process

                                   Exploration Negotiation Contract
Concept   Procurement Evaluation
                                   March – Oct Oct 2007 -   Signed
 2005                   2007
                                      2007     March 2008 March 2008
 Key Features
 Proposal against affordability budget of £175m

                                   Wave 1                                          • Future waves

Core Services            Strategic Procurement   Systems Integration       Innovation

Savings against          Category management     Platform for growth       Locality Based
Affordability Budget                                                       Service Delivery
                         Category planning       Employee self-service
Future proofing the
organisation                                                               Contact Management
                         Controlled spending     Improved data integrity   Transformation
Assured employment
                         Assured Savings £(15m) Improved rostering         Estate Transformation
Contracted service                                                         and Rationalisation
levels                   Further Savings         Integrated solution

Enhanced performance                             Reduced administration

Access to technical
expertise without
further procurement

Significant investment
and space savings
Key Features   contd…

• Core Deal – guaranteed price for services for 10

• Transformation agenda
   • SAP
   • Procurement – guaranteed savings
   • Accommodation strategy
   • Contact Management Strategy
   • LBSD model

• 3rd Party Framework
Key Features contd…
•   600 staff second to JV Co
•   No TUPE
•   Assured employment for 10 years
•   No forced moves
•   Seat on the Board
•   Reserved matters/ powers of veto
•   Our security levels/ policies
•   No cross subsidisation of other partners
•   Super profit/super attrition provisions
   Key Features contd…

Service delivery contract
   •41 schedules                 •Access to Police
      •Output specifications     Authority premises
      •Performance regime        •Dispute resolution
      •Business continuity and   •Benchmarking
      civil contingencies        •Third party contracts
      •Professional standards    •Change control
      and information            •Etc.
Quality Assurance Arrangements

•   Internal Auditors              Deloitte
•   Dedicated Quality Assurance    KPMG
•   Generic legal advice           Veale Wasborough
•   Police specific legal advice   Burges Salmon
•   Counsel opinion                11 Kings Bench
•   Finance                        PA Treasurer
•   Monitoring Officer             PA CEO
•   Procurement advice             4P’s
•   “Gateway” review               Maana Consultancy
•   Fully costed business case

                                                 HR, Finance,
    Transition                IS
                                               Admin, Estates,
                     1st   June 2008         Enquiry offices etc
                                                         1st July

                            SAP               Accommodation
                         Strategic          Contact Management
   Transformation      Procurement              Locality Based
                          Service             Service Delivery

       Client          Benefits Tracking     Business as usual
      function           Cultural and
                    Organisational change
Lessons Learned
• Leadership
• Investment needed in programme team
• Significant financial input required
• Advisors
• QA and transparency
• Openness and tolerance
• Flexibility – negotiation is give and take
• Scale of organisational change required
• Get your ducks in a line!
• Don’t lose sight of why you are doing it
• Communication, communication, communication (and then
• Leap of faith?

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