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									                                                    BID FORM - #17661 - 6300 Harry Hines (Chase) –
                                                            Floors 2 and 11 Bid Package

        Bid Form Instructions:
  1     Follow these instructions carefully. Failure to follow could result in disqualification of your bid.
  2     Bidding deadline is 12:00 PM, January 13, 2010
  3     Bid Submission Instructions: Complete the yellow cells in this bid form and attach bid bond or other security, and
        other documents where called for, and submit your bid in a sealed envelope to:
                  Facilities Planning and Development Division
                      Parkland Health and Hospital System
                                        2222 Medical District Drive, Ste. 115
                                                                           Dallas, TX
                        Attn: Ana Quintanilla

  4     Alternate Bid Submission Instructions: In lieu of delvering bids in a sealed envelop, you may upload your bid
        documents on-line at Click on "Business Opportunities" and "View Details"
        for the project “8435 Stemmons Upfit”. scroll down to “Submit Bid” - Enter Company Name - browse for and upload
        the files from your computer – re-enter the anti-spam code in the box at the bottom of the page – hit the “Upload Bids”
        button. A green orred box will appear above "Submit Bid" to tell of if your bid was successfully submitted (green with
        note) or was not successfully submitted (red box with note). FILE NAMES SHOULD BE ALPHANUMERIC
        ONLY. DO NOT INCLUDE SYMBOLS OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS (i.e. &, #, +, *, ^, etc.) in any file names

Company Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip Code
Company Point of Contact:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Tax ID Number:
Minority Business Status / Good Faith Commitment
Please indicate “Yes” or “No”. Is the Business a Minority-Owned or Woman-Owned
Business Enterprise (MWBE)? If yes, attach minority certifcate(s) to the bid.
If the Company is a MWBE, what type is it? (i.e. Hispanic, Black, Asian, American
Indian, Woman-owned (white or other) -
For Non-MWBE businesses, if awarded the contract, what percent of the work is the
business willing to commit in “Good Faith” to MWBE suppliers or subcontractors?
Parkland seeks a 30% Good Faith for construction services.

a2c94747-834f-49cb-9496-b1d8e6e78da2.xls                       Page 1 of 4
The Bid Form file is an Excel spreadsheet. Each row in the bidding area below contains a formula that automatically calculates
the "Line Total" on each line where a bid has been provided. Enter your bid numbers in each "yellow block" on the grid where
you wish to submit a bid.
For contracts over $25,000, the prime contractor shall be required to furnish a good and sufficient performance bond in the
amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the total contract price. This is to be done at the award of the contract. Failure to do
so shall cause the hospital district to file a claim against the bid bond.
For contracts over $25,000, a payment bond in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price shall be
required for the prime contractor. This is to be done at the execution of the contract. Failure to do so shall cause the hospital
district to file a claim against the bid bond.
For contracts between $25,000 and $50,000, a performance bond may not be required if a single payment is stipulated to be
made upon completion and acceptance of the work. This determination is at the discretion of the hospital district.

Bids - Place bids in yellow cells.
                                                                          11th Floor
  Division       Category                     2nd Floor Area                               P&P Bond*             Line Total
       2         1.0 - Demo                                                                                                    -

       6         2.0 - Cabinet Work                                                                                            -

       8         3.0 - Doors & Hardware                                                                                        -

       9         4.0 - Partitions                                                                                              -

       9         5.0 - Ceilings                                                                                                -
                 6.0 - Painting &

       9         7.0 - Flooring                                                                                                -

       11        8.0 Audio Visual

       15        9.0 - Plumbing                                                                                                -

       15        10.0 - HVAC                                                                                                   -

       15        11.0 - Fire Protection                                                                                        -

       16        12.0 - Electrical                                                                                             -

       16        13.0 – Voice/Data                                                                                             -

       16        14.0 - Fire Alarm                                                                                             -

       28        15.0 Security                                                                                                 -

   Exclusions, Clarifications, Assumptions in the Bid. List any exclusions, clarifications or assumptions relating to the Bid
   including above in the following text box. (The box will expand to any size.)

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   Attach Bid Security. Bid bond or other Bid Security in amount of 5% of the amount in Line 5 above and Bid Form in a
   properly addressed sealed envelope. For bids uploaded onto the website, upload a copy of the Bid Security along with this
   Bid Form.

a2c94747-834f-49cb-9496-b1d8e6e78da2.xls                  Page 3 of 4
Representations and Certifications of the Bidder
By signature hereon, Bidder acknowledges, on its own behalf and on behalf of any parent or subordinate organization and all proposed associates or
subcontractors, the following:
1. Bidders warrants that it can provide proof of insurance in the coverage amounts specified in the contract documents for the work.
2.      Bidder accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the bid submission requirements and rules and the procurement procedures,
processes, and specifications identified in this Invitation for Bid (IFB), including any IFB amendment or addendum, and all attachments, appendices, or exhibits
to this IFB.
3. Bidder accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the District’s methodology, criteria, and process for evaluating bids and for
determining the selection of the successful bidder.
4.     Bidder accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the District’s sole, unrestricted right to withdraw or cancel the IFB at any time prior
to, or after receipt of bids.
5.    Bidder accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the District’s sole, unrestricted right to reject any or all proposals submitted in
response to this IFB including those which meet the minimum bid requirements.
6.    Bidder warrants that Bidder has examined and is familiar with the IFB and its terms and conditions.

7.    Bidder warrants that Bidder has visited the Property and conducted due diligence on the property satisfactory to the Bidder in making this bid.

8.    Bidder acknowledges and agrees that Bidder shall bear, as its sole risk and responsibility, any and all costs that arise from the Bidder's bid preparation.

9.    Bidder certifies that neither the Bidder nor the firm, corporation, partnership or institution represented by the Bidder, or anyone acting for such firm,
corporation, partnership, or institution has given, or intends to give at any time hereafter, any economic opportunity, future employment, gift, loan, gratuity,
special discount, trip, favor or service to a public servant in connection with the submitted Bid.

10.  Bidder warrants that it has the necessary experience, knowledge, abilities, skills, and resources to complete the used furniture transactions without pre-
payment or special assistance from Parkland.

11.   Bidder warrants that all statements, information and representations prepared and submitted in response to this IFB are current, complete, true and accurate.
Bidder acknowledges that the District will rely on such statements, information and representations in qualifying the Bid. If selected by the District as the
successful Bidder, Bidder will notify the District immediately of any material change in any matter with regard to which Bidder has made a statement or
12. Bidder certifies that the individual signing this document and the documents made part of the IFB is authorized to sign such documents on behalf of the
company and to bind the company in this sale.

13.    Bidder certifies that no relationship, whether by relative, business associate, capital funding agreement or by any other such kinship exist between Bidder
and an employee of District, or Bidder has not been an employee of the District within the immediate twelve (12) months prior to this Bid. All such disclosures
will be subject to administrative review and approval prior to the District entering into any sales agreement with Bidder.

14.      Bidder accepts the contract terms and conditions in the Construction Services Contract presented with the IFB.

15.    Bidder acknowledges that the District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and as such is subject to the Texas Public Information Act and no
disclosure made pursuant to such law shall be a violation of any obligations of the District. Information submitted to the District in response to the IFB is subject
to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, unless a Bidder can demonstrate that the identified part or
parts of the proposal falls within one or more of the exceptions to required public disclosure listed in the Public Information Act. If a Bidder believes that certain
information in the proposal is exempt from required public disclosure under the Public Information Act, the Bidder must specify the information and the
exception(s) that it believes apply, with specific detailed reasons. The District will disregard blanket statements regarding the confidentiality of proposals and
such statements will be deemed null and void.
16. By signature hereon, Bidder acknowledges ___ (0), ___ (1), ___ (2), ___ (3), ___ (4), or ___ (5) addenda to this IFB. (check all that apply.)

Sign Bid Form



                                                                     END OF BID FORM

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