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  2009-10 budget and building plans on May 19 ballot
No tax increase for budget or building plans

the 2009-10 budget

     he 2009-10 budget being considered by the community
     on May 19 trimmed around the edges of many programs
     without eliminating any of them.
   After three budget drafts since the initial budget proposal
on Feb. 23, the Board of Education on March 30 approved a
final budget totaling $46.65 million, a 1.7 percent or $794,249
spending increase over the current budget of $45,857,132.
   “We began this budget process with the goal of preserving
as much as we could in these difficult times,” said Superin-
tendent Susan Swartz. “We have done that and presented a
budget that meets the needs of our students while being sensi-
tive to the fiscal issues that we all face.”

tax rates would decrease slightly                                    Grade 5 students Maggie Holley and Ian Burns at
                                                                     Lincoln Elementary study their notes as they follow
  Using federal stimulus funds as well as restored state aid cut     steps to extract DNA from peas. The two are in Cily
by Governor David Paterson in December, Scotia-Glenville tax         Rueda’s OPAL enrichment class and Regan Burns’s and
rates would decrease slightly – by as much as 0.5 percent – in       Jeff Denney’s classes, respectively. OPAL students at all
the 2009-10 school year.                                             four elementary schools, taught by Rueda and Maria
                                                                     Maynard, conducted the experiment using other items,
           See “BuDGet CarrieS SliGht tax rate Cut,” paGe 2          such as onions and bananas. They crushed, mixed and
                                                                     blended the mixture and added soap and isopropyl
                                                                     alcohol to get the DNA to “clump” and be visible.
 two building proposals

       revamped building plan – less than half the size of
                                                                     These stories are inside…
       the defeated December proposal – will be presented to          Page 3 ➧ Around Scotia-Glenville through pictures
       the community during voting on May 19.
                                                                      Page 5 ➧ Three S-G Odyssey teams go on to states
  “The Board of Education and administration reviewed the
exit surveys and determined the essential needs of our build-         Page 7 ➧ S-G Recognitions of students and staff
ings,” said Superintendent Susan Swartz. “The result is a             Page 8 ➧ Students offer suggestions to save planet
project that will take care of our buildings’ needs.”
                                                                      Page 8 ➧ Calendar of Events
    See “BuilDinG planS fix roofS, infraStruCture,” paGe 2
 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                         Central SChool DiStriCt                                           Spring 2009

Building plans fix roofs, infrastruture, Budget plan carries slight tax rate cut,
from page 1                                                          from page 1
  The community on December 16 defeated a $26.76 million               A public hearing on the budget will be held at 7 p.m. on
plan that would have expanded the high school library                May 6, at the Middle School. It will be followed by the PTA
and track, added artificial turf and installed solar panels at       Council’s Meet the Board of Education candidates’ forum.
Sacandaga Elementary as well as the projects noted below.              The long-standing state STAR school tax reduction pro-
  On May 9, the community will consider two propositions:            gram was not changed by the state budget. The amounts
                                                                     used toward tax reduction are tied to a town’s equalization
4 project #1 - $9.317 million                                        rate – which is set by the state – and fluctuates every year.
    w Upgrade technology server capabilities/infrastruc-               The state STAR rebate check program that began in 2007
      ture at all six schools. The current system is more than       was ended by the state. The STAR program is not adminis-
      10 years old and has reached the end of its useful life;       tered by the school district; it is a state-run program.
    w Replace the schools’ public address systems/clocks             $1.3 million cut from “rollover” budget
      - some are original equipment and not working well;               Two months ago, Scotia-Glenville was facing a $2.4 mil-
    w Reconstruct aging roofs at four schools - Glen-Wor-            lion budget shortfall because of the usual budget “rollover”
      den, Lincoln, Sacandaga and the Middle School - and            increases from year to year and a one-time “deficit reduc-
      the bus garage. Glendaal’s roof was replaced last              tion assessment” assessed against all schools by the state.
      summer and the high school roof does not need work;          The administration and Board of Education sliced about
     w School-specific items include: replace the high           $1.3 million from the initial February 23 budget proposal.
       school’s current steam heating system with a more           Among the reductions and changes:
       efficient hot water system; replace the current six lane    w 5.2 full-time teaching positions were cut and one full-
       track and bleachers in the same location; replace the     time cleaner position will not be filled;
       high school library’s ventilation system because it         w The enrichment program in grades 4 and 5 will add a
       is loud and inefficient; replace Glendaal’s hot water     half-day math and science component and be taught by S-
       with more efficient equipment; and reconstruct the        G’s enrichment teachers. A half-day humanities enrichment
                                                                 program will continue to be taught by the Young Scholars
       high school front sidewalk and remove the canopy.
                                                                 program through BOCES;
4 project #2 - $2.575 million                                      w Supplies will be reduced by $63,000, professional
   Reconstruct and enclose the Middle School’s “open”            development by $5,000, athletics by $20,000, field trips by
                                                                 $20,000, technology replacement plan by $75,000 and aca-
Library Media Center by adding walls, improving ventila-
                                                                 demic contests by $2,500;
tion and expanding the teaching space. The space has been
                                                                   w Driver Education students will pay a $150 tuition, mak-
difficult to use because it has no walls, uses free-standing
                                                                 ing the summer program self-supporting;
bookshelves as walls, is loud and not secure. This plan
                                                                   w $350,000 was reduced from the Teacher Retirement
would also construct a corridor around the library.
                                                                 System budget line because of lower-than-expected contri-
no tax increase                                                  bution rates next year;
                                                                                          w $180,000 was used from the fed-
   Because of past debt being paid
                                            On Tuesday, May 19, the community eral stimulus money to pay for two
off, $450,000 from a debt reduction
                                            will consider the 2009-10 budget full-time special education teachers
account, special EXpanding our
                                            proposal, a $475,000 bus purchase and one full-time remedial teacher;
Children’s Education and Learning                                                         w A total of $249,000 was reduced
                                            plan, Board of Education candidates
(EXCEL) state aid and regular build-
                                            and two building proposals during from the budget lines for unan-
ing aid, there would be no tax increase
                                            voting from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at ticipated BOCES special education
for either proposal. ❧                                                                  ($174,000) and occupational education
                                                 Scotia-Glenville High School.
                                                                                        students (75,000). ❧
ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org   Central SChool DiStriCt                                      Spring 2009

    Scotia-Glenville students connect with the world every day.
                                            UPPER LEft: Grade 5 student Matthew Gonzales, a
                                            student in Linda Rose’s class, serves orange juice at the
                                            City Mission. He and his grade 5 classmates in Rose’s and
                                            Mary Radom’s classes made placemats, muffins and a
                                            pancake breakfast for residents at the City Mission. The
                                            students also collected and delivered coloring books
                                            and crayons for the children at the Mission’s Family
                                            Life Center. This is the 8th year of this service learning
                                            project at Glen-Worden.

                                            CENtER LEft: Glen-Worden grade 1 students Jillian
                                            Terwilliger, front, and Serena Sweet show off their
                                            “Hats off to Abraham Lincoln” headgear at an assembly
                                            to highlight the 16th president’s life and 200th
                                            birthday on Feb. 12. They are in Valerie Eagan’s and
                                            Carmella Caldara’s classes, respectively. Every grade
                                            highlighted different aspects of Lincoln’s life, including
                                            his childhood, campaign songs and the redesign of the
                                            Lincoln penny this year. All 250 students sang happy
                                            birthday to Lincoln at the end of the assembly.

                                            LOWER LEft: Twenty Scotia-Glenville students and two
                                            chaperones spent Feb. 6-20 in Avila, Spain. The students
                                            studied at the “Instituto Español Murallas de Avila”
                                            (IEMA) and stayed with families in Avila.
                                            These Spanish 3 and 4 students went on the trip: Gina
                                            Arket, Maria Brady, Erin Calder, Grace Cavoli, Kyle
                                            Coombs, Erica Eglin, Rachel Feurer, Michelle Fraser,
                                            Nicole Georgelas, Elliott Gordon, Daniel Hartney, Britta
                                                Kilbourn, Matt McKenna, Meg Mulone, Joseph
                                                Rafalak, Alexandra Restina, Whitney Salamone,
                                                Courtney Schaeffer, Kaitlin Straut and Corey Wicks.
                                                The chaperones were Regina Cabrera and Connie
                                                The students attended Spanish classes daily from 9
                                                am until 1:30 pm. They studied folkloric dance and
                                                art. As well, they traveled to the Valley of the Fallen
                                                and monument to Francisco Franco, near Madrid;
                                                the city of Toledo, where El Greco lived and worked;
                                                the city of Madrid, where they saw the Royal Palace,
                                                the Prado Museum, Kilometer Zero and many other
                                                sights; and the city of Salamanca, where they saw
                                                the oldest university in Spain, the Cathedral.

 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                       Central SChool DiStriCt                                    Spring 2009

                                                                    New Visions students win 2009
                                                                    ‘We the People’ competition

                                                                          tudents in the New Visions Law and Govern-
                                                                          ment program from the Capital Region
                                                                          BOCES placed first in the regional “We the
                                                                    People: The Citizen and the Constitution” competi-
                                                                    tion at Albany Law School against 40 other students.
                                                                      Among the New Visions students were Scotia-
                                                                    Glenville seniors Meghan Hart and Ingrid Medina.
                                                                      The students had to explain the philosophical
                                                                    and historical foundations on which the Ameri-
Congratulations to Founder’s Day recipients!

                                                                    can political system is based. During a simulated
     he PTA Council held its 69th annual Founders’ Day dinner       congressional hearing, students “testified” before a
     at the Glen Sanders Mansion on Tuesday, Feb. 3.                panel of judges to demonstrate their knowledge and
        The following school community supporters were hon-         understanding of constitutional principles. ❧
ored by each school’s PTA and received a lifetime PTA
membership award.
  The annual “Founders’ Day” dinner is an opportunity
for the PTAs and PTA Council to honor and celebrate in-
dividuals who have made a positive difference in the lives
of the children and young people in Scotia-Glenville.
  The High School Jazz Band, conducted by Allison Atch-
ley, provided entertainment.
  The recipients this year were:
  Glendaal Elementary PTA: Ilia Bulford, parent; Gina
    Brown, teacher; and Bellamy and Sons;
  Glen-Worden Elementary PTA: Vicki Hillis, parent, and
    Dirk Francois, teacher;
  Lincoln Elementary PTA: Cheyenne Dallesandro,
    teacher, and Andrea O’Connor, parent;
  Sacandaga Elementary PTA: Kathi Waters, teacher;
    Anne Cardany, parent; and Clara Bisaillon, parent;       Above, Capt. Campbell Kane and Staff Sgt. Daniel Graff,
                                                             both from the Albany Reserve Center, recite the Pledge
  Middle School PTA: Lisa Forshey, parent/nurse; and
                                                             of Allegiance for S-G Middle School students at the MSBC
   Pam DiPietro, teaching assistant;                         television studio while grade 8 student Alex Titus films
  High School PTSA: Bruce Kohout, teaching assistant;        them. They thanked students and staff at the middle school,
    Janice Glenn, parent; Mike Turgeon, teacher; and Kar-    Sacandaga, Glendaal and high school who collected 210
    en Sroczynski, parent, Lifetime Achievement Award        boxes of food, socks, phonecards, candy, holiday treats
                                                             and other well-wishes for troops serving in Iraq. The MS
  PTA Council: Bob Hanlon, staff ❧                           collection was spearheaded by grade 7 student Richelle
                                                             Cremo, whose father was serving in Iraq. Richelle’s mother,
                                                             Lisa, arranged for the marines’ visit.
 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                        Central SChool DiStriCt                                        Spring 2009

Three SG teams place first in
regional Odyssey of the Mind
competition; advanced to states

        ozens of Scotia-Glenville students on 15
        teams from the four elementary schools and
        middle school worked together for months
  and let the creative juices flow to develop unique
  solutions to “problems” in the annual Odyssey of
  the Mind competitions on Feb. 28.
  Two Glen-Worden teams - tackling the Earth Trek
and The Lost Labor of Heracles problems – and a Lin-
coln team performing Teacher Yer Creature won in their
divisions in regional competitions and advanced to
the state tournament in Binghamton on April 4.
                                                         Above, grade 6 student Skyler Pleminik stands alongside her
   The day-long competition challenges students to       “intended groom” during the Odyssey of the Mind competition
come up with the most creative, original and imagina-    at Draper Middle School in Rotterdam. Her team demonstrated
tive solutions to open-ended problems.                   “superstitions” and the team had to develop its own superstition.
                                                         The team’s superstition was: “If a groom has a cloud over his head
  All of the teams developed solutions to one of five
                                                         – before he says I do (marries) – then he will be dead.” Above,
problems by working their own skills and interests       Skyler’s groom has a cloud and she wasn’t able to marry him.
into the solutions for one of these five problems:
 w Earth Trek: Teams had to design and build a small        Scotia-Glenville joined the Odyssey of the Mind program in
   vehicle that would transform its appearance four       2007. That year, one team from Sacandaga advanced to the state
   times as it appears to travel around the world.        tournament; in 2008, a Glen-Worden team went on to states.
   Glen-Worden’s team placed 7th in Binghamton.            Regionally, more than 600 students competed in 90 teams from
 w Teach Yer Creature: Teams had to build a me-           Albany, Schoharie, Schenectady and Saratoga counties in the
   chanical creature that acted like a real animal and    Capital Region BOCES-sponsored tournament. ❧
   learned new tasks during a performance.
   Lincoln’s team placed 11th in Binghamton.               Many thanks to our coaches and parents!
 w The Lost Labor of Heracles: Ancient Greece was            As with many school programs, adults do the hard work to
   revived in a performance depicting Heracles’ 12         create opportunities for children. That is very important in Od-
   labors and a “lost labor” that was created by the       yssey of the Mind. Below are the coaches for the teams:
   team. Glen-Worden’s team placed 14th in Binghamton.     Glen-Worden           Glendaal                 Sacandaga
 w Shockwaves: Teams designed a balsa wood struc-            Christine Casales     Mike Celella             Maureen Blazejeski
   ture weighing no more than 15 paper clips and             Elizabeth Currie      Steve Esker              Lisa Omicinski
                                                             Chris DeCarlo         Dirk Francois            Danielle Roylance
   supported weights. These lightweight structures           Suzanne Meeker        Linda Francois           Marianne Senneca
   are known to hold over 1,000 pounds. The struc-           Jeff Parry            Tammy Boyd               Harmon Tunison
   ture had to absorb and withstand “shockwaves”             Kristin Rooney      Lincoln                    Jan Tunison
   from falling weights.                                     Marcia Smith          Kathy Burns            Middle School
                                                             Gene Terwilliger      Cheyenne Dallesandro    Cathy Gatta
 w Superstition: Teams explored origins of supersti-         Gregg Zeman           Tracy Jones             Maria Maynard
   tions from around the world and invented a new                                  Joe McQueen             Britt McManus
   superstition while giving a performance that                                    Shari Yerman
   showed why they occurred.
 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                        Central SChool DiStriCt                                                                      Spring 2009

“Thermal,” “mahogany” and
“feudal” among the challenging
words at annual Spelling Bee

      ifteen elementary and middle school students took
      turns twisting on the stage, wringing their hands
     and whispering letters to themselves during the
  annual Spelling Bee at the Middle School.
  Two students - grade 5 student Aubrey Gallop from
Glendaal and grade 6 student Avery Maycock - rep-
resented Scotia-Glenville at the 27th annual Regional
Spelling Bee on March 16 at Proctor’s Theater.
  These students were the building champions who          Scotia-Glenville’s top building spellers relax after the Spelling
competed in the school-wide Spelling Bee:                 Bee, which was held in the Middle School auditorium.
  Glendaal School: Graciana Cox, grade 4; Aubrey
   Gallop, grade 5; and Joie Prentice, grade 5                       Congratulations to our Scholar
  Glen-Worden School: Erin Zeman, grade 4; Zachary Ladou-            Athlete Teams; boys basketball

   ceur, grade 5; and Liam Rooney, grade 5
                                                                                hese Scotia-Glenville winter sports teams
  Lincoln School: Stratton Yerman, grade 4; Maggie Holley,
                                                                                have earned Scholar Athlete Team status for
    grade 5; and John Pierce, grade 5
                                                                                the season.
  Sacandaga School: Dylan Van Patten, grade 4; Carter Gibbons,
                                                                       The grade point averages (GPA) are the combined
    grade 5; and Natalie Straut, grade 5
                                                                     grades for all members of that team:
  Middle School: Avery Maycock, grade 6; Teddy Meiners,
                                                                        Team                                                     GPA
   grade 6; and Jenna Greene, grade 7
                                                                        Boys Indoor Track . . . . . . . . . . . 92.024
  Lincoln Princpal Ann Comley pronounced the words while
                                                                        Girls Indoor Track . . . . . . . . . . . 92.564
Glen-Worden Principal James Dunham, Glendaal Principal Tom
                                                                        Girls Basketball  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 93.704
Eagan and Sacandaga Principal John Tobiassen were the judges.
                                                                        Boys Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90.73
  Superintendent Susan Swartz opened the ceremony by discuss-           Boys Skiing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 92.855
ing the importance of correct spelling in writing and telling the
                                                                       Congratulations to all of the winter teams for a
students that “you are already way ahead of a lot of other stu-
                                                                     very successful season!
dents - even college students - that I have known.”
                                                                                              Special mention goes to the
  Comley assured the students that they are all champions just                             boys varsity basketball team
for making it through the process in each individual school. She                           and coach Jim Giammattei.
also mentioned a truism of spelling bees - “you may end up being                              The team, with a 20 wins and
able to spell every other word you hear today - except for the one                         2 losses record for the season at
that you are given. That is how it is.”                                                    the time, beat Gloversville for
  She went on to challenge them with words such as “reckless,”       the Section II Class A title – last held by S-G in 1975.
“thermal,” “tutu,” “finale,” “feudal,” “tendency,” “legible” and       The team won a place at the state championships
“mahogany.” Among the top two spellers, Avery correctly spelled      in Syracuse but fell short to Jamesville-DeWitt, 90-
“occupancy” and Aubrey correctly spelled “vocable” to become         61, in the state Class A game. ❧
the two SG representatives to the Regional Spelling Bee. ❧
 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                                               Central SChool DiStriCt                                          Spring 2009

                                        S-G Recognitions
                                              A small sampling of the many
                                         wonderful things happening among the
                                         students and staff in your school district.

  These high school students were named as Students of                                   session comprised of 20-30 Capital Region professionals
the Quarter for the second school year quarter in January:                               from a variety of fields. Professionals and fields represented
Subject                             Name                            Class year           at the expo included fashion and graphic design, sound
                                                                                         engineering, photography, hotel/restaurant management,
Art. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mariah Senecal . . . . . . . . junior
                                                                                         auditor/banker, computer programmer, engineer, biologist,
Business Education . . . .Kathleen Pettinato . . . . . senior
                                                                                         chemist, forensics specialist, welder, electronics repair, for-
English . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .***** . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *****       estry, dentist, physician, social worker, teacher, archeologist,
Family & Consumer                                                                        funeral director, fire fighter, criminologist, attorney, correc-
Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Melinda Stecher . . . . . . . junior                 tions officer and police officer.
Foreign Language . . . . .Travis Bailor . . . . . . . . . . junior                                                   ❧❧❧
G.O.A.L. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miguel Bustamante . . . . soph.
                                                                                           S-G junior Natalie Graham participated in Union Col-
Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kevin Pietrow . . . . . . . . . soph.
                                                                                         lege’s Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) and
Mathematics . . . . . . . . . .Deanna Moran . . . . . . . . soph.                        competed in the STEP Rochester Regional Science Bowl .
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Gabrielle Mason. . . . . . . soph.
                                                                                           While the five-student team, which includes Natalie,
Physical Education . . . . .James Gardinier . . . . . . . soph.
                                                                                         three students from Schenectady HS and one from Bishop
Professional Skills . . . . .Gillian Mason . . . . . . . . soph.                         Gibbons HS, did not place in the top teams, the students
Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ryan O’Connor. . . . . . . . soph.                  were able to tour the University of Rochester, St. John Fisher
Social Studies . . . . . . . . .Charles Palsa . . . . . . . . . . junior                 College and Rochester Institute of Technology.
Technology . . . . . . . . . . .Rocco Young . . . . . . . . . . soph.                       STEP was established in 1985 by the state Legislature to
Vocational Technology. .Benjamin Conde. . . . . . . soph.                                prepare historically underrepresented students in the sci-
                                        ❧❧❧                                              ences or economically disadvantaged students in grades 7
  Aaron Chojecki, a senior at SG, placed first in residen-                               - 12 for entry into postsecondary degree programs in scien-
tial wiring during the SkillsUSA Regional Competition at                                 tific, technical, health-related, and licensed professions.
Schenectady County Community College in March .                                            Union College will host the state 2010 Science Bowl - 24
  Aaron is in the electrical trades program at the Capital                               STEP teams competed in Rochester this year.
Region BOCES Career and Technical School. He was one of                                    More information about the program is available at
eight first-place winners in the competition, which involves                             http://www.union.edu/StudentLife/Community/step/in-
several trades and programs at the school.                                               dex.php
  High school sophomores throughout Schenectady
                                                                                           Kindergarten students in Beth Donovan’s and Natasha
County – including most Scotia-Glenville grade 10
                                                                                         Sweet’s classes at Glendaal Elementary raised $247 to help
students – attended the Career Expo 2009 at Schenectady
                                                                                         the Easy Street Rescue farm . The farm, located in the town
County Community College in March .
                                                                                         of Florida near Amsterdam, rescues abused and unwanted
  The event consisted of a 30-minute general presentation
                                                                                         horses and farm animals. The farm’s Web site is: http://
that offered tools to assist in plotting a course toward po-
                                                                                         www.easystreetrescue.org/ ❧
tential careers. It was followed by a 70-minute exploration
   BoarD of eDuCatIoN
     Margaret h. Smith, President         Scotia-Glenville                                                                                  Non-Profit org.
                                                                                                                                             u.S. Postage
  Gary t. normington, Vice President      Central SChool DiStriCt                                                                               PaID
         Colleen r. Benedetto
           pamela S. Carbone              900 preddice parkway, Scotia, nY 12302                                                            Permit No. 692
          Benjamin a. Conlon              Superintendent’s office: (518) 382-1215                                                          Schenectady, NY
            Brian D. McCann
            John r. Yagielski
   The Tartan Report is produced in co-                     District Administrators
   operation with the Capital region
   BoCeS Communications Service.                               Susan M. Swartz
    Labeling done by the High School
                                                             Joseph F. Kavanaugh
                                                                                                               PoStal CuStomer
  Skills Development class taught by
             Sarah Hoffmann                                        Director of
          Mailing sorted by the                           Curriculum and Instruction
           high School ptSa                                  Andrew M. Giaquinto
  Editor/Photographer: robert hanlon                       School Business Manager

 ScotiaGlenvilleSchools.org                             SCotia-Glenville Central SChool DiStriCt                                                 Spring 2009

S-G Middle School students tackle a
                                                                                           Scotia-Glenville’s Calendar

tough task – saving the environment

         rades 7 and 8 students took part in the Daily Ga-                         u	MonDaY, MaY 4                     t
                                                                                                                     u	 ueSDaY, MaY 19
                                                                                      Staff Development                Community vote, 6 a.m. to
         zette’s Earth Day Project by sharing ideas with the                          tWo-hour DelaYeD Start           9 p.m., high School gym
         newspaper’s readers about saving the environment.                            of SChool, GraDeS 6-12           4 2009-10 budget
                                                                                   u	WeDneSDaY, MaY 6                  4 Bus purchase proposal
 Some of their suggestions were printed in the April 19                               7 p.m. - 2009-10 budget public   4 Building projects
Gazette. Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22.                                           hearing at the Middle School
                                                                                                                       4 two candidates for the
                                                                                      7:30 p.m. - PTA Council’s Meet   Board of education
  The students are in Neal Cummings’s grade 7 enriched                                the Board of Education
                                                                                      Candidates forum at the MS       M
                                                                                                                     u	 onDaY, MaY 25
Science-Math-Technology (SciMaTech) class and Corinna                                                                  Memorial Day
                                                                                   u	 onDaY, MaY 11
DuCharme’s grade 8 SciMaTech class.                                                                                    no SChool
                                                                                      Board of Education meeting,
                                                                                      Sacandaga Elementary             M
                                                                                                                     u	 onDaY, June 8
  They were asked “What’s Your Idea or Suggestions to
                                                                                   u	 friDaY, MaY 15                   Board of Education meeting,
Help the Environment?” Many of the suggestions focused                                                                 High School
                                                                                      Staff Development
on recycling, reusing products and trash reduction. Here is                           half DaY for GraDeS 6-12 u	      tueSDaY, June 16
a summary of some of the other ideas:                                              u	 onDaY, MaY 18
                                                                                      	                                Report Card preparation
                                                                                                                       half DaY of SChool
  w Install solar panels on major buildings, like schools, to                         Board of Education meeting,      - GraDeS K-5
                                                                                      Middle School
cut energy costs – Michael Caccavale, grade 8.                                         all Board of education meetings begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
                                                                                       please call 382-1215 if you have any questions about time or locations.
  w The average American uses 124 gallons of water each
year. Everybody should cut back on water usage by one gal-                           w Front-loaders could run on methane gas and, when they
lon per day – Elizabeth Gallagher, grade 8.                                        pick up garbage at landfills, the trash could be sifted and
  w Encourage the use of materials that decompose over                             put on a conveyor belt where robots remove metals, plastics
a period of time, leaving just dirt and sand behind. This                          and paper – Michaela Schnore, grade 7.
would cause fewer items to be dumped into landfills –                                w Harness the energy from water falling off a home’s
Maxine Culhane, grade 8.                                                           roof to generate electricity that could be used in that house
  w Mandate that towns and villages, as well as Third World                        – Bobby Rowledge, grade 7.
countries, plant more trees to increase oxygen production                            w Create a community compost pile that everyone can
– James Kennedy, grade 8.                                                          contribute into that will produce rich soil for farmers –
  w Discourage people from using machines like leaf                                Sierra Plemenik, grade 8.
blowers, snow blowers and treadmills; people should                                  w Buy food from local farmers to save on the carbon emis-
use manual rakes, shovels and do yard work for exercise                            sions from shipping the food to stores – Bailey McKenna,
– Christian Rizzuto, grade 7.                                                      grade 7. ❧