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					FiberCo/WaveCo Update

       Joint Techs
      July 16, 2007
Internet2 Network Services

     Internet2 FiberCo

       • FiberCo’s mission is to serve the Internet2
         research and education community by
         providing means and tools for the acquisition
         of dark fiber, as well as providing professional
         services to assist in managing and operating
         optical and networking infrastructure
         investments made by the community
       • Initiated in 2003 to support optical initiatives in
         US R&E

Internet2 FiberCo

     Dark fiber service offerings

       • Provides a means for community to
         acquire dark fiber
            • By aggregating demand, negotiated deeply
              discounted rates
            • As of Summer 2007, over 13,000 miles
              assigned to members, played a part in other
              fiber acquisitions

                                                                • New England region (NEREN)
State and Regional Networks                                     • New Mexico (NMSU, UNM)
                                                                • New York (NYSERNet, Cornell)
•   Alabama (Univ Alabama)                                      • Nebraska (Univ. Nebraska)
•   Arizona (CENIC)                                             • North Carolina (NC LambdaRail)
•   Arkansas (AREON)                                            • Ohio (Third Frontier Network)
•   California (CENIC)                                          • Oklahoma (OneNet)
•   Colorado (FRGP/BRAN)                                        • Oregon
•   Connecticut (Conn. Education Network)                       • Pacific Northwest (Lariat – NIH BRIN,
•   Florida (Florida LambdaRail)                                  PNNL)
•   Georgia (Southern Light Rail)                               • Pacific Coast (NLR LLC –
•   Great Plains Network (MIDnet)
                                                                • Rhode Island (OSHEAN)
•   Indiana (I-LIGHT)
                                                                • South Eastern U.S. (SRONs)
•   Illinois (I-WIRE)
                                                                • Tennessee* (OneTenn/ORNL)
•   Kansas (KU, KSU)*
                                                                • Texas (LEARN)
•   Louisiana (LONI)
                                                                • Virginia (MATP)
•   Massachusetts (MIT)
                                                                • Wisconsin (WiscNet/WiscWaves)
•   Maryland, D.C. & northern Virginia (MAX)
                                                                • Wyoming
•   Michigan (MiLR, MERIT)                                      Canada
•   Minnesota - Iowa- Wisconsin (BOREAS)                        - CANARIE (for partnership with
•   Missouri (MOREnet/UMo)*                                       Michigan/New York and others)

(RONs in red have made dark fiber acquisitions through FiberCo)
(*RON/universities with RFx’s issued or in process of acquiring fiber)
Internet2 FiberCo

     Dark fiber service offerings – cont.

       • In 2006, 2 yr continuation of original Level 3
            • Same 20 yr IRU contract as before
            • Same O&M contract – 5 yr renewable terms
       • Dark fiber footprint
            • Long-haul fiber – 33,000 route miles
                • 150 markets
            • Metro fiber – 22,000 route miles
                • 110 markets
                • Over 5,000 on-net buildings

Internet2 FiberCo

     Dark Fiber pricing
       • Long-haul fiber:
            • $850/strand mile for 20 yr IRU
            • $200/route mile annual O&M
       • Metro fiber:
            • Tiered structure based on market (inquire for
              details on specific market)
       • Colo:
            • $800/rack MRC (30 amps included), $3500 NRC

Internet2 FiberCo

     Consulting and Professional Services
       • Understand the challenges in cost effectively
         and efficiently lighting and managing optical
           • Experience in working with the community
             for dark fiber needs (national and regional).
       • Partnered with industry to provide services that
         were previously available only to service
       • Goal: to assist members in delivering carrier-
         class network services

    Professional Services
      • FiberCo draws upon Professional Services using
        highly-experienced team of networking professionals
          • Level 3
          • Ciena
          • Fujitsu
      • Full range of services/turn-key solutions (design,
        implementation, operations) at aggressive FiberCo
      • Via our relationships, FiberCo can provide pre-
        negotiated, discounted offerings so that your resources
        can be better capitalized

Internet2 FiberCo

     Professional Services
       • Consulting:
            • RFx creation and review, site analysis, fiber discovery and
              sourcing, project management, recommendations and tailored
                • help determine dark fiber networking infrastructure requirements
                  (Long-haul, metro, interconnects)
                • Where fiber not available/feasible, other alternatives
       • Pre Installation Support
            • Optical engineers and network designers will perform network
              architecture and route design, transmission engineering and
              optronics requirements determination, conduct fiber
            • Including recommendations for implementation

Internet2 FiberCo

     Professional Services – cont.
       • Installation and Implementation Services:
            • Conduct detailed site engineering and installation prep,
              perform test and turn-up service.
       • 24 x 7 x 365 Operations Support (Shared NOC):
            • Including network monitoring and maintenance management;
              fault isolation and troubleshooting, field services dispatching;
              provisioning and lifecycle engineering; service initiation,
              sparing requirements, equipment maintenance.
       • Equipment sales
            • Ciena 2000, 2600, 4200, CoreStream, CoreDirector

Internet2 Network Services

     Internet2 WaveCo

       • WaveCo provides Internet2 members cost-effective
         access to long-term dedicated wavelengths on an
         extensive nationwide and metropolitan footprint
         covering more than 33,000 miles of optical fiber.
       • National-scale aggregated rates
            • Cost effective for regional networks that want to extend their
              reach with varying demands for circuit capacity or duration.
            • available to RONs to reach members where dark fiber isn’t
       • Pricing:
            • Priced at Level 3’s best wholesale rate

     More information

          • Linda Roos


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