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					                             CIS 583 - Information Systems Consulting
                                           Summer 2010
SCOPE: Planning and assessment of the feasibility, development, and infrastructure of information
       technology oriented consulting and planning projects. Analysis of case studies of information-age

Texts: Case Pack (ten cases)

Instructor: Dr. Paul Rosenthal, Professor of Information Systems  
Office Hours: Wednesday 4:00 - 6:00 pm, ST 615

WEEK DATE             TOPICS                                            PRESENTATION
  1  6/23 Structure and Evolution of IS/IT Field
          Project Presentation: Strategic Planning Proposal (UMBC)
            Methodology Discussion: The Case Method
  2  6/30 Project Presentation: Office Automation/LAN Project (PB)
            Methodology Discussion: The Consultants Calling (Bellman)
  3  7/7  Project Presentation: Package Selection Project (City)
            Methodology Discussion: High-Impact Consulting (Schaffer)
  4  7/14 Project Presentation: Bay Area Earthquake Assessment Project (SPC)
            Methodology Discussion: Flawless Consulting (Block)
  5  7/21 Project Presentation: Performance Management Planning (BBMB K)
                                IT Governance Presentation
  6  7/28 Project Presentation: Data Center Architecture Planning (MBB)
                                Washington Mutual Outsourcing
                      Student Case Presentation                              1, 2
  7  8/4  Project Presentation: Disaster Planning Strategy (GFB)
                                SOX for IT Presentation
                      Student Case Presentation                              3, 4
  8  8/11 Project Presentation: Communications Services Planning (GFB)
                                 BCM Decision Approaches
                      Student Case Presentation                              5, 6
  9  8/18 Project Presentation: IT Product Delivery Organization (BBMB)
                               Mediation Planning (City)
                      Student Case Presentation                              7, 8
 10  8/25 Project Presentation: Organization Change Management
                                TPS Design Presentation
                      Student Case Presentation                              9, 10
 11  9/1  FINAL EXAMINATION (7:30 pm Wednesday)

      20 pts Case Presentation
                 10 pts Technical Quality, 5 pts Presentation Quality, 5 pts Handling of Discussion & Questions
         20 pts Class Participation during presentation/discussion of a case or project material
                Scoring- 3 points for a pertinent question/comment
                            5 points for an insightful question/comment
         60 pts Final Exam
                               CIS 583 - Information Systems Consulting
                                           Case Pack Contents
                                                   Summer 2010

                           Presentation                Case
  Week          Date                                                                       Case Name
                             Number                   Number
                                                                           Baxter International
     6a                          1                     9195103
                                                                           Hospital Products and Services
                                                                           Li & Fung
    6b                           2                     301009
                                                                           B2B Portal
                                                                           MediSys Corp:
     7a                          3                                         IntensCare Product Development
                                                                           BAE Automated Systems:
    7b                           4                     396311
                                                                           Denver Airport
                                                                           General Dynamics and CSC:
     8a                          5                     193144
                                                                           Outsourcing the IS Function
                                                                           CareGroup-A Major Hospital
    8b                           6                     303097
                                                                           Contingency Planning
                                                                           Strategic Outsourcing at
     9a                          7                     107003
                                                                           Bharti Airtel Ltd.
                                                                           Volkswagen of America:
    9b                           8                     606003
                                                                           Managing IT Priorities

    10a                          9
                                                       308049               The AtekPC Project Management Office
    10b                          10                    201008
                                                                           e-Business Models

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