Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Interoffice Memo by DerekSchouman


									                   Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Interoffice Memo
                           Agenda for January 27, 2009 Meeting
Date:               January 22, 2009

To:                 Rafique Ahmed        Geography/Earth Science – 2023 Cowley Hall
                    Cynthia Berlin       Geography/Earth Science – 2027 Cowley Hall
                    Rourke Decker        Student Association
                    Ryan Friesen         English – 425 Wimberly Hall
                    Emily Johnson        Psychology – 335 Graff Main Hall
                    Kristofer Rolfhus    Chemistry – 4022 Cowley Hall
                    Davide Secchi        Management – Wimberly Hall
                    Don Socha            Modern Languages – 315 Graff Main Hall
                    Richard Sullivan     English – 433A Wimberly Hall
                    Mao Zheng            Computer Science – 217 Wing

Alternates:         Carol Angell, Virginia Crank, Georges Cravins, Jean Janecki, Joseph Kastantin, Bradley
                    Seebach, Bernadette Taylor – Winfrey, Robert Wolf

Consultants:        Carla Burkhardt, SAH; Billy Clow, CLS; Amelia Dittman, CBA; Guy Herling, SAH;
                    John Jax, Library Services; Sandy Keller, CLS;

From:               Diane Schumacher, Records and Registration

Re:Agenda –January 27, 2009 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Meeting, 3:30pm, 325 Graff Main

      1.   Approval of the December 9 , 2008 minutes

      2.   Second readings:

           Political Science as previously distributed

           History as previously distributed

           Biology as previously distributed

      3.   First readings:

           New Minor: Sports Broadcasting Minor within the Broadcast and Digital Communication
           Emphasis effective Fall 2009
           Sports Broadcasting Minor in the Communication Studies Department (all colleges, excluding
           Teacher Certification programs) – 24 credits. Required: 17-19 credits: ESS 130 (1-2cr.), CST 271
           or SOC 240 (3cr.), CST 272 (3cr.), CST 275 (1-2 cr.), ESS 348 (two courses at 2cr.), CST 374
           (2cr.), CST 370 or CST 471 (3cr.).

           5-7 credits from the following (with at least 3 credits at the 300/400level):
           CST 271, SOC 240, ESS 249, ESS 259, CST270, CST 274, CST 291 (1-2), ESS 349, CST 370,
           CST 374 (1-3), CST 375, CST 376, CST 471, CST 472, CST 474, CST 480.

           CST 498 Research Methods in Communication 3cr., Course revision – course number,
           prerequisites effective Fall 2009
           (was CST 302) prerequisite: Declared Communication Studies major; CST 301 and completion of
           at least 15 credits in CST, including CST 301.
        Physical Education Teacher Education program revision – credits, required course,
        retention requirement effective Fall 2009
        Decrease credits in major to 78-81, delete RDG 330 as requirement in major.
     “Successfully complete four portfolio benchmarks throughout the program (during ESS 225, upon
    completion of the methods courses ESS322/325, during the semester prior to student teaching and
    upon completion of student teaching.”

    International Studies Minor: revise list of electives effective Fall 2009
        Changes not identified on LX, so they aren’t listed here.

    4.   Consent Agenda: OT credits toward PSY major
            UCC previously approved dual degree PSY/OT students using grad credits toward undergrad
            degree. Now PSY department requests being able to apply that same rule to students who
            drop out of the OT program and want to count the OT credits they have taken to complete
            their bachelors degree/PSY major.

    5.   Old business: UCC charges

    6.   New business:

Xc: Troy Richter, Jan Van Ruden, Chris Bakkum, Sue Knudson, Lisa Severson, Kristi Mally, Mark
Sandheinrich, Charles Lee, Cecelia Manrique, Rhonda Smith, Eric Kramer, Pat DeRocco

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