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									               A Prayer for Lima                    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord...
      Lord of all creation, thank you for your
provision. Please heal the slums of Lima, please        The Journey to where I am now                    last two summers in Lima on short-term missions
 raise up leaders in your church that know you                                                           with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I will be
                                                    Ever since I went on my first international trip to
  are a God who works justice for the oppressed,                                                         returning to Lima this June to lead this short-
                                                    Mexico eight years ago, I have known that the
                                                                                                         term trip again, but I am excited to take the next
 heals the sick, cares for the land, and comforts   Lord meets me in unique and powerful ways
                                                                                                         step on this journey by spending the next two
   the lonely. Lord Jesus, whose love knows no      when I cross cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic,
                                                                                                         years serving God among the people of Lima. I
  bounds, we invite you to use us to accomplish     and national boundaries. I have also seen that
                                                                                                         hope to begin my two-year commitment in Lima
 what you came to earth to do--to give abundant     God has given me a gift of being able to build
                                                                                                         before the end of 2008.
     life to all people. We are grateful for the    relationships with people from different cultures,
    opportunity you have given us to fulfill the     to adapt to a different lifestyle, and to think
                                                    globally. Throughout this journey, God has
purpose we were created for. Renew us and use us
                                                    made it increasingly clear to me that He is
as agents of transformation in our day, in Lima
                                                    especially concerned about the poor, the
          and throughout he earth.. Amen.           marginalized, and those who are suffering
                                                    from injustice.
                                                    When Jesus began his ministry, he preached the
                                                    good news that the Kingdom of God is at hand.
                                                    In his first recorded sermon in the book of Luke,
                                                    Jesus says:

                                                    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has
                                                    anointed me to preach good news to the poor.
                                                    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the           God has opened up the doors for me to go to
                                                    prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to    Peru with the Latin America Mission (LAM).
                                                    release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the
                                                    Lord's favor."                                       The LAM is an international community of
                                                                                                         men and women who encourage, assist, and
                                                    For me, this scripture has special significance       participate with the Latin Church in the task
            A rare rainbow in Lima,                 and has become my “thesis statement” for my          of building the Church of Jesus Christ in the
          a reminder of God’s promises              life. The Lord has called me to seek the
                                                                                                         Latin world and beyond.
                                                    Kingdom of God, and has sent me to share about
                                                    the good news of this kingdom. Specifically, the      This mission agency has over 160 missionaries
               PERU FACTS                           Lord has grown a deep conviction in my heart to      serving all throughout Latin America. The
• The population of Peru is                         serve those who live in poverty in the slum
  27,925,628 people, and an estimated                                                                    associate ministry that I will serve with in Lima
  10 million reside in Lima                         communities of Lima, Peru. God has shown me          is called Paz y Esperanza (Peace & Hope). This
                                                    that urban poverty is one of the most pressing       is the organization that I worked with last
• More than 1/3 of the population of                injustices of our day and that it will only
  Lima lives in slums and more than                                                                      summer when I led a group of students in a
  54% of the residents of Lima live                 continue to grow as we live in an increasingly       short-term mission. I love the work they are
  under the poverty line.                           globalized and urbanized world. I want to be         doing among the urban poor in Lima, and I am
                                                    part of a compassionate community of followers       grateful to be able to join this team of Peruvian
• Spanish and Quechua are the                       of Christ who put their faith in action by
  national languages of PEru.                                                                            believers who share my passion and vision.
                                                    responding to this great need. I have spent the
                                                                                                                           YES, I would like to be a
                                                                                                                       partner in ministry with Gracie Michel.

                                                                                                                 o I will pray for her faithfully.
                                                                                                                   □ Daily □ Weekly □ Monthly □ Other

                                                                                                                 o I want to pledge $____
                                                                                                                   □ Monthly □ Quarterly
                                                                                                                   □ Annually □ One-time

                                                                                                                 o I would like to make a special gift of
                                                                                                                   $______ to help cover travel, equipment
                                                           God works through community                             expenses & start-up costs.
                                                      In order to make this work possible, I need prayer         o I would like to receive Gracie’s prayer letters.
                                                      and financial support from my community in the
                                                      United States. You may already pray for me
                                                      regularly, but please let me know if you would like
                                                                                                                 o I would like information on making
   My objectve: To train and equip                    to make a commitment to praying for me on a daily,           automatic contributions.
 servant leaders in churches among                    bi-weekly, or weekly basis.
  the urban poor who work for the                                                                             NAME___________________________________
transformation of their communities                   Financially speaking, I am looking for individuals
                                                      and churches to support me on a monthly basis. I
While in Lima I will be working with Paz y                                                                    ADDRESS________________________________
                                                      need to raise $2,502 each month to cover all my
Esperanza. This is a Christian Non-Governmental       expenses, including housing, food, international
Organization whose mission is to promote justice      health insurance, retirement plan, travel expenses,
and sustainable development among poor and            visas, administrative fees, personal expenses, and      CITY/STATE/ZIP________________________
excluded people. I will be working in their           ministry costs. Would you prayerfully consider
“Transform Project,” which trains and equips          supporting me on a monthly basis in the amount          PHONE_________________________________
Christian leaders and churches among the urban        that the Lord leads you? Giving in this way is an
poor in holistic mission. 'Holistic' means that the   investment in God’s purposes, the only investment       E-mail___________________________________
mission of the church touches every part of the       with an eternal return.
person’s life and the life of their community:
spiritual, relational, financial, educational,         If you are interested in supporting me financially,
                                                                                                                      Checks should be made payable to
environmental, etc. The Transform Project aims to     please fill our the attached pledge card and return in          “Latin America Mission” or “LAM”
form servant leaders among urban poor churches; it    the envelope provided. Checks can be made out to                   and mailed with this form to
promotes holistic projects that give dignity to the   “Latin America Mission”. All donations are tax-             P.O. Box 52-7900  Miami, FL 33152-7900
people being served and that can be implemented       deductible. Feel free to contact me any time!
using resources from the churches. Projects that
                                                                        Gracie Michel
are underway include:
                                                                         100 Gold St.
•   Educational reinforcement programs for kids;                      Auburn, CA 95603
•   Microenterprise handicraft businesses;                      email:
•   Community kitchens;                                  cell phone:323-605-4490 home: 530-888-8098
•   Environmental sustainability projects;
•   Sexual abuse prevention education.                    Thank you for your prayers and support!

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