OAR Purchasing Policy Rollout Communication Plan

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					                            UO Purchasing and Contracting Policy
                                Rollout Communication Plan
Communication Goals:
  □ Introduce project structure and timeline to committee members
  □ Inform campus new UO purchasing rules are being drafted
  □ Introduce committee members to campus
  □ Solicit campus feedback
  □ Gain support and buy in from campus buyers
  □ Educate campus on new rules and policies

Stakeholders: PCS, A/P, VPFA, General Counsel, planning team, committee, campus buyers, campus

Target Audience & Characteristics: Committee members, campus buyers, departments – busy, responsible
for following many policies, purchasing & contracting not always primary job function

Activities: Emails, trainings, meetings, phone calls, policy document

   □ Commence policy creation January 2009
   □ Complete policy creation by May 30, 2009
   □ Final feedback, comments and revisions to policy completed by 3rd week in May 2009
   □ Introduction training to campus last 2 weeks of May 2009
   □ Training and rollout to campus starting in September 2009

   Phone Calls
   □ Contact core/committee members asking for participation, explain structure
   □ Contact deans & directors for project updates, etc. as needed

   Policy Webpage:
   □ UO Purchasing and Contracting Policy web page accessed from PCS Website available to campus
   □ Page will contain:
           archived email correspondence to campus
           copy of shared calendar of meetings & trainings
           policy drafts
           project documents
           committee goals and responsibilities

   □ Budget manager’s meetings
   □ Trainings
   □ Various department meetings/communications
   □ Office of Responsible Conduct
   □ Faculty Senate – April
   □ Committee member information sharing memo

   Listservs: Buyers, BAO, Deans & Directors, Budget Managers
   □ Email to committee members giving high level plan, structure and timeline
   □ Email to campus announcing committee members, introducing new web page, inviting campus to
       provide comments and feedback to their representative committee member
   □ Email to campus for monthly updates on policy progress and with draft policy for comments & feedback

                                                                                          Updated 5/5/09
□   Email to campus announcing scheduled trainings

□ Calendar shared with committee members showing meeting & training dates
□ Screen shots of calendars with general timelines on policy website

□ Monthly, bi-monthly meetings with committee members
□ Bi-Monthly, weekly meetings with sub-committees

□ Introductory training to new policy and changes in May/June
□ Bi-weekly trainings for campus with rollout in September
□ Ongoing PRR trainings once a month

Policy Document:
□ UO Purchasing and Contracting Policy

                                                                            Updated 5/5/09