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Your business depends on its technology!

Therefore we have our sights on a safer network for your business that minimizes security threats, tedious
management tasks, and maximizes time spent on priorities. This offering has the potential to help small
businesses cut computer support costs while increasing capability and performance.

Our Monitor-Alert Plan is an alternative to the conventional time-consuming and less efficient break/fix approach to computer support.
This plan can actively prevent technical problems and network downtime from occurring in the first place. In today’s environment, you
want a network that is as secure and reliable as possible. With this plan we can provide services that will analyze and detect areas of
vulnerability, and provide you with recommendations for reducing those vulnerabilities. We will also monitor your network , be alerted to
potential problems, and provide active management.

Our Monitor-Alert Plan is support that is affordable and accessible to smaller companies. With this plan we will be able to monitor
network security, network services and events, including antivirus and backup programs. Based on your needs we can email reports
which make capacity planning simple.

This plan is for business owners who:

        Would rather invest in their business, as opposed to an IT staff
        Need their computer network, email, database, applications, and Internet up and running without problems
        Value their data security and want to do everything possible to prevent loss, corruption, or theft
        Don’t have the time or staff to deal with computer maintenance issues
        Want to optimize the speed, availability, and performance of their network
        Prefer not to deal with – or even think about – computer problems or operating a complex computer network.

We are sensitive to the needs of small businesses. Accordingly, our solution is tailored to small businesses and their budgets. Our
straightforward approach enables us to solve even the most complex business, computer, software, and networking challenges without
the typical high costs.

These are the benefits you can expect:

        Reduce and contain costs associated with your IT environment
        Eliminate business-crippling threats to your company, including viruses, spyware, and loss of data
        Share all of your company’s information with ease
        Collaborate more effectively with your customers, suppliers, and partners
        Streamline workflows and business processes
        Increase employee productivity
        Develop reliable and cost-effective budgets
        Improve profitability and margins
        Concentrate on developing business opportunities

Current clients on conventional support plans will be encouraged to move into a Monitor-Alert Plan at the time of contract renewal.
Should you wish to take advantage of the Monitor-Alert plan before your contract renews, please contact us to make arrangements.

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