2009-2010 VRFish Business Plan by feltonhuggins


                          VRFish Business Plan

‘representing and advocating the interests of the Victorian recreational fishing community’

                                                                                    Marine House
                                                                     Ground Floor, 24 York Street
                                                                   South Melbourne Victoria 3205
                                                                 P 03 9686 7077 F 03 9682 1066

                                                          Christopher Collins – Executive Officer
                                                           Ben Scullin – Grants / Project Officer
                                                            Alison Gibson – Operations Manager
                                              Samantha Snowden-Finch – Administration Assistant
                                                                  Jodie Haigh – Accounts Officer
                                        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
The 2009-2010 Business Plan is to be read in conjunction with the 2007-2012 Strategic Business Plan.

An annual Business Plan will developed, accompanied by a yearly budget to define the direction of VRFish,
outlining key tasks and activities to assist in achieving the five year Strategic Business Plan.

As identified in the 2007-2012 Strategic Business Plan, VRFish will focus its activities on five key areas:

   1. Proactively managing fisheries by ecosystem based fisheries management (EBFM)
   2. Improve and maintain recreational fishing access and infrastructure
   3. Environmental sustainability (climate change) water conservation and fish habitat improvement
   4. Coordination and communication between key fishing stakeholders (public relations) – educational
      and promotional programs
   5. Security of VRFish funding arrangements

This business plan will be used to produce a set of KPI’s that form the basis of regular reports to the
VRFish board. In turn these KPI’s will be used to set personal KPI’s for VRFish staff.

It is noted that the 2009-2010 Business Plan is an interim Plan and Budget, it is intended that a new
Strategic Business Plan will be required to be developed following the outcomes of the Fisheries
Consultative Arrangements and the pending VRFish Model Review.

                                                   KEY AREAS

         1. Proactively managing fisheries by ecosystem based fisheries management (EBFM)
         2. Improve and maintain recreational fishing access and infrastructure
         3. Environmental sustainability (climate change) water conservation and fish habitat improvement
         4. Coordination and communication between key fishing stakeholders (public relations) – educational
            and promotional programs
         5. Security of VRFish funding arrangements

Objective                    Key Action                                 Measure         Committee or
                             Area                                                       Individual(s) Responsible
Assist in the introduction    1   Develop requirements for what will
of Ecosystem Based                constitute a healthy fishery
Fisheries Management to              • Advocate availability of fish
Victorian Fisheries                     resources through resource
                                        management and stocking
                                        - Participate in CONS           March 10’       State Council
                                        - Conduct Open Houses to        Ongoing         State Council
                                           plan long-term stocking
                                           o North East                 August 09’
                                           o Glenelg Hopkins            November 09’
                                           o West Gippsland             February 10’
                                           o Corangamite                May 10’
                                     • Advocate environmental flows
                                        of Victoria’s waterways to
                                        maintain healthy habitat#
                                       - Assist in the development of   Ongoing         Water & Habitat Committee
                                           CMA Stream Flow

                                            Management Plans and
                                            other Water Management
                                     • Evaluate the impact of             Ongoing    State Council
                                         diverted water i.e. pipelines,
                                         on fish resources
                                     • Advocate the use of PIRVic’s       June 10’   Research & Development
                                         ‘angler satisfaction’ measure               Committee
                                     • Promote that “iconic” fisheries    Ongoing    State Council
                                         are managed on an EBFM
                                         basis (participate in the
                                         development of Fishery
                                         Management Plans)#
                                          - Abalone (Review)
                                          - North Central
                                          - East Gippsland
                                          - Goulburn-Broken
                                          - Mallee
Participate in the roll-out   2   Work with Government agencies on
of the Government’s               identified policies:
Recreational Fishing and             • Install fish cleaning tables
Boating Policy                           - Work with Fisheries Victoria   Ongoing    Infrastructure Committee
                                            in prioritizing locations
                                     • Install artificial reefs
                                         - Work with Fisheries Victoria   Ongoing    Research & Development
                                            in expanding the program                 Committee
                                     • Adopt-a-stream program
                                         - Work with Fisheries Victoria   Ongoing    Water & Habitat Committee
                                            in developing program
                                     • Establishing new fisheries and
                                         fishing opportunities, such as
                                         Devilbend Reservoir and Trout

     - Work with Native Fish          Ongoing   State Council
       Australia to investigate the
       introduction of the Trout
       Cod fishery
     - Assist in the                  Ongoing   State Council
       implementation of the
       Devilbend Natural Features
       Reserve Management Plan                  Research & Development
     - Investigate the potential of   Ongoing   Committee
       opening Frankston
       Reservoir as a Recreational
     - Investigate the                Ongoing   Access Committee
       establishment of an estuary
       perch fishery at Lake Bolac
     - Participate on the             Ongoing   State Council
       Macquarie Perch Recovery
       Plan Steering Committee
     - Investigate the                Ongoing   Research & Development
       establishment of a marine                Committee
       and estuarine stocking
•   Improving angler access#
    - Work with Fisheries Victoria    Ongoing   Access Committee
       to identify improvements to
       access at key recreational
       fishing locations
•   Meeting the demand for boat
    launching facilities#
     - Work with Parks Victoria to    Ongoing   Infrastructure Committee
       improve Western Port &

                                           Port Phillip Bays’ boat
                                     • Develop a classification for
                                        Victorian rivers and streams
                                         - Work with Fisheries            Ongoing    State Council
                                           Victoria, Native Fish
                                           Australia, Council of
                                           Victorian Fly Fishing Clubs
                                           and the Australian Trout
                                           Foundation to classify
                                           Victorian rivers and streams
                                     • Implement a Recreational           June 10’   State Council
                                        Fishing Policy in preparation
                                        for the 2010 Victorian Election
Implement actions             2      • Define and action access
defined in the Access for               issues annually (please refer
Recreational Fishing Policy             to proposed activities plan).
Paper#                                 - Implement the ‘Access with       June 10’   Access Committee
                                           Obligations’ campaign
Deliver proactive policy      3   Develop a broad range of up-to-date
directions which improve          recreational fishing policies
recreational fishing                 • Evaluate proposed initiative
                                        government/industry etc to
                                        respond to climate change and
                                        its effects on recreational
                                       - Provide input to the             Ongoing    State Council
                                           Government’s Our
                                           Environment Our Future
                                           Policies and the Our Water
                                           Our Future Policies
                                     • Conduct an audit of policies

                                    and prepare a renewal
                                    - Review Inland Fisheries         June 10’          Water & Habitat Committee
                                       Policy, including Salmonids,
                                       Native Fish, Environmental
                                       Flows, Stocking and Habitat
                                    - Define passive fishing          Ongoing           Water & Habitat Committee
                                    - Develop a Marine &              Ongoing           State Council
                                       Estuarine Fishery Policy
An active well informed   4   Build an increased, active and better
membership drawn from         informed membership base
diverse experiences              • Develop and promote
                                    partnerships with kindred
                                    organisations and
                                    - Develop Memorandums of          Ongoing           VRFish Board
                                       Understanding (MoU) with
                                 • Strengthen relations with
                                    fishing associations and clubs#
                                     - Attend regular fishing         Ongoing           Secretariat
                                       association and club
Implement actions             The following tasks will be             Within the life   Reference Group
identified in Fishery         undertaken by the Reference Group       of the Fishery
Management Plans(FMP)#        (yet to be established for each FMP)    Management
                              – the role of the Reference Group is    Plans
                              to coordinate activities and projects
                              in support of each plan’s actions,
                              strategies and objectives (VRFish
                              will be a participant of this group):
                                 - Conduct Open Houses to             Ongoing

        implement FMP commitments
            o North East                       August 09’
            o Glenelg Hopkins                  November 09’
            o West Gippsland                   February 10’
            o Corangamite                      May 10’
4   •   Identify and encourage
        responsible recreational
        fishing behaviour1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
        - Distribute the Victorian             October 10’    Communications & Publicity
           Recreational Fishing Code of                       Committee
           Conduct through outlets in
           the regions via the
           Recreational Fishing Guide
3   •   With the assistance of
        Fisheries Victoria, engage
        other agencies to maintain
        and enhance fish habitats1, 2, 3
        - Develop partnerships with
           agencies to ensure that
           potential adverse impacts of
           catchment land and
           waterway use activities on
           fish habitat and fisheries
           are adequately considered
           in the development of
        - Work with agencies to
           identify funding
           opportunities to expand
           weed control programs
3   •   Engage other agencies to
        maintain or improve access to

      fisheries resources1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

      - Work with agencies to
         identify needs and seek
         funding to maintain or
         enhance boating access
      - Work with agencies to
         ensure that fisheries
         interests are properly
         considered in any
         management arrangements
         designed to alleviate
         congestion from competing
         water-based activities
      - Engage relevant foreshore
         and waterway management
         authorities to resolve shore-
         based fishing access issues
         and to seek funding to
         maintain or enhance shore
4        fishing access facilities
    • Quantify the social and
      economic benefits of
      alternative trout fishing
      regulations within the North
      East Fishery (see also R&D
       - Undertake consultation to
         identify candidate rivers to
         be used in the
         quantification of social and

                                                  economic benefits of
                                                  alternative trout fishing
Strengthen operation of            4     Create a Research and Development
Research and                             Plan for recreational fisheries
Development Committee                          - Host a R&D Forum           Ongoing               Research & Development
Implement actions                  4     Define and implement                          Ongoing    Communications & Publicity
defined in the                           communication projects annually                          Committee
Communications Plan#                     (please refer to proposed activities
A well resourced Peak              5     Review funding formulae and
Body capable of service                  diversify funding source (see also
delivery                                 Communications Plan)#

                                         Undertake a biennial review of the
                                         recreational fishing representation
                                            - Finalise review of model and             June 10’   State Council
                                               implement identified

         1. Anderson Inlet Fisheries Reserve Management Plan
         2. Lake Tyers Fisheries Reserve Management Plan
         3. Mallacoota Inlet Fisheries Reserve Management Plan
         4. Glenelg Hopkins Fishery Management Plan
         5. North East Fishery Management Plan
         6. West Gippsland Fishery Management Plan
         7. Corangamite Fishery Management Plan
         8. Wimmera Fishery Management Plan
         9. Port Phillip and Western Port Fishery Management Plan
         10. Rock Lobster Fishery Management Plan

      # It is recognised that this task will go beyond the 2009-2010 financial year.


     VRFish Core Budget 2009 - 2010                          Anticipated Revenue $450,090

     Office Costs      Office Rent                                  $27,000.00
                       Equipment Purchase/Maintenance                $2,000.00
                       Equipment Lease                               $2,500.00
                       Postage- General/Stamps                       $1,200.00
                       Telephones/Fax                               $12,000.00
                       Stationery                                    $1,800.00
     Accounting        ASIC fees                                        $40.00
                       Accounting & Auditor's Fees                   $7,500.00
                       Bank Fees                                       $360.00
                       Bookkeeping Fees                              $6,300.00
                       Petty Cash                                      $500.00
     Insurances        Liability, Directors, Contents                $5,000.00
                       Work Cover                                      $550.00
     Salaries/On Costs Staff Members                              $222,546.40
                       Chairman's Honorarium                        $5,000.00
                       Chairman’s Expenses                          $6,000.00
                       Staff Expenses – Ent./Travel/Accom.         $25,000.00
     Advertising/      Internet ISP/ WEB Hosting                     $1,600,00
     Promotion/        Web Redesign                                  $5,000.00
     Printing          Printing & P/copying General                  $3,500.00
                       Melbourne Fishing Show                        $3,000.00
                       Melbourne Boat Show                           $3,500.00

                 Leisurefest                     $3,000.00
                 Fishing Lines Magazine         $20,000.00
                 Education & Training            $1,000.00
Memberships      VRFish Membership Badges         $100.00
                 Recfish- Affiliation             $500.00
                 BIA- Affiliation                 $300.00
                 Publications/Subscriptions       $100.00
Meeting Costs    Board Meetings x 6              $9,000.00
                 State Council Meetings x 4     $26,000.00
                 External Meetings              $16,500.00
                 Open House                      $2,000.00
Committee Costs Communication S-C                $1,000.00
                Finance S-C                      $1,000.00
                Infrastructure S-C               $1,000.00
                Access S-C                       $1,000.00
                Research S-C                     $1,000.00
                Water S-C                        $1,000.00

                 Total Expenses               $426,446.40    $426,446.40


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