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					        History 197B: Love, Sex, Marriage and the Family in Europe, 500-1800

Spring 2006                                                    Prof. Daniel Berenberg
T Th 2-3:50                                               Office: 213 F Harrison Hall
JSC 001                    Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday, 1-3 or by appointment
                                                               Office phone: 658-1040

Our relationships with family members and loved ones are a fundamental part of our
lives; this was true for people in the past as well. But did people in the past view those
relationships the same way we did? Many historians have argued that people in the
past related to lovers, spouses, parents and children in ways that were radically
different than we do today. Others have claimed that these relationships have had
significant continuities throughout history. In this class, we will be exploring the
conception and experience of personal relationships from the early medieval period
through the era of the French Revolution. We will be exploring the extent of change
and the reasons for those changes. We will also be examining how historians study and
interpret the past, especially something as hard to investigate as personal feelings and

Required books:
Available at the campus bookstore

Gregory of Tours, The History of the Franks
Andreas Capellanus, The Art of Courtly Love
Gene Brucker, Giovanni and Lusanna (2 ed.)
Robert Kingdon, Adultery and Divorce in Calvin’s Geneva
Diana Hacker, A Pocket Style Manual (4 ed.)

Charles Lipson, Doing Honest Work in College, which you have already received

Additional readings are available online. Most of the readings, designated e-reserves
on the syllabus, are available at the course’s Blackboard site in the Library Resources
section. Others are available on other websites; there are links to them on Blackboard in
the folder named “Course Readings” in the Course Documents section.

Your grade will be based on the following assignments:
      Paper 1 (Due Sep. 21) 15%
      Paper 2 (Due Nov.7) 15%
      Research Paper (Due Dec. 7) 20%
      Research Presentation (Dec. 5) 10%
      Final Exam (Dec. 13) 20%
       Class Participation and Reaction Papers 20%

There are three papers for the class. The first two will be based on course readings. The
third is a research paper. You will also have to give a short presentation based on your
research paper. Further explanation of these papers will be given closer to their due

There is a final exam for the class. It will consist of essay questions that ask you to pull
together major themes of the class.

Most weeks, you will have a reaction paper due on Tuesday. The reaction paper should
be at least one paragraph (about one-half to one page), and typed. In it, you should
give a specific response to the reading- a problem you see with an argument, an
implication you see in it, what you found most interesting, something that really
bothered you, an argument that you really liked, a connection that you see between this
reading and something else you’ve read. In any case, you need to be specific about
what in the reading provoked that response- don’t just say “this reading bothered me,”
explain what specific part of the reading bothered you. You also need to explain your
reaction- why was it so interesting/bothersome/great/important, etc.
Reaction papers will be graded on a check/check plus/check minus/null basis and may
receive minimal comments. Your overall performance on them will be factored into
your participation grade.
Late reaction papers will not be accepted.

Class format: This class will be based primarily on discussion. I will occasionally give
a short lecture to provide necessary information, but the core of the class will be
discussion of the readings for each class. Because of this format, it is essential that you
arrive to class having read and thought about each reading for the class. The class will
depend for its success on everyone’s participation.

Attendance is mandatory. Absences will result in a lower grade for the course.

                         Schedule of Lectures and Assignments

Note: This schedule is subject to change. Changes will always be announced, but it is
your responsibility to keep up with any announced changes. Absence will not be
considered an excuse for missing or late assignments.

Thursday, 8/24: Introduction

Love, Sex, Marriage and the Family in Merovingian Gaul

Tuesday, 8/29: Gregory of Tours I
       Gregory of Tours: Book I: 47; II: 27-31; III: 1, 18, 20-23, 26-27, 31; IV: 3, 22, 25-28,
       49-51; V: 1-4, 14, 18, 33-34, 39

Thursday, 8/31: Gregory of Tours II
      Gregory of Tours: VI: 1, 24, 31-32, 34, 45-46; VII: 4-7, 9, 14, 19-20, 33, 47;
      VIII: 28-29, 44; IX: 19-22, 27, 34; X,8
      “How to read in college” (Link in Course Documents folder)

The Middle Ages: A Brief Overview

Tuesday, 9/5: The Classics: Ariès and Stone
      Ariès: Centuries of Childhood, 15-49, 100-133
      Stone: Love, Sex and Marriage in England, 407-422 (both on e-reserves)

Thursday, 9/7: Love, Sex and Marriage in the Middle Ages

Tuesday, 9/12: Against Ariès: Childhood in the Middle Ages
      Schultz, The Knowledge of Childhood in the German Middle Ages, ch. 9.
      Shahar, Childhood in the Middle Ages, ch. 5.
      (both on e-reserves)

Thursday, 9/14: Library and Research:
      Lipson: Part I

Tuesday, 9/19: The Art of Courtly Love I
      Capellanus: 28-91

Thursday, 9/21: The Art of Courtly Love II
      Capellanus: Finish
      Karras, Sexuality in Medieval Europe, 88-96 (e-reserves)
      Paper I due at the beginning of class

Renaissance Italy

Tuesday, 9/26: Dowries and Demographics
      Herlihy and Klapisch-Zuber, Tuscans and thier Families, chapters 7 and 11
      Note: Reaction paper due Thursday this week
Thursday, 9/28: Love, Honor and Marriage: Looking at Documents
      Trial of Ottavia and her Music Teacher
      Alberti, On the Family, extracts
      Renaissance Family Documents (all on e-reserves)
      Reaction paper due today

Tuesday, 10/3: Giovanni and Lusanna I
      Brucker, Giovanni and Lusanna, all (including both prefaces)

Thursday, 10/5: Giovanni and Lusanna II

Tuesday, 10/10: Marital Relationships at the end of the Renaissance:
      Joanne Ferraro: Marriage Wars in Late Renaissance Venice, ch. 2-3 (e-reserves)

Thursday, 10/12: Sexuality in the Renaissance
      Michael Rocke, Gender and Sexual Culture in Renaissance Italy
      Karras, Sexuality in Medieval Europe, chapter I
      (both on e-reserves)

Fall Break

The Reformation and Private Life

Tuesday, 10/24: The Reformers on the Family
      Ozment, In Defense of Marriage, from When Fathers Ruled
      readings by Luther and Erasmus on marriage (both on e-reserves)

Thursday, 10/26: Marriage for love?
      Ozment, Flesh and Spirit, ch. 1
      Robisheaux, Rural Society and the Search for Order, ch. 4
      (both on e-reserves)

Tuesday, 10/31: Love in Marriage?
      Ozment, Husbands and Wives, from When Fathers Ruled
      Roper, The Holy Household, ch. 5
      (both on e-reserves)

Thursday, 11/2: Reforming Childhood?
      Fletcher, “Prescription and Practice: Protestantism and the Upbringing of
      Ozment, The Rearing of Children, from When Fathers Ruled
      (both on e-reserves)
Tuesday, 11/7: Divorce and the Reformation
      Kingdon, Adultery and Divorce in Calvin’s Geneva, 1-115
      Paper 2 due at the beginning of class

Thursday, 11/9: Divorce, cont’d.
      Kingdon, 116-184
      Phillips, Putting Asunder, ch. 8 (e-reserves)

The Enlightenment

Tuesday, 11/14: Eighteenth-Century Sexuality
      Hancock, Englsih Sexualities, 1700-1800, chapter 3, 5
      Watt, The Making of Modern Marriage, 178-198
      (both on e-reserves)

Thursday, 11/16: The Enlightenment Child
      Rousseau, Emile, extracts (e-reserves)

Tuesday, 11/21: Raising the natural child
      J.H. Plumb, “A New World of Children”
      Calvert, Children in the House, part II
      (both on e-reserves)

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, 11/28: Enlightenment, Marriage and the French Revolution
      Desan, The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France, ch. 1-2

Thursday, 11/30: Marriage and Divorce and the French Revolution
      Desan, ch. 3

Tuesday, 12/5: Presentations

Thursday, 12/7: Wrap-Up
      Research Paper due at the beginning of class

Final Exam: Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2-3:50

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