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									Dr. Heather N. Lukes
New York University
John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Master’s Program

Class: Tuesdays, 6:20-8:20, Myer 122

Office hours: 14 University Place, Draper Center
Wed. 4:30-5:30; or by appointment

                  Gender Politics 2: Theories of Sex and Gender
This course engages foundational theories of gender and sex as well as recent work in
these fields. While the priority of this class is to establish students’ competence with core
concepts, this seminar also questions how contemporary academic discourse engages or
critiques prior theoretical models. The course is roughly triangulated around feminist,
psychoanalytic, and Foucauldian models of analysis and is particularly interested in the
ways these methodologies appear as either overlapping or irreconcilable. We will also
trace the following questions through these texts: Can gender be separated from issues of
sex and sexuality? What are the limits of a liberal feminist call for socioeconomic
equality between the sexes? Is there a clear distinction between the sexes? How does the
regulation of sexual activity produce certain gendered subjectivities, both political and
personal? How does an analysis of race and a post-colonial context change ideas about
sex and gender?


In addition to consistent and thoughtful participation in class, student are expected to:
a) submit a weekly 1 page response to the readings 24 hours before class on Blackboard;
b) write a 15-20 pp. final paper directly addressing one or more texts on the syllabus


Week 1

Week 2
Michel Foucault – The History of Sexuality, Vol. One

Week 3
Jana Sawicki – Disciplining Foucault

Week 4
Sigmund Freud – Three Essays on Sexuality
Week 5
Sigmund Freud – Sexuality and the Psychology of Love

Week 6
Elizabeth Grosz – Lacan: A Feminist Introduction

Week 7
Luce Irigaray -- The Sex Which is Not One

Week 8
Julia Kristeva -- Powers of Horror

Week 9
Spring Break

Week 10
Shulamith Firestone -- The Dialectics of Sex

Week 11
Frantz Fanon – Black Skin, White Masks

Week 12
Roderick Ferguson – Aberrations in Black

Week 13
Judith Butler – Undoing Gender

Week 14
Lee Edelman -- No Future

Week 15
Reading Week, consultations

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