Community Relations Plan

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					Municipal and Community
Relations at Union Gas Ltd.

               WHY and HOW?

  Frank Varga and Warren Dickert
                  Union Gas Ltd.
Mission of a Community Plan
• To ensure UGL gets optimum return for invested financial and human

• To ensure the Community Investment and Relations objectives of
  UGL and the District are met

• To ensure the efforts and investments of the districts are recognized
  by the communities we serve

• To provide a ready listing of resources to be used to assist with
  community investments

• To ensure the district funds are targeted properly and contacts
  targeted to meet our objectives

Union Gas Ltd. – Our Strategy
• To enhance operational excellence (transactional efficiency)
  and advance our branding as a company dedicated to the
  economic and social health of our customers and the
  – Communicate Union’s role within the province
  – Continue to reach out to our communities & key stakeholders/
    decision makers to support our strategic objectives & enhance
    our reputation

Goals and Alignment
• Meet legal requirements and compliance

• Reduce costs and build transactional efficiency

• Ensure safe and reliable delivery of natural gas

• Obtain good media attention and avoid negative attention

Meet legal requirements and compliance
  – Franchise renewals….have an efficient approval process

  – Local bylaws…mitigate impact and costs to Union Gas

Reduce costs and build transactional efficiency
  – Drive real costs down on municipal related capital and
    O&M work
  – Avoided costs and transactional efficiency
  – Permit matters…reduce time and resources for getting
    approvals for our work…expedite flow of revenues
  – Expedite/Mitigate bureaucratic/administrative barriers to
    our work requirements

Ensure safe and reliable delivery of natural gas
  – Efficient recovery from natural gas outages through local

  – Positive media and public/political perception of our

Obtain good media attention and avoid negative attention
  – Build positive public/political perception and mitigate potential
    negative reaction that may lead to PR and
    legislative/administrative issues

Simple Components
• A template of objectives for each district
• A list of UGL/Spectra support resources that can be used by
  each district
• Planned and historical investments each district makes into
  their respective communities – (Donations list (local) and
  guideline spreadsheet)
• Key contacts and responsibilities template and frequency
  plan for the district based on risk criteria and opportunities
• Scorecard reporting

Annual District Objectives
• Obtain all franchise renewals at least 4 months prior to its expiry date
• Meet with the Mayor and CAO of communities as per matrix
• Meet with senior municipal staff to review planning, construction and operations, once per year
  and participate on all Utility Coordinating Committees in district
• Meet with Chief and Band Administrator of First Nation Communities twice per year where
  there is gas service
• Execute the First Nation’s plan (once approved by the ULG)
• Meet with local MPP/MP constituency office (Executive Assistant) once per year
• Hold a specific municipal sector event per year - hosted event (dinner, wine tour, meet and
  greet, tour facilities, golf, etc.)
• Hold a minimum of 2 Helping Hands in Action events in each district
• Make a presentation once per year to all priority municipalities and county councils.
  (A presentation at county council reaches all townships within it)
• Attend 1 Municipal Conference - ROMA/OGRA, AMO, AMCTO, AMCTO Zone Meetings,
• Have active involvement in each of the priority municipalities – examples: Chamber of
  Commerce, Rotary, JA, United Way, etc. (as per matrix)

 Support Resources
1.    Our employees-local leadership and all who we can engage
2.    Government ,Aboriginal and Public Relations Departments
3.    District Community Budget
4.    UGL Government and Aboriginal Affairs Budget
5.    Property Taxes $60MM
6.    Community Improvement Grant (Helping Hands In Action)
7.    United Way Contributions
8.    Spectra Energy Foundation
9.    Matching Gifts Program
10.   Leadership Grant
11.   Promotional and print items, special letters
12.   Winter Warmth

Successes…some examples
• Georgian Bluffs…expansion and explosion recovery

• Franchise renewals

• Traffic Issues

• Permits, running lines, construction