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					Freedom from
Discrimination & Harassment                       Resources
                                                  The following brochures are available from the                        Equality for staff in
 Discrimination, Sexual Harassment                People and Fairness Unit at
 and Bullying Policy and Procedures
 The Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and
                                                                                                                same-sex relationships
 Bullying Policy and Procedures provides a           Somewhere over the Rainbow: Eliminating
 process under which staff and students can          Sexuality Discrimination
 raise concerns about discrimination on the          Outlines the relevant legislation, the benefits
 grounds of sexual orientation/sexuality,            of respecting diversity, and the costs of
 gender identity, or any other grounds               discrimination.
 covered by equal opportunity legislation.
                                                     Discrimination: Who can I talk to?
 It also covers harassment of a sexual nature        Discusses the relevant legislation and
 between people of the same gender, and              University policy, and provides further
 harassment of a sexual nature that relates to       information on the role and contact details of
 a person’s known or assumed sexual                  Discrimination Advisers.
                                                     Sexual Harassment: Who can I talk to?
                                                     Provides a definition of sexual harassment and
                                                     addresses some of the common                                   The University of Melbourne is committed to the
                                                     misconceptions. The brochure also provides                                      principle of equal opportunity in
 Advice & Assistance
                                                     further information on the role and contact                                         education and employment.
 The University has a network of                     details of the Sexual Harassment Advisers.
 Discrimination Advisers (DAs) and Sexual                                                                   Equal opportunity means that all staff and students have
 Harassment Advisers (SHAs) who can advise        University Policy Library                                   the right to fair and equitable treatment and access to
 staff who have concerns about                                                                                                resources and services at the University.
 discrimination on grounds of sexual                 The University Policy Library contains all
 orientation/sexuality, gender identity, or any      policies relating to staffing issues, including
 other grounds covered by the University’s           parental leave, flexible work options, and
 Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and               family leave provisions. The University Policy
 Bullying Policy and Procedures and related          Library is available at
 The names and details of these Advisers can
 be found on the People and Fairness Unit
 website at                                                             People and Fairness Unit, or                           The University of Melbourne
                                                                            (03) 8344 7798
 by calling the People & Fairness Unit on                
 8344 7798.
                                                                                July 2010
Equal Opportunity                                                              Human Resources Policies
at the University of Melbourne
In accordance with state and federal legislation
                                                                       which cover staff in same-sex relationships
the University endeavours to make all areas of
employment, such as recruitment, conditions
of employment, training and development,
promotion and the supervision and
management of staff, free from direct or           Parental Leave                                            Compassionate/Bereavement
indirect discrimination on the grounds of:         The University’s parental leave policy includes           Leave
 age                                              maternity leave, partner leave, and adoption              Upon the death of a close family member, a
                                                   leave.                                                    staff member is entitled to two days of paid
 breastfeeding
                                                   The University of Melbourne Collective                    leave up to and including the day of the funeral.
 disability or impairment
                                                   Agreement 2010 acknowledges the diversity of              Generally, upon the death of a wife or husband
 employment actvity                               relationships and families.                               (including a de facto spouse), same-sex
 gender                                           Partner Leave and Adoption Leave policies                 domestic partner, father, mother, brother,
 marital status                                   provide equal entitlements to men and women,              sister, child, or step-child and, in some cases,
                                                   improving access and equity for staff in same-            father-in-law or mother-in-law, a staff member
 pregnancy or potential pregnancy
                                                   sex relationships.                                        is entitled to 2 days paid leave up to and
 sexual orientation or preference                                                                           including the day of the funeral.
 gender identity
 lawful sexual activity                           Family Leave                                              Flexible Work Options
 parental or carer status                         Eligible staff members are entitled to up to five days'   The University has in place a number of
 physical features                                non-cumulative carer’s leave per year, to care for        policies which provide flexible work options
                                                   members of the staff member’s immediate family or         for staff.
 race or colour                                   household.
 religious belief or activity                                                                               These include: home-based work, job share,
                                                   If a staff member has not yet accrued or exhausts         flexi-time, reduced working week year scheme,
 social and economic circumstances                his or her entitlement to carer’s leave under this        planned career break, and fractional and part-
 industrial activity                              provision, he or she may access his or her accrued        time employment.
 political beliefs or activity                    sick leave entitlement for the caring purposes
                                                   outlined above, up to an aggregate of ten days paid       These options can be used by any member of
 National extraction or social origin             leave per annum.                                          staff when seeking to balance work and family
 personal association with a person who is                                                                  responsibilities.
  identified by reference to any of the above

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