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									04     Camera

     At the inception of the ALEXA project we looked carefully at what is needed to create digital image and audio in the
     most efficient manner, including what it takes to get that content quickly into post and distribution. During our discussions
     with industry experts, it became obvious that a modern digital camera system requires much more than just a new camera
     with a great sensor - lenses, recording media, recording codecs, electronic accessories, mechanical accessories, batteries
     and post production have to mesh perfectly for a smooth journey of content from set to post. The system has to be complete
     and all its parts tightly integrated. The challenge was tremendous in scope, more vast and complex than the creation of
     the ARRICAM system.

     The                                                                        Universe       Third Party Components
     Another important realization
     was that we did not have to
     invent everything ourselves.                                                              We are grateful for the fantastic contribu-
     On the contrary, we decided                                                               tions from a number of companies who
     to create a system with an open,                                                          have worked closely with us, integrating
     future-proof architecture that can        ARRI Technology                                 their technologies and products into the
     tap into existing standards and                                                           ALEXA system.
     best-of-class solutions. Where            At the center of the system is the ALEXA
     existing methods did not satisfy          camera, consisting of ARRI core technologies:   The big news is that ARRI is now one of
     our demand for highest quality            sensor, image processing electronics and        only a few companies world wide that
     and efficiency, we worked closely         image processing software, all combined         are offering Apple ProRes hardware
     with companies such as Apple,             under the term ARRI Imaging Technology (AIT).   products for efficient Direct to Edit func-
     FUJINON and others to inte-               Since no existing approach to electronic        tionality. Recording the same standard
     grate their technologies and              viewfinders had won us over, we built our       high quality codec that is also used na-
     experience into the ALEXA sys-            own. The ARRI Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1       tively by the Final Cut Pro editing soft-
     tem. Additionally, we built on            is based on the combination of an innovative    ware is a revolutionary step in digital
     the strengths of existing relation-       display with ARRI illumination, electronics,    production. Not only is this the fastest
     ships, such as our decade long            optics and hardware. All this is supported      and easiest method to get high quality
     close cooperation with ZEISS.             by precision mechanical and optical com-        images and sound from the camera into
     The result is the most complete           ponents that were designed based on years       an editing system, it also streamlines the
     and powerful digital production           of experience in building motion picture        entire off-line/on-line workflow.
     system ever built.                        cameras.

                                                                                               Direct To Edit
                                                                                               In order to record ProRes encoded image
                                                                                               files onto an on-board recording medium,
                                                                                               we have licensed the
                                                                                               SONY SxS driver
                                                                                               software, which allows
                                                                                               the fast data rates
                                                                                               necessary to
                                                                                               record even
                                                                                               ProRes 4444
                                               ALEXA is, of course, compatible with the        data onto SxS
                                               wide range of ARRI mechanical and elec-         memory cards.
                                               tronic accessories, including matte boxes,
                                               follow focus units, the ARRI Wireless Re-
                                               mote System, the new High Definition on-
                                               board Monitor HDM-7, the ARRI bridge
                                               plate system and the ARRIHEAD. This in-
                                               cludes also numerous accessories devel-
                                               oped especially for ALEXA.
                                                                                                                                Camera    05

                                      Apple                                                  To guarantee a smooth workflow in post
                                   ProRes Codec                                              when working with ARRIRAW, ARRI has
                                                                                             been working with numerous third par-
         ARRI/FUJINON                                           SONY                         ties that have enrolled in the ARRIRAW
            Zooms                                             SxS Cards                      Partner Program. Their products can na-
                                                                                             tively read and process ARRIRAW data.
                                                                                             ARRIRAW capable equipment and tools
                                                                                             are available from: ARRI, AVID with the
                                                                                             ARRIRAW Avid Plug-in, Digital Vision,
                                                                                             DVS, Filmlight, Glue Tools, Iridas, MTI
                                       ARRI                                                  and Pomfort. A complete overview and
                                Imaging Technology                     Third Parties         links to ARRIRAW Partners, equipment,
                               Electronic Viewfinder                     On-board            tools and post facilities are available at
Primes & Zooms
                               Mechanics and Optics                     Recorders  
                                   Accessories                                               program.

                                                                                             A large variety of on-board batteries
                                                                                             are available for ALEXA since the camera
                                                                                             supports both the Gold and the V-mount
         Panavision and                                    Third Parties                     standard, in back or top mounted con-
                                                            ARRIRAW                          figurations.
          Stills Camera
              Lenses                                      Partner Program
                                                                                             To protect the investment in ALEXA,
                                    Third Parties                                            three major components of the camera
                                      On-board                                               are specifically designed in a modular
                                      Batteries                                              fashion. First, the module that holds the
                                                                                             memory cards is removable. When dif-
                                                                                             ferent card standards are available in
                                                                                             the future, this module can be easily re-
                                                                                             placed with other storage modules.
                                                                                             Second, the camera electronics, which
                                                                                             comprise the whole right side of the
                                                                                             camera, can also be removed and re-

                                               Open, Future Proof Architecture               placed with an upgraded electronics
                                                                                             with advanced features. And last but
                                                                                             not least the Exchangeable Lens Mount
Our new partnership with FUJINON has re-       The ALEXA system is based on an open          (ELM) system allows the use of PL as well
sulted in a new family of zooms: the Alura     architecture with many industry-standard      as Panavision and stills camera lenses,
Zoom 18-80 and Alura Zoom 45-250.              interfaces and compatibility to third party   expanding the option of the filmmaker.
These ARRI/FUJINON zooms combine the           products. This provides more choice to
highest optical performance with a practical   the customer and, in combination with a
size, weight and price and are a perfect       number of modular components on the
match with ALEXA.                              camera, makes the system future proof.           Weblinks:
Our on-going, long-term relationship with      We are closely working with third party
ZEISS has produced the greatest range of       on-board recorder manufacturers to en-           partnerprogram
matched PL mount lenses available, all 100%    sure compatibility with ALEXA. This in-
compatible with ALEXA. This range includes     cludes physical mounting issues, remote
the Master Primes, Master Macro 100, Ultra     start/stop, metadata recording and ARRI-
Primes, Ultra 16 lenses, Lightweight Zoom      RAW de-bayering. While there are a large
LWZ-1 and the Master Diopters. Playing on      number of recorders that can record HD
the strengths of this lens range, ARRI and     video, the ARRIRAW T-Link certificate al-
ZEISS are introducing a new Master Prime       lows an easy identification of ARRIRAW
12 lens, while continuing to work on many      capable equipment. Currently, certified
other projects.                                recorders are available from Codex, S.
                                               two and Keisoku Giken.

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