POLAND'S WINTER SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007 to celebrate the 85 by bestt571


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									                  POLAND'S WINTER SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007
                    to celebrate the 85 years of Polish Swimming Association
                               LUBLIN, 8th and 9th December 2007


  1. Time and venue:
     8th and 9th December, 2007
     Lublin, Al. Zygmuntowskie 4

  2. Organizers:
     Lublin City Office, Marshal's Office of Lublin Voivodeship, Polish Swimmind Association,
     “Bystrzyca” City Sport Centre in Lublin

  3. Co-organizers:
     The President of Lublin: Adam Wasilewski

  4. Regulations:
     Swimmers may participate in the competition after signing a declaration concerning the
     responsibility for one's own health; the Age ranges are divided according to the regulations of
     FINA respectively:
     A      25-29 years            F        50-54 years           K      80-84 years
     B      30-34 years            G        55-59 years           L      85-89 years
     C      35-39 years            H        60-69 years           M      90-94 years
     D      40-44 years            I        70-74 years           N      95-99 years
     E      45-49 years            J        75-79 years

  5. Schedule of the competition:
     1st schedule of competitions          8th December, 2007 9am (the beginning)
     2nd schedule of competitions          8th December, 2007 4pm (the beginning)
     3rd schedule of competitions          9th December, 2007 9am (the beginning)

     Each competitor has the right to take part in only two individual competitions in a set and any
     number of relays.
     Because of the number of participants and the limited time, the starts of the series of 50, 100 and
     200 metres will take place before the swimmers in the previous series will have left the pool.
     If the are many participants for 800 female free style and 1500 male free style two swimmers will
     swim in one lane.
                          DAY 1 (8th December) 1st schedule (before the noon)
     warm-up: 8.00am-8.50am
      female                                          male
     1.      50 m free female                         2.     50 m free male
     3.      50 m breastroke female                   4.     50 m breastroke male
     5.      100 m butterfly female                   6.     100 m butterfly male
     7.      200 m free female                        8.     200 m free male
     9.      200 m backstroke female                  10.    200 m backstroke male
     11.     400 m medley female                      12.    400 m medley male
     13.     4x50 m free female (relay)               14.    4x50 m medley male (relay)
     15.     4x50 m medley female (relay)

                           DAY 1 (8th December) 2nd schedule (after the noon)
     warm-up: 3.00pm-3.40pm
      female                                          male
     16.     200 m medley female                      17.    200 m medley male
     18.     50 m butterfly female                    19.    50 m butterfly male
     20.     50 m backstroke female                   21.    50 m backstroke male
     22.     200 m breastroke female                  23.    200 m breastroke male
     24.     4x50 m medley female (relay)             25.    4x50 m medley male (relay)
     26.     4x50 m free MIX
     27.     800 m free female                        28.    1500 m free male

                          DAY 2 (9th December) 3rd schedule (before the noon)
     warm-up: 8.00am-8.50am
      female                                          male
     29.     200 m butterfly female                   30.    200 m butterfly male
     31.     100 m free female                        32.    100 m free male
     33.     100 m backstroke female                  34.    100 m backstroke male
     35.     100 m breastroke female                  36.    100 m breastroke male
     37.     100 m medley female                      38.    100 m medley male
     39.     400 m free female                        40.    400 m free male

6.     Technical regulations:
     pool's length:                 25 metres, 6 lanes
     time measurements:             electronic
     championships' systems:        heats

7.     Entries:
     Entries in the form of a LENEX file (Entry Editor) or the attached form for personal entries are to
     be sent electronically to: ppbujak@wp.pl or via traditional mail to the address: MPT Lublinianka,
     AL. Zygmuntowskie 4, 20-133 Lublin, POLAND before 28th November 2007.
     Entries sent as LENEX Files may be downloaded from Masters Polska website:
     http://www.masters.kania.opole.pl .
     After publishing the lists of competitors in the internet, the changes may only be done during the
     technical briefing and may only include withdrawing a competitor or enlisting a new one in the
     place of the withdrawn swimmer in the same competition (from the same club).
     Participation in 800 m and 1500m free style should be confirmed personally in the organiser's office
     till 12 am on 8th December 2007.
8.     Food and accommodation suggested by the organisers:
     - the gym hall at the MOSIR facilities in Lublin, Al. Zygmuntowskie 4 (the participants should take
     a sleeping bag and a mattress) – free of charge;
     - at the bording school (Bursa Szkół Artystycznych), Lublin, ul. Muzyczna 8, 2 kilometres from the
     pool, price: 40 PLN per person per night, board and accommodation (3 meals a day), 4-bed rooms,
     only 50 beds available; reservatins to be done with the Lublinianka club:
     MTP Lublinianka
     20-133, Al. Zygmuntowskie 4
     Reservations on the first come first served basis only.
     - other possibilities:
      -- Guesthouse “Relax”, ul. Przyjaźni 17, tel. +48 81 748 500, fax. +48 81 7488583,
     www.hotelrelax.lublin.pl; info@hotelrelax.lublin.pl, rooms with 2, 3, 4 beds, prices:30-40 PLN per
     person per night – 10% discount; 55 places; 3 km from the pool;
      -- Guesthouse “Relax”, Al. Zygmuntowskie 4, tel. +48 81 748 500, fax. +48 81 7488583
     www.hotelrelax.lublin.pl; info@hotelrelax.lublin.pl, rooms with 2, 3, 4      beds, prices:30-40 PLN
     per person per night – 5% discount; 42 places; at the pool;
     -- Hotel “Mlyn”, Al. Racławickie 32a, three stars, tel. +48 81 5367020, +48 81 536          70 21,
     www.hotel-mlyn.com.pl, recepcja@hotel-mlyn.com.pl; 2-bed rooms, price:               110 PLN per
     night per room; 3 km from the pool

9.     Prizes:
     medals and diplomas for the first free places in each individual competition, diplomas for the frst
     three places in each relay competition.

10. Finances:
   - the organisation costs are covered by the organisers;
   - the participation costs are covered by the competitors: the fee is 40 PLN for each competitor
   (includes a t-shirt);
   - the fee for the social evening – 20 PLN (9th December, 8 pm, Klub Hades in Lublin)

11. Technical briefing
   The technical briefing will be held on 7th December at 9 pm in cafe Olimpijka in Lublin, Al.
   Zygmuntowskie 4, at the pool.

12. Championship's office:
   The Championships' office will be open at the pool's entrance hall on 7th December from 6pm to 9
   pm and on 8th and 9th December during the competitions.

13. Final decisions:
   Any controversial questions unsettled by the communicate will be solved by the competitions'
   organiser in agreement with the Arbiter-in-Chief of the Championships.

                                                                                 President MTP Lublinianka
                                                                                            Bogdan Wagner
                           FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION ORDER FORM

CLUB'S NAME: ____________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER: _________________________________________________________

  1. MEALS (give the number of each meal):
DATE:                  BREAKFASTS:                LUNCHES:               DINNERS:

   2.   ACCOMMODATION (give the number of persons):
        DATE:     FEMALES         MALES             COACHES              ALTOGETHER
                                                   F         M

        _______________                      ___________________       _________________
           accountant                            date, club's stamp            president

                                      individual entry form
        NAME AND SURNAME: _____________________________________
        YEAR OF BIRTH: _____________

   NUMBER AND NAME OF THE COMPETITION                                 TIME:

                                    FILL IN WITH CAPITAL LETTERS

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