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MAY 13, 2009
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - guarantees people with disabilities the
same access to public transportation as people without disabilities.

ADA Paratransit - Service is for people who have disabilities that prevent them
from using fixed-route bus system.

Transit operators of fixed- route bus system are required to provide
complementary paratransit service within ¾ mile corridor of their fixed routes
and the core area.
                   Vacaville City Coach – Vacaville Special Services
              Fairfield and Suisun Transit – DART (Dial-A-Ride-Transit)
                           Vallejo Transit – Vallejo Runabout
Solano Paratransit is ADA-Plus (meaning it
exceeds the ¾ mile service area required by
ADA). It is not required.

ADA certified passengers
Intercity paratransit service for Dixon, Fairfield,
Suisun City, Vacaville, County unincorporated
area between these cities
Operates Mon- Sat
Seamless (no transfers) service

                                              Solano Paratransit has been primarily funded by
                                            Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds from the cities
                                            of Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville and the County of
Prior to 1995, county wide intercity
paratransit services was operated by
Solano County Economic Opportunity
Council, (SCEOC) a non-profit

SCEOC operated this service under
contract with the County of Solano
when STA was part of the County

In 1995, SCEOC was unable to provide
the service

STA maintained Solano Paratransit
service through a contract with Fairfield
and Suisun Transit

Benicia and Vallejo opted to deliver their
own service

Solano Paratransit has been operating
for over 13 years
STA contracts with FAST to operate Solano Paratransit
intercity ADA-plus service through an agreement

Working with FAST and the funding partners,
STA coordinates the operating and capital
funding for Solano Paratransit

STA owns and secures the vehicles leased to
FAST and maintained and operated as part
of their DART fleet

STA monitors performance, costs, and
customer service

The STA Board approves Solano Paratransit fare
adjustments (last one approved was 2006)
Day to day operations such as
eligibility, determinations,
dispatch, scheduling and
delivering passenger trips, and
vehicles usage are integrated
with DART by FAST staff and
their transit provider, MV

FAST performs the preventative
maintenance and keeps the
vehicles in good and safe
operating condition

FAST collects, analyzes and
provides operating reports on
performance measures
     The higher cost of operating Solano
     Paratransit has been a concern for the
     funding partners for the past two years              Cost of Solano Paratransit
                                                                   23%       -2%
     The increase in cost was cited by FAST
     as resulting from a new operator          $550,000

     contract, increased fuel and              $400,000
     maintenance cost

     Higher overhead cost was as a
     contributing factor as part of the
     Transit Consolidation Study

              TDA Revenues
$16,000,000                                     Local TDA fund revenues (sales tax
                                                driven) have remained flat


                                                State Transit Assistance (STAF) will
                                                be unavailable due to elimination by
        $-                                      the State beginning in FY2009-10
                                                          FY2005-      FY2006-       FY2007-       FY2008-
From FY2005-06 to FY                                        06           07            08            09
2008-09, operating costs
increase 60%                Operating Cost                $499,453      $615,784      $605,397     $792,849
                               Operating Revenue
The STA Board approved a          Farebox Revenue            21,098       21,250        39,966        35,659
one-year allocation of
$192,000 of State Transit      TDA Contributions
Assistance (STAF) to help                      Dixon         29,180       36,484        36,781        39,718
offset rising cost
                                            Fairfield      191,151       231,925       222,828       273,153
                                          Rio Vista*          9,615         9,691       12,367         1,030
STA Board authorized to
fund a study to:                        Suisun City          49,683       65,430        66,950        62,863
    Review how Solano                      Vacaville       175,126       218,331       202,938       213,543
    Paratransit delivers
                                  County of Solano           27,601       22,403        23,567        24,484
    Look at alternative                          STA                      10,000                     192,000
    options to provide      *Rio Vista opted out of Solano Paratransit in FY2008-09 and contributed for one
    service                 month to transition service
 Review how service has been delivered

 Evaluate alternative methods to control or
 reduce cost

 A new delivery model to deliver consistent,
 sustainable service to ADA passengers
Passenger Profile
  Several hundred ADA passengers use
  Solano Paratransit
  Solano Paratransit provides over 6,000
  annual trips
  The majority of the trips (90%) are
  between Fairfield/Suisun and Vacaville
    Solano Community College
    Medical Appointments
      Passenger in wheelchairs are 47%
      Ambulatory passengers are 53%
1.   Existing Solano Paratransit Arrangement with
     Increases in Productivity

2.   Scheduled Flexroute Service - Operated by the
     City of Fairfield

3.   Solano Paratransit Delivered through a County
     of Solano, Vacaville and Dixon Partnership

4.   Discontinuation of Solano Paratransit Service
     with Each Funding Partner Making Their Own
     Service Arrangements
One March 25, 2009, STA received a letter from the City of
Fairfield stating :

STA staff and the consultant met with City of Dixon, City of
Vacaville, and the County of Solano
  Based on the discussions – Develop a draft Potential Solano Paratransit
  Service and Preliminary Transition Plan

Concurrently, the transit staff from FAST, Vacaville, Dixon, and
Vallejo met
  To discuss transferring paratransit passengers between transit operators
  The agreement among the transit operators is a proposal to deliver
  required ADA services in their own service areas or city and to
  discontinue Solano Paratransit (Alternative 4 in the Transition Plan)
  The Proposed Service
   Provided by FAST
 Effective July 1, 2009

Solano Paratransit intercity
service will be replaced with
each transit agency establishing
transfer locations to transfer the
ADA passengers from one
paratransit system to the next.
Dixon will utilize $40,000 that would have been
contributed to Solano Paratransit to provide
intercity paratransit service directly.

Dixon Readi-Ride plans to expand their service to
connect Dixon to Vacaville and Davis. First
intercity service provided by Dixon.

Dixon Readi-Ride will take their ADA passengers
directly to their destination in Vacaville

  ADA passengers traveling further than Vacaville
       Dixon passengers traveling to Vacaville will be paying $.50 less per trip
       Transfer Location - Ulatis Cultural Center
       Multiple Transfers
       Multiple Fares
       Higher Combined Fare Cost ($2 - $4 per one-way trip)
       Longer Travel Time
Fairfield utilizes $335,000 that would have been
contributed to Solano Paratransit. May apply this to
DART service.

DART will transport the ADA passengers within the
¾ mile of Route 20 (as required) in Fairfield and

DART will transport their ADA passengers directly to
Kaiser in Vacaville

DART will not provide service outside the required
service area

    ADA passengers traveling beyond DART service area:
         Transfer Locations - Ulatis Cultural Center and Solano Community College
         Multiple Transfers
         Multiple Fares
         Higher Combined Fare Cost ($2 - $4 per one-way trip)
         Longer Travel Time
Vacaville will save over $213,000 that would
have been contributed to Solano Paratransit

Vacaville Special Services will continue to
transport ADA passengers within their city
(as required)

     ADA passengers traveling outside city
         Transfer Location - Ulatis Cultural Center
         Multiple Transfers
         Multiple Fares
         Higher Combined Fare Cost ($2 - $4 per one-way trip)
         Longer Travel Time
The County of Solano may use $24,500
contribution to Solano Paratransit to
provide alternative service

Alternatives to providing ADA service is
still being explored
Expanded Service for        Less Cost for Vacaville

For FAST – no financial
contributions from
                            More Cost for Vallejo
other local jurisdictions   Runabout

Uncertainty of
Unincorporated ADA          Transfers Coordination
STA staff is currently working with the County of Solano staff
to consider their potential options
    Public agency partnership
    Private contractor

ADA passengers living in the unincorporated area
  Vacaville staff forwarded a proposal to the County for limited
  service within one mile of their City Limits

Vehicle Reassignments by the STA
     Funding sources of the vehicles may limit options
     STA own nine vehicles
     ARRA 5311 application for replacement of four vehicles
Notifying Solano Paratransit Riders and The Public

                   STA has prepared public notices
                  announcing public hearing

                   Flyers were distributed by STA to
                  each transit operators for distribution

                   STA added notice on website

                   STA Informed members of the
                  Paratransit Coordinating Council
                       Next Steps

 Following STA Board action and direction, STA staff will send out
notification letters with contact information

 STA staff will return to the STA Board for reassignment of Solano
Paratransit vehicles
CONDUCT a Public Hearing to consider changes in the
  provision of Paratransit services:
  1.   Staff Presentation of the Summary of Potential Service Strategies
       and Preliminary Transition Plan as shown in Attachments C and
       D to the staff report
  2.   Open Public Hearing and receive public comment;
  3.   Close Public Hearing
  4.   Board Consideration of the following proposed actions
       a.   Dissolve the Solano Paratransit service and transfer the responsibility
            for the passengers served by Solano Paratransit to the local transit
            operators serving the communities in which they reside;
       b.   Authorize the STA to work with the County of Solano to develop a
            transitional plan for Solano Paratransit riders residing in the County
            unincorporated area; and
       c.   Authorize the Executive Director to send out notification of the
            dissolution of Solano Paratransit to all registered Solano Paratransit
            passengers providing contact information for each transit agency to
            address questions and for clarification.