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					      Revitalization of the
Long Beach City Auditor’s Office
Presented to the Rotary Club of Long Beach
                August 9, 2006
      Laura Doud, City Auditor, Long Beach

 Who the City Auditor is

 What the City Auditor Does

 Our Approach – Transparency

 “First 90 Days” – Revitalization Plan
  History of the Auditor’s Office
• 10th elected City Auditor in Long Beach in 98
• First elected City Auditor was Ira Hatch in 1908
• The first woman City Auditor was Myrtelle
  Gunsel in 1919
  – Myrtelle was the fifth elected City Auditor

• Myrtelle served for 32 years during a time of
  tremendous change
           During Myrtelle’s Term

• Longest serving City Auditor – 32 years
  – First elected in 1919

• First woman to run for office in Long Beach –
  before most women in the United States could

• Retired in 1951 after being elected 11 times
           During Myrtelle’s Term

• Served at a time of tremendous change
  – Port of Long Beach was established
  – Oil was discovered on Signal Hill
  – $1 million per month building boom in Downtown
    Long Beach
  – Served during the Great Depression and the 1933
  – Naval base construction at beginning of World War II
  – California State College, Long Beach was founded
 What Does the City Auditor Do?
     History is instructive for the present
              City Auditor’s office

• The City Auditor’s office has the lowest budget
  of any citywide department - $2.7 million

• There are 22 budgeted staff positions for the
  City Auditor’s office
  City Auditor Doud’s Approach
              Mission Statement

The mission of the City Auditor’s office is to:
• Promote excellence in government
• Protect the public’s interests and assets
• Ensure that City resources are used efficiently
  and appropriately
• Provide stewardship and transparency in the
  use of City funds in order to improve the quality
  of, and confidence in, City decision making
       City Charter Mandates
The City Auditor shall:
  – Produce audited financial statements
  – Conduct operational reviews
  – Perform revenue compliance audits
  – Verify the cash in the City treasury
  – Oversee all payments to City vendors and
  – Conduct fraud investigations
  – Audit payroll for all City employees
     • $188 million for approx. 6,000 employees
   City Auditor Doud’s Approach

• All audit information will be available to the public
• City Auditor website will be upgraded and will be made
  more user friendly
• Audits will be published on the website in a timely
• City Auditor and key staff will attend neighborhood
  meetings and conduct community forums
• Communications will be a priority of this administration
                  First 90 Days
  Beyond the mandates of the City Charter

• First priority: Audit the City Auditor’s office
   – Utilize outside consultant to ensure an objective
     analysis free of political influence

   – Seek recommendations to maximize efficiency and
     effectiveness of the office

   – Inventory all audits of the past five years

   – Issue report to Mayor, City Council, and City residents
                  First 90 Days

• Actively participate in City budget process

• Analyze structural deficit reduction

• Identify and prioritize revenue compliance audits

• Reinvigorate and promote use of “fraud hotline”

• Revise citywide reimbursement policy

• Invite voluntary audits of City departments
                  First 90 Days
         Address Queen Mary Situation

• Monitor the progression of bankruptcy proceedings

• Audit and review all financial statements utilized in
  comprising the City’s claim

• Report bankruptcy findings to the public

• Actively participate in monitoring future rent payments
  and/or rent credits for new lessee
  First 90 Days – Well Underway
     Significant Accomplishments to Date

• New staff and office structure
   – Created communications position
• Collected $50,000 on transient occupancy tax (TOT)
• Developed and presented City Auditor’s department
• Working with senior staff, wrote mission statement of
  office, goals, and objectives
• Started audit of the City Auditor’s office and revitalization
  of the fraud hotline
           91st Day and Beyond
                “In” it for Long Beach

• Independence

• Information

• Initiative

• Innovation

• Integrity