Steve Saupe Prescribed Burn Unit Plan by feltonhuggins


									                                            Steve Saupe Prescribed Burn Unit Plan
                                                      Location                                                               Burn I.D.:

    County Name           Co. #    Sect.     TWP       Range     Forty         Management Unit       Mgmt. Unit #       Sub Unit Name          Administrator
                                                                           Steve Saupe Prairie
Stearns                            36        125N      30W       NW                                                                           Steve Saupe

                                                                     Management Objective

The goal is to promote the growth and health of the prairie planting. We are also trying to increase native plant
diversity in the burn area.

Landowner lives on the site and has green mowed grass on the north and east sides and farm field on the west
and south sides. Saint John’s is adjacent to the south. Landowner should notify adjacent landowners as needed
of intention to burn.

                                                                               BEHAVE Primary        BEHAVE Secondary
         Prescribed Burn Window                    Cover Type Acres              Fuel Model             Fuel Model                        Slope/Aspect

Spring or fall                                 1 1.5                         1 Upland Grass                                       0%



                              Weather & Fuel Prescription at Site                                                            Fire Behavior

                            Wind                                       Rel.      1 Hr. Time Lag     Complexity           Head Fire
                  Acres     Dir.         Wind Speed          Temp.     Hum.      Fuel Moisture        Rating            Spread Rate            Flame Length
Prescribed        all                                        40-75     20-                                           20-300                   3-20 feet
                            NE                                         50%       5-15%                               chains/hour
                                        Mid-Flame 3-20

                          Special Concerns                                                           Aerial Ignition:                  None

      Peat Soil                             Cultural Sites               Notify Life Safety and Sheriff. O

x     Smoke                         x       Adj. Landowner

                                   Personnel Needs                                                       Burn Boss:      Saupe assigned to Kroll

Division boss – 1, Ignition boss - , Squad boss -- , Firefighters -- 3+

Any burned area (“in the black”) will be the safety zone. The yard and fields are also safety zones.

              Emergency Telephone Numbers                                                            Equipment Needs

DNR Forestry                 320-616-2450                        Torches & Fuel – 3
                                                                 Hand Tools – as needed
SJ Fire Department           320-363-2742
                                                                 Gator –
Sheriff -Dept                320-251-4240                        Brush rig –

Life Safety                  320-363-2144


Unit Plan on File: Yes                                                 Attachments: Calculated from Behave

Prepared By                                                                                                  Date

Tom Kroll                                                                                                    15 April 2009

Title Saint John’s Land Manager and Arboretum Director
                                                  Prescribed Burn Unit Report
Mgmt Unit:        Oak Shelterwood                     Sub Unit:                                          Burn I.D.:

                                                                  Go - No Go Checklist

        Today's weather & forecast                                        Called in burn

        Indexes are within prescriptions                                  Smoke management addressed

        Sufficient labor present                                          Medical plan

        Completed burn plan                                               Arranged for data collection

        Reviewed firing techniques with crew                              Media/cooperators contacted

        Reviewed contingency plan & safety briefing                       Private land burn approval

                             Observed Weather                             Observed Fire Behavior                 Acres Burned by Cover Type

                         Wind      Wind                Rel.          Spread       Flame         Scorch
             Time        Dir.      Speed   Temp.       Hum.           Rate       Lengths         Hgt.         Cover Type        Acres Burned

Start                                                                                                      Oak


Post-Burn Observations (Remarks on control, fire behavior, first order fire effects)


Burn Boss Signature                                                  Date of Burn

Tom Kroll


         THIS RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is given this ____ day
of _________, 20___, by _Steve and Linda Saupe_________in favor of Order of St. Benedict, a Minnesota
nonprofit corporation.

         A. Owners (as defined below) have requested the assistance of Order (as defined below) in connection
            with a prescribed burn (as defined below) to be conducted at Sec 35 and 36 of T125, R30 on property
            owned by Owners (the “Property”).

         B. Owners have agreed to release and indemnify Order from all claims arising out of any assistance that
            has been or will be provided to Owners in connection with or in any way relating to the prescribed
            burn on the Property.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the assistance to be provided by Order and for the purpose of inducing
Order to assist in the planning and implementation of the prescribed burn, the parties agree as follows:

1. Definitions.

         a.   Order means Order of St. Benedict, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation together with its employees,
              agents, officers, board members, volunteers, and related organizational members and affiliates.
         b.   Owners means _Steve and Linda Saupe_, together with its or their successors, heirs, employees,
              agents and assigns.
         c.   Prescribed Burn means the burning of vegetation pursuant to a burning plan approved by the Owners
              on the Property for the purpose of benefiting the vegetation, wildlife habitat, or the maintenance of
              valued ecosystems.
         d.   Property means the real property located at the address referred to at Recital A above.

2. Release and Indemnification. Owners do hereby forever release and discharge Order and agree to defend,
protect, indemnify and hold Order harmless from any and all costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees), claims,
demands, actions or causes of action that Order or any third party may have or hereafter acquire, whether in
subrogation, indemnity, or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with any assistance provided by Order
in the preparation and implementation of any burning plan or the actual Prescribed Burn to be conducted on
Owner’s Property.

3. Miscellaneous Provisions.

         a. Any assistance provided or to be provided by Order is acknowledged to be voluntary; provided to
            Owners at their specific request; and provided without cost to Owners
         b. Any burning plan prepared in connection with the Prescribed Burn (including without limitation, the
            wind and humidity parameters), has been or will be approved by Owners prior to the start of the
            Prescribed Burn.
         c. Any burning permit or other governmental authorization required to conduct the Prescribed Burn shall
            be the sole responsibility of the Owner; is or shall be in the Owners name; and shall be obtained by
            Owners without cost to Order.
         d. Owners or Owner’s designated on-site agent as provided at Section 4 below, shall remain on the
            Property at all times throughout the Prescribed Burn and shall bear sole responsibility for making the
            initial decision to begin the Prescribed Burn and all subsequent decisions related thereto, including
            terminating the ignition and monitoring the Property until the fire is extinguished.
          Owners agree to participate in any wildfire training requested by Order or any other assisting organization.
4. Owner’s On-Site Agent. With the express prior consent and approval of Order and without in any manner
relieving Owners of their responsibilities with respect to this Agreement, Owners may designate a person other than
Owners as their agent to act in their behalf and in their stead during the actual term of the Prescribed Burn.

5. Severability. The provisions of this Agreement are severable and if any word, sentence or other provision is
declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall be binding on the parties.

OWNERS:                                               ORDER OF ST. BENEDICT

_______________________                      By:_____________________

_______________________                       Its______________________

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