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					Jobs for Veterans State Grants

    Joel H. Delofsky
    Joel H. Delofsky
Part XIII: Requirements for Grant Application
   Section I – Executive Transmittal
   Section II – Program Narrative (State Plan)
   S ti III – A        lB d tF         t
                 Annual Budget Forecast (FY 2010)

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   Part VII: DVOP Specialist / LVER Staff Assignment
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   Part XI: Incentive Awards
 Priority of Service Transcends any individual 
  Priority of Service Transcends any individual
 grants or federally funded programs
S i           V        i         i
  Services to Veterans is a systemic 
 responsibility of the Statewide system
 DVOP and LVER support, but do not supplant, 
 State Agency efforts for veterans
 Expenditures must relate directly to grant 
 p p                  p                y
 purposes and be reported in a timely manner
Title 38, U.S.C, Section 4102A (c) states:
      38 U S C
“The application shall contain the following information:

(i) A plan that describes the manner in which the State shall furnish
    employment, training, and placement services required under this
    chapter for the program year, including a description of-
   (I) duties assigned by the State to disabled veterans outreach
    program specialists and local veterans' employment
    representatives consistent with the requirements of sections
    4103A and 4104 of this title;
        the         i hi h         h      i li t    d        t ti
   (II) th manner in which such specialists and representatives are
    integrated in the employment service delivery systems in the
    State; and
   ( )       p g
   (III) the program of pperformance incentive awards described in
    section 4112 of this title in the State for the program year.
(ii) The veteran population to be served.
(iii) For each employee of the State who is assigned to perform
    the duties of a disabled veterans' outreach program specialist
    or a local veterans employment representative under this
    (I) the date on which the employee is so assigned; and
   (II) whether the employee has satisfactorily completed such
    training by the National Veterans' Employment and Training
    Services Institute as the Secretary requires for purposes of
    p g p ( )
    paragraph (8).
(iv) Such additional information as the Secretary may require to
    make a determination with respect to awarding a grant or
    contract to the State.”
1. Priority of Service will be observed, monitored and
1                              observed
   reported with a description of how that will be
2. Staff resources (DVOP specialists and LVER staff) will
   be assigned and used in the most appropriate and
   efficient way to meet the employment and training needs
   of targeted veterans residing in the State;
3. DVOP specialist and LVER staff duties are consistent
   with the requirements of Title 38, sections 4103A and
4. Newly        i t d        S i li t      d       t ff ill
4 N l appointed DVOP Specialists and LVER staff will
   be identified and scheduled for NVTI required training
   within 3 years of appointment;
5. The populations of veterans most in need of services
   have been identified and targeted for service;
6. DVOP and LVER staff are being integrated within
                                   g     g
   the One-Stop Career Center system;
7. The economic situations facing veterans are
   identified and considered for special efforts with
   prospective public/private sector employers,
   particularly Federal agencies and contractors;
8.     i bl l t            i i di id l       d ffi
8 A viable plan to recognize individuals and offices
   through incentive award funds are planned and how
   they will be carried out; or why they will not.
 Each table has been assigned one of the eight items
 required to be described in brief detail in the State
 Each table will quickly elect a transcriber and a
 Take about 10 minutes to list everything that one or
 more of the States represented at your table should
 ensure are in their State Plan for that particular item
 and prepare to present results.
Demonstrate how Priority of Service (POS)
 will be observed, monitored/reported and
 how it s accomplished when:
o Veterans receive priority consideration for ALL
  opportunities for which they qualify
   pp                         yq     y
o POS is monitored by the State and localities
  LWIBs/One-Stop Career Centers
o Veterans are made aware of DVOP/LVER assistance
  and SWA staff are made aware of POS
o POS appear in agreements with other providers
Demonstrate the appropriate assignment and
 efficient and proper use of DVOP and LVER
 staff through:
o Allocation of full or half-time resources IAW local needs
o DVOP Specialists and LVER used to provide/facilitate
  services to veterans, advocate job or training
  opportunities and employer outreach
o Recruitment efforts to locate and hire qualified veterans
  for DVOP/LVER staff vacancies
o Hiring preference policies for DVOP specialists and
  LVER staff reflect the proper order of priority
Demonstrate how DVOP/LVER staff are
 integrated in the OSCCs when:
o DVOP/LVER staff and functions are fully integrated
  in the OSCCS
o Services to veterans by DVOP/LVER staff are
  coordinated with all partner agencies
o Resources outside the system are leveraged to
       i i       i   t    t
  maximize services to veterans
o Veterans are informed of services available through
  the OSCCS and DVOP/LVER staff
Demonstrate economic situations are
 identified for special efforts when:
o Healthy and expanding industries are identified
o Government Agencies and Contractors are targeted
  for job development efforts
      j         p
o Areas where veterans experience higher rates of
  unemployment or job displacement are identified
o The hiring and retention of veterans are promoted
  throughout the State
Demonstrate th t i di id l and offices are
D       t t that individuals d ffi
  recognized through an appropriate
  incentive award program by indicating:
o The expected outcomes to be achieved through use of
o How excellent achievement will be encouraged and
  improvement in service delivery will result
o The types and values of awards, are identified
o The selection criteria, awarding process and the
          ibl d i i        i     i      id ifi d
  responsible administrative entity are identified
Jobs for Veterans State Grants