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									                                           Care For Florida Zoos

Florida zoos are one of the most sought after vacation spots, after the likes of theme parks like
Disneyworld, people who visit are entitled to a walkthrough to view various creatures out there which
will be a delightful and an educative experience especially for the little ones.

Irrespective of your age all would have enjoyed watching the mammals like the Asian elephant, Amur
leopard, llama, puma , reptiles like the amazing alligator, crocodile, turtles, Florida pine snake , beautiful
birds like the bald eagle, green winged macaw , insects , amphibians and more .

Now the fact that will be hard to digest is that your son may not be as privileged as you were to take his
son/daughter to the Florida zoo to view these amazing creatures of Mother Nature. No am not talking
about the economic crisis of the United States of America, don’t worry on that your sons/daughters can
easily make a living where people like George Bush have become presidents won’t they??

What I am trying to tell you is that even if you were having your pockets full you can just take your
grandson to Florida zoo but the creatures you see today may not exist as their very existence has
become a question mark and they have made it to the list of endangered species.
Some may be shocked, others surprised and as always most of us don’t care for it as long as we get our
next square meal for the day from one of the Florida restaurants. This ugly situation in the animal
kingdom has risen not because of nature but man’s disrespect to nature by disrupting the food chain by
various activities like hunting, poaching etc.

It’s high time now that we took some action or wait, ya stop taking action against nature and allow
these creatures to flourish in number. The recent focus from wildlife has been on tigers which are
without doubt dwindling in number but I hope all of us realize that many more mammals like Amur
Leopard, Puma, Black-footed cat, reptiles like American Crocodile, birds like the Bald Eagle are just a few
handpicked species which are endangered in the central Florida zoo alone. So try imagining the number
of endangered species in the world.
The wildlife organizations have been trying to do their best by creating awareness among the people
and crafting out programs like save your tigers roping in celebrities to ensure it reaches the common
man. This is our world and every individual should do our part to save the endangered species as in the
first place we have made them endangered so it’s now our duty.

The zoos are incorporating programs like the SSP (species saving program) with guides on how to
protect the various endangered species. One of the ways to show your care would be to donate for
wildlife funds and take active participation in their programs as a volunteer rather than being a
spectator who runs the show.

I think most of you would be aware of one of the widespread wildlife programs ‘Adopt A Wild Child’ you
can adopt an animal of your choice and bear the expenses for it by paying amounts ranging from $25 to
$1000 at Zoo world Panama city beach Florida. Right now the mammals which are in the list are
Sumatran tiger, African lion, giraffe and grey wolf
We have betrayed the animals which were adapted to their wildlife. The only way to show remorse
would be to- Adopt A Life Adopt Wildlife

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