Logo of ICICI by Urav

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									Assignment on Logo Analysis
    Logo of ICICI Bank

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                                  Nikhilkumar Tejani

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                                  Prof. Barad Sir

                                   ICICI Bank

Logo choice
       Reasonable diligence should be taken to ensure that the logo is accurate and
has a high-quality appearance. This does not mean that unnecessarily high resolution
images should be used, but it does mean that resized logos should not be used if their
appearance differs significantly from the original. Usually, the current logo should be
the logo presented. When a historical logo is used, the caption should indicate this,
and there should be a good reason for the use of the historical logo (whether the
current logo is used or not) explained in the historical logo's fair use rationale. Logos
that contain slogans should be omitted in favour of equivalent logos that do not.

Portion used
       The entire logo is used to convey the meaning intended and avoid tarnishing
or misrepresenting the intended image.

Low resolution
       The logo is of a size and resolution sufficient to maintain the quality intended
by the company or organization, without being unnecessarily high resolution.

Purpose of use
       The image is used to identify the organization ICICI Bank, a subject of public
interest. The significance of the logo is to help the reader identify the organization,
assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical
commentary about the organization, and illustrate the organization's intended
branding message in a way that words alone could not convey.

                               SHANTI BUSINESS SCHOOL
       Because it is a logo there is almost certainly no free equivalent. Any substitute
that is not a derivative work would fail to convey the meaning intended, would tarnish
or misrepresent its image, or would fail its purpose of identification or commentary.

                               SHANTI BUSINESS SCHOOL

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