Example business plan format by cjhawthorne


									Cheshire East Council                                                       Community Enterprise Toolkit

Appendix 8: example business plan
Executive summary

General background and description

Include a history of the proposed business and the track record of any individuals and/or
organisations involved in setting it up. Describe what the aims and objectives of the business
are and how these will be achieved.

Use your work from stages 1 and 3.

Marketing plan

Operational plan

Outline how the business will function on a daily basis and who is responsible for what.
Include information on the management and staffing of the business.

Use your work from stage 5.

Financial plan

Include detailed financial forecasts with comprehensive notes and explanations. Analyse your
expenditure and income. Outline the financial procedures and policies you will adopt. Include
information on past financial performance if applicable.

Use your work from stage 4.


Appendix 8: example business plan format

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