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									                                       PRESS RELEASES
                                                     April 2009

                                    Edited by Cimprogetti Marketing & Communication office
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March 2009                                                        new hydrator denominated 4G is the result of nearly
                                                                  two years of R&D developed by Cimprogetti through its
The 4th Global Lime Conference has successfully taken
                                                                  pilot hydrator at several industrial lime plants
place in the thriving city of Dubai. It has been the
occasion to introduce our last technological
developments in this highly professional context.
In 40 years activity, Cimprogetti has experienced                 November 2008
all processing phases, from lime stone burning to its             A new Chinese client of      Shandong province (P.R.
transformation into hydrated lime and Precipitated                China) has placed the order to Cimprogetti for one
Calcium Carbonate.                                                Cim-ReVerSy-TD 400 tpd fired with natural gas.
Times impose an important shift towards the customer.             The simplicity of the design and the superior
Cimprogetti will make him the centre of his attention             performance of the Cimprogetti Twin-D shape lime
and will come along with him in the implementation of             kilns,   over   other    direct   crossover    channel
the technologies for processing quicklime, with                   regenerative   kilns   designs    proposed   by    its
particular focus on the end application of the                    competitors, has led the Client choice.
Technological and investment consulting, production
activity, from the feasibility study, to the
laboratory tests, from the conceptual design to
manufacturing, from the single machine to the turn
key supply of a complete plant and customer's
personnel training, quality control, technical
assistance, after sales services, Cimprogetti
multidisciplinary and flexible staff is able to cover
the complete production process.
The close contact with our client, through our sales
managers allow to conjugate high technology with
appropriate investment.

                                                                  November 2008
                                                                  Cimprogetti is supplying in Jiangsu Province (P.R.
                                                                  China) a 3 tph hydrating plant featuring the hydrator
                                                                  model Cim-Hydrax-TG to be employed in a FGD scrubbing

                                                                  October 2008
                                                                  An prominent reference
                                                                  on the Indian market
                                                                  and      a    Cimprogetti
                                                                  client since 1992 has
December 2008                                                     recently     awarded    a
Cimprogetti has received in order for the supply of a             contract for the supply
3,5 tph hydrator model Cim-Hydrax-TG 400. It will be              of two 500 t/d kilns
installed in the power plant of Premitz (Germany).                fired with Corex gas
                                                                  and        alternatively
                                                                  Natural Gas for Hazira
                                                                  site. The 500 t/d is
                                                                  the bigger kiln of the
                                                                  Twin-D family and the
                                                                  design    includes    the
                                                                  most   recent    features
                                                                  introduced in the TD
                                                                  series such as the SRT
                                                                  (Short Reversal Time) -
                                                                  a system suitable to
                                                                  load the limestone when
                                                                  the kiln is in combustion, thus permitting a
                                                                  reduction of the inversion time and a correspondingly
                                                                  higher productivity – and the ULD (Ultimate Loading
                                                                  System) which allows to obtain an homogeneous
                                                                  distribution of the loaded limestone across the shaft
                                                                  section of the kiln. This client already owns no. 4 x
November 2008                                                     330 tpd Cimprogetti kilns.
Cimprogetti is supplying a new hydration plant of 14
tph to the facility located in Puebla (Mexico). The

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                                            PRESS RELEASES
                                                              April 2009

                                    Edited by Cimprogetti Marketing & Communication office
       Cimprogetti S.p.A. Via Pasubio, 5 (I) 24044 Dalmine (BG) ph. +39.035 4550 311 - email a.grellier@cimprogetti.com

September 2008                                                                 The supply also includes the Cim-
A new client of Maanshan City, P.R. China has ordered
                                                                               Zeropoll bag filter together with a
a 4 tph Cim-Hydrax-4G hydrator for FGD uses.
                                                                               new   water  dosing   unit   to  the
                                                                               hydrator and      the “stand-alone”
September 2008                                                                 separation   tower,    namely   Cim-
A new order from Zambia for the supply of #1 15 tph                            Microbloc with Cim-Microsep Third
hydration line including the Cim-Hydrax-TG hydrator                            Generation dynamic separator .
and the High Efficiency separator Cim-Microsep.

                                                                               July 2008
                                                                               A Italian Cimprogetti client has placed an order for
                                                                               a new High Efficiency separator Cim-Microsep which
                                                                               completes the previous supply of a 20 tph Cim-Hydrax-
                                                                               4G hydrator for its plant near Verona.

                                                                               July 2008
                                                                               Cimprogetti   is   supplying  the   engineering   and
                                                                               equipment for a new lime kiln Cim-Reversy-TD 300 tpd,
                                                                               fired with natural gas in Tunisia.

                                                                               April 2008
                                                                               Cimprogetti is supplying for an Indian Company other
                                                                               no. 3 CIM-REVERSY-TD 9 for a capacity of 330 tpd lime
                                                                               and a CIM-REVERSY-TD 5 for 200 tpd dolomite
July 2008                                                                      production.
Singleton Birch of England has completed the CIM-
HYDRAX-4G hydrator supplied in 2007 with a High
Efficiency separator CIM-MICROSEP.

                                                                               March 2008
                                                                               A prominent Indian Company has placed an order with
                                                                               Cimprogetti for 3 x 600 tpd lime kilns to be
                                                                               installed at Toranagallu site.
July 2008                                                                      The kilns shall be fired with Corex gas, for which
A new order from U.S.A.    for the    4th generation                           Cimprogetti has acquired a unique experience having
hydrator Cim-Hydrax-4G, specially designed for an                              already supplied to the same customers n. 7 kilns
extended flexibility in terms of quality of fed                                with the same technology over the last 10 years.
quicklime   and    production    turn-down    ratio.                           Plant commissioning is expected in 2009.

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