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					Research Passport and Contractual Arrangements Pathway

                                                                       Could the applicant's research
                                                                    involve direct contact with patients or
                                                                                service users?

                                       Yes                                                                                          No

                    Could the research have direct impact on                                                            Could the research involve
                      patient care (ie, provide prevention,                                                          indirect contact with patients or
                      diagnosis or treatment outcomes to                                                               service users (eg, telephone
                           patients or service users)?                                                                         interviews)?

                     Yes                                No                                       Yes                                                        No

         Could the research involve                                                      Could the research                                     Could the research involve
          contact with children or                (RP) LoA, CRB
                                                                                         have direct impact                                    access to identifiable patient
            vulnerable adults?                     & OH checks
                                                                                          on patient care?                                            data, tissues?

       Yes                            No                                         Yes                            No                            Yes                               No

   (RP) HRC,                (RP) HRC, CRB &                                 (RP) HRC &                                                                                  Site access
                                                                                                              (RP) LoA                Could the research
Enhanced CRB &                 OH checks                                     CRB check                                                                                 arrangements
                                                                                                                                      have direct impact
  OH checks                                                                                                                            on patient care?                  via PI only
                                                                                                                                                                       (Possible RP)

RP = Research Passport                                                                                                          Yes                        No
HRC = Honorary Research Contract with the NHS Trust
LoA = Letter of Access to the NHS Trust's patients/ patient records/ service users
                                                                                                                             (RP) HRC                    (RP) LoA
CRB = Criminal Records Bureau (unless otherwise indicated, level of check is Basic or Standard)
OH = Occupational Health (check usually undertaken by substantive employer with update from applicant
where necessary).

Nick Good, BLT April 2009